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Union School Exhibition – 1853

Union School [Switzerland County, Indiana] exhibition for 1853 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 14 Feb 1895 – Page 4, Column 2

An Interesting Leaf of Local History.

Recently we published the program of a school exhibition in Vevay in 1857. Mrs. James S. Knox has kindly sent us a printing program of a school exhibition by students of Rev. F. D. Bland in the Odd Fellows Hall, (since burned and the ground now occupied by the Delaney House,) in the spring of 1853. We take pleasure in reproducing it:

“Order of Exercises for the Exhibition of the Union School.

  • Prayer, by Rev. J. B. Lathrop.
  • Music, by the band.
  • Introduction, Master C. A. Thiebaud.
  • Declamation, Master John Teats.
  • A Place for Everything, a dialogue, Missus Lucy F. Roberts and Miss Margaret Gray.
  • Hard to Please, a dialogue, Husband—Charles Miller, Wife—Miss Joanna Roberts.
  • Music.
  • Declamation, Master Wm. Campbell.
  • Declamation, Master Walter Armstrong.
  • The Doctor and his Patient—A dialogue. Mother, J. L. Schenck; Daughter, Laura Chalfant; Patient, Julia Gray; Doctor, Master Wesley Bond.
  • Motions of the earth—A dialogue. Student, Charles Miller; Farmer, Charles Dunham; Minister, John Clark.
  • Music.
  • Contrasted Soliloquies. Old gentleman, Master Wm. Long; Young lady, Miss Emily Schenck.
  • Fashion—A dialogue. Misses J. L. Schenck and Julia Gray.
  • Pride—A dialogue. Misses Irene Miller and Sarah Roberts.
  • Declamation, Master E. W. Gale.
  • Declamation, John Gilbert.
  • Music.
  • The Hard Name—A dialogue. Misses Laura Chelfant, J. L. Schenck, Julia Gray, Mary Eblon, Emily Schenck, Ella Jones and Master W. Bond.
  • Juvenile Troubles—A soliloquy. Master James Eblon.
  • Declamation, Master John Jones.
  • Declamation, Master Charles Dunham.
  • Music.
  • A Scene from Pizarro—A dialogue.
  • First scene.—Pizarro, John Clark; Gomez, James Malin; Orozembo, E. Mendenhall. Second scene.—Sentinel, C. A. Thiebaud; Rolla, Charles Dunham; Alonzo, P. J. Hatch.
  • Declamation, Master Wesley Bond.
  • The Young Soldier, Master Alladin Wells.
  • Music.
  • Idleness, etc.—A dialogue. Misses Mary Eblon, Ella Jones, and Laura Chalfant.
  • History—A dialogue. Teacher, Miss Laura Chalfant; Pupil, Miss Ella Jones.
  • The School Master’s Troubles—A dialogue. School Master, George Hall; School Boy, Chas. Miller; Fosdick, Chas. Dunham; Bill (his son), A. J. Schenck; Mrs. O’Clary, Miss Julia Gray. Patric (her son), John Jones; Esq. Snider, W. B. Bond; Jonas (his son), Wm. Malin; Sanders (drunken), D. Roberts; Jabez (his son), Jos. Dufour; School boys—James Long, Walter Dunham, E. W. Gale, James Jackman, Thomas Thiebaud, James Miller, John F. Dufour, Benjamin Clark, Jno. J. P. Teats, Wm. Armstrong, James Thiebaud, Theodore H. Wells.
  • Music.
  • The Sister Band. Love, Miss Laura Chelfant; Joy, Miss Ella Jones; Peace, Julia Gray; Long Suffering, Miss Mary Eblon; Gentleness, Miss Margaret Gray; Goodness, Miss Clara LeClerc; Faith, Miss Louisa LeClerc; Meekness, Emily Schenck; Temperance, Josephine L. Schenck.
  • Valedictory, John Jones.
  • Good Night, a song by the sister band.
  • Music.
  • Benediction.”

Prof. F. D. Bland, who taught the school and was a Baptist Minister, is dead.

Rev. J. B. Lathrop was pastor of M. E. Church in Vevay, and is now pastor of the M. E. Church in Greensburg, Ind.

C. A. Thiebaud died over twenty years ago, and John Teats more recently.

Lucy F. Roberts is the wife of J. S. Grisard, Cincinnati.

Margaret Gray is the widow of Charles Doan, and with her children resides in Chicago.

Charles Miller has been operating flour mills, and was here last fall.

Joanna Roberts was the wife of John Sockwell, and they resided in Kansas, where she died.

Wm. Campbell became a lawyer, then a preacher. He was a soldier. He went to California and edited a newspaper at Wheatland, and then again engaged in the practice of law.

Walter Armstrong, a lawyer, is dead.

Josephine L. Schenck married Frank Myers, and died many years ago.

Laura Chalfant was a sister of Mrs. Scott Carter. She died at a Convent near Cincinnati, where she was attending school.

Julia Gray went to California many years ago to reside with relatives.

Wesley Bond was an orphan and resided with his uncle, Mr. Dunahm, who with his cousin Charles Dunham, were considered among the smartest boys in school. Charles Dunham left here soon after school closed. We in some way, (the particulars of which we do not remember,) heard of him as a prominent minister, living in North Carolina.

John and Benjamin Clark were sons of John Clark. We believe the family moved to Cotton Township.

Wm. Long learned the printing business in the Cincinnati Commercial job rooms, was in 3d Ind. Cav., and while a prisoner of war was promoted to Lieut. After returning from the army he worked in the Reveille office, then became a salesman in a dry goods store; finally deputy Sheriff, and more recently a successful grocery merchant in Franklin, Indiana, where he resides with his family.

Emily Schenck became the wife of D. P. Craig, and was the mother of U. P. Craig, of this city. She died many years ago.

Irene Miller is the wife of James C. Kincaid.

Sarah Roberts has been dead many years.

E. W. Gale resides on a ranch near Los Angeles.

John Gilbert was a very eloquent boy. He became a school teacher, went to Oregon, returned to Indiana and finally located near Fort Wayne, where he has a fruit tree nursery.

Mary Eblon was a daughter of David Eblon, and died many years ago in Vevay.

John Jones removed with his father to Richmond, Virginia, and died while in the Confederate army.

James Eblon was a son of David Eblon, and we believe he died shortly after his return from the army.

James Malin was chief clerk of the largest hotel in St. Louis, and we learn is now engaged in business in that city.

E. Mendenhall went to Bozeman, Montana, where his brother John is engaged in business.

P. J. Hatch was a 2d Lieut. Co. D. 10th Ind. Cav. After the war he kept books for a life insurance company in Indianapolis. He returned to Vevay on account of bad health, and died several years ago.

Alladin Wells died in the army.

Ella Jones became the wife of Col. Woolford, of Madison, and has been dead several years.

Dan. Roberts was a soldier in 3d Indiana Cav. After the war he worked at painting. He removed to Ohio.

Wm. Malin went west. We believe he is dead.

Jos. Dufour attended the State University at Bloomington, became a lawyer, a Department Clerk in Washington, then a soldier, and finally a Pension Examiner. He resides in Washington City.

A. J. Schenck is a successful merchant in Vevay.

Thomas Thiebaud is dead.

James Long was a soldier in the 3rd Ind., where he lost a leg. He has been Sheriff, Post Master, and more recently Deputy Post Master. He resides in Vevay.

James Miller is chief clerk in 1st National Bank of Cincinnati. He was a soldier in 3d Ind. Cav.

William Armstrong, who was a lawyer, is dead.

John F. Dufour is a son of the late Oliver Dufour, and Mrs. A. L. R. Dufour, of Washington.

Theodore Wells was a solider in the 50th Ind., and did reside in York Township. He is dead.

James Thiebaud was a shoe merchant, was a soldier in 10th Ind. Cav., and now resides in St. Paul, Minn.

Clara LeClerc is the wife of Mr. Bond, and resides in Anderson, Indiana.

Louisa LeClerc is the wife of Mr. James S. Know, and resides in Vevay.

Geo. Hall removed to Kokomo, Indiana.

James Jackman was a solider.

He is a machinist and engineer and resides in Indianapolis.