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Vevay High School Graduation – 1901

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 3


The Thirty-fifth Annual Commencement of Vevay High School was held at Metropolitan Hall last Friday evening, when a class of two young men and twelve young women received their diplomas and bid a final adieu to their school days.

While all the arrangements for the occasion had been made in concurrence with time honored customs, still every detail was marked with the progressiveness of the age, and the result was that public opinion pronounced this Commencement one of the most thoroughly enjoyable and successful ever held in Vevay.

Green and white—the class colors formed a pleasing contrast in the stage decorations, setting off to a splendid advantage the gilt letters composing the class motto: “Be What You Seem To Be.”

The audience was unusually large, many of those present coming from a distance. Prof. E. M. Danglande, Superintendent of the Schools, made a few well chosen remarks, and then in succession introduced the graduates. The orations, while necessarily brief, impressed the hearers with the thought, time and care that that had been used in their preparation, and the uniform case and oratorical power displayed by every member of the class was the subject of much favorable comment. Good music by a harpist and violinist was a pleasing feature of the exercises. Each minister of the city was accorded a place on the program, Rev. Tedford invoking the Divine Blessing, Rev. Christensen conferring the diplomas and Rev. Tedford pronouncing the Benediction. The following acted as ushers: Misses Clara Kiesel, Mary Orem, Nella Stucy, and Leila Thiebaud; Messrs. Craig Baird, Earl Brown, Charles Grammer and Clyde Culbertson.

The class of 1901 and their orations were as follows:

  • Mary Lanham, “Ever Onward.”
  • Perle Brindley, “Buds of Promise.”
  • Beryl Anderson, “Our Rubbicons.”
  • Laura Edna Hollcraft, “What Will They Say?”
  • Alice L. Orem, “Old, Yet ‘Tis New.”
  • Jennie M. Dupraz, “Voices That Speak To Us.”
  • Bessie Gretchen Reed, “Choose Your Timbers with Greatest Care.”
  • Alvan Burton Dodd, “Our Country.”
  • Belle Thiebaud Dufour, “Shakespeare’s Brutus.”
  • Pearl E. Haskell, “Wait a Minute.”
  • Grace N. Brindley, “A Plea For Simplicity.”
  • Elizabeth A. Houze, “The Sense of Nonsense.”
  • Anna Belle Sutherland, “Castles in Spain.”
  • Aime Todd, “Our State.”

The high school instructors are Prof. Ernest Danglade, Superintendent; Julia L. Knox, Principal; Grace Stepleton and Hannah Waldenmaier, Assistants.

Vevay Public School Promotions – 1901

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions for 1901 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1901 – Page 4, Column 3

Promotions of the Vevay Public Schools.


To Senior Class:—Anna Davison, Maude Davidson, Arla Jackson, Clara Kiesel, Mary Orem, Nellie Stucy, Lella Thiebaud, Maggie Krummel, Craig Baird, Agnes Boyle.

To Junior Class:–Clara Allen, Anna Curry, Ivy Haskell, Bess Heady, Flora Kiesel, Nettie Pleasants, Anna Reed, Lula Scott, Clyde Culbertson, William Griffith, Charles Grammer, William Houze, Josie Bowen, Roy Johnson (c), Ethal Scott (c), Myrtle Fallis, Afra Brindley.

To Sophomore Class:–Mable Cotton, Madge Fallis, Carrie Haskell, Helen Mead, Anna Webb, Mable Told, Clair Porter, Clyde Norisez, Freddie Thuneman, Carl Weaver, Howard Allen, Chester Kiesel.

To Freshman Class:–Nora Buchanan, Etta Coleman, Florence Houze, Hallie Haskell, Ola McClanahan, Stella Means, Jeanette Tandy, Clara Works, Nella Works, Maggie Windhizer, Bell Turner, Savilla Cole, Lewis Ward, W[?] Works, Philip Golay, Earl Golay.



To Eighth Year:–Lura Bowen, Landon Brindley, Rollin Buschman, Scott Carter, Anna Chapman, Fannie Culbertson, Madge Day, Helen Grammer, Gretchen Hall, Myrtle Jaynes, Gill Long, Mildred Loring, Hattie Means, Fred Miller, Bertha Myers, Lillian Scott, Hannah Twineham, Willie Wahl.

To Seventh Year:–Katie Orem, Alice Brown, Lulu Henry, Edith Kiesel, Emma Land, Harriet Tandy, Carolina Thuneman, Leila May Porter, Leo Johnson, Golda Andrews, Nellie Brown, Cecelia Dittgen, Ellie Hunter, Clara Graham, Walter Lock, Harry Davison, Willie Johnson, Willie Lawrence, Charlie Windhizer.

To Sixth Year:–Fred Myers, Inslee Grisard, Clair Andrew, Roy Peelman, George Rayl, Henry Moxley, Opp Seiglitz, Darwin Fallis, Claude Brindley, Joseph Mead, Thomas Danglade, Milo Gaudin, Valla Bosaw, Opha Twineham, Mabel Benedict, Wilhelmina Demaree, Curtis Muret, Lucinda Furnish, Lella Stacy, Gertrude Houze, Blanche O’Neal, Mattie Orem, Marie Thuneman, Citha Gordon, Alice Jackson, Dora Twineham, Nannie Weaver, Grace Saberton, Robert Burns.

To Fifth Year:–Dollie Baxter, Frank Bear, Maude Benedict, Emma Chapman, Kiesel Cole, John Danglade, Grace Davison, Allison Garner, Mabel Gray, Casper Fallis, Ida Fancher, Mary Hail, Burell Hildebrand, Thurman Jackson, Nannie Jones, Susie Lanmunyon, Isabelle Long, Edgar Kincaid, Bennie Martin, Charlie Moody, Arnold Osborn, Paul Seiglitz, Hannah Smith, Alpha Simpson, Flora Roberts, William Roberts, Lulu Robinson, Elizabeth Tandy, Gertrude Wahl, Marion Williamson, Edith Windhizer, Frank Weales, Arthur Furnish, Charles Banta, Frank Pavy.



To Fourth Year:–Lizzie Allen, Henrietta Thuneman, Isabella Webb, Clara Weales, Viannia Webster, Helen Plummer, Edith Loring, Eva Krummel, Ruth Kelso, Nettie Haydon, Loretto Dittgen, Irana Fallis, Margaret Davison, Pansy Bladen, Jessie Banta, Edward Means, Howard Hudson, Walter Bascom, Charles Lark, William Klein, John Mead, Frank Pelsor, George Williams, Walter Scott, Andrew Twineham, Dumont Grisard, Boston Geary, Vernon Baxter, Lawrence Hughes, Ira Perkins, Robert Slade.

To Third Year:–Iva Bales, Lilly May Bledsoe, Annie Brown, Ruby Buchanan, Ethel Brooks, Alice Garner, Lizzie Lazzell, Jessie Mitchell, Helen Rook, Pearl Schaum, Pauline Simmons, Jennie Stucy, Julia Tandy, Claudie Webster, Flaudie Webster, Ernest Bowie, Ferdie Bowie, John Butler, Lawrence Dufour, Walter Gaudin, Adolph Hildebrand, Harry Land, Willie Marsh, David Means, Fred Moody, Robert Oakley, James Rook, Dan Williams, Earl Gray, Lola Gordon, Ivan Ricketts.

To Second Year:–Ellie Allen, Mabel Brindley, Atha Baxter, Marguerite Bascom, Nora Beatty, Ella May Beatty, Laura Bladen, Lida Cotton, Elizabeth Grammer, Minnie Kelley, Ruth Plummer, Jennie Schoonover, Nona Saberton, Mamie Woodruff, Irene Walden, Dale Benedict, Clinton Burgess, Clemens Demann, Irwin Foutty, Edward Lazzell, Elmer Marsh, Frank Ricketts, David Ward Sieglitz, Carlyle Simmons, B. Slade, Byron Tilley, Harold Tardy, Paul Thuneman, Porter Webster, Thurman Woodruff.



HIGH SCHOOL.—SOPHOMORE CLASS—Grace Noble Simpson, Bessie Gertrude Neal.

FRESHMAN CLASS:–Eva May Simpson.

To Eighth Year:–Claude M. Jones, Freeman Cheatum, Justine Jones.

To Sixth Year:–Ethel May Jones, Benjamin Neal.

To Fourth Year:–Nanny B. Washington.

To Third Year:–Arnold Smith, Cordia P. Jones, Elizabeth Cheatum.

Cotton Township School Exhibit – 1901

Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana, school exhibit report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 14 Mar 1901 – Page 4, Column 4

Cotton Township School Exhibit.

Saturday, March 2, 1901, several schools of Cotton Township sent work for exhibition. This was judged by intelligent committees with the following awards:


Maps of Central States.—Lula Marble, first honor; Isreal Heath, second honor; Carl Campbell, third honor.

Portrait.—W. W. Cunningham, first honor.

Map of United States.—Carl Campbell, first honor.

Business Letter.—Carl Campbell, first honor; Essie L. Hyde, second honor.

Review of “The Great Stone Face.”—Cullie Clark, Shilo, first honor; Pauline Works, Allensville, second honor; Hallie Morrison, Sugar Branch, third honor.

Illustrations of Physiology.—Ray Humphrey, first honor; Elbert Tinker, second honor; Essie L. Hyde, third honor.

Penmanship.—Lulu Marble, first honor; Ray Humphrey, second honor; Hallie Morrison, third honor.

Straight Line Printing.—Essie L. Hyde, first honor; Ray Humphrey, second honor.



Review of “The Great Stone Face.”—Lizzie Potter, first; Carrie Sedam, second.

Map of Indiana.—Pearl Mead, Allensville, first; Lizzie Potter, East Enterprise, second; Henry Oak, Harmony, third.

Map of Central States.—Alma Cole, Greenwood, first; Alvin Althoff, Morton, second; Carrie Sedam, East Enterprise, third.

Map of United States.—Lucy Hyde, Allensville, first; Elbert Tinker, Allensville, second.

Relief Map of North America.—Lucy Hyde, first; Lizzie Potter, second; Elbert Tinker, third.

General Drawing.—John Cunningham, Sugar Branch, first; John Wiley, Greenwood, second; John Cunningham, third.

Straight Line Printing.—Minnie Higham, Allensville, first; Alma Cole, second; Polly Oak, third.

Writing.—Alma Cole, first; Minnie Higham, second; John Cunningham, third.

Business Letters.—Alma Tinker, first; Lucy Hyde, second; John Cunningham, third.



Clara Althoff, first; Grace Licking, second; Pearl Richards, third.

Illustrations of Physiology.—Eva Gary, first; Leslie Littlefield, second; John Cunningham, third.



Friendship Letters.—Manly Chase, Earnestine Pavy, Don Cutshaw, Alice Taylor, Lula Thatcher, Christine Barker.

Business Letters.—Josie Pavy, Dellie Boyd, Grace Nelson.

Original Poetry.—Lenore Smith, Lenore Dorrel, Theodore Smith, Harmony.

Reproduction Stories, (third year)—Erta Means, Alice Taylor, Edith Mitchell.

Drawing.—Dellie Boyd, Ernest Means, Don Cutshaw, Williard Whitham, Lawrence Smith.

Writing.—Manly Chase, Dellie Boyd, Grace Nelson, Lizzie Boyd, Don Cutshaw.

Reproduction Story, (fourth year.)—Ernest Means, Josie Pavy, Lula Hunt.



Drawing, (first year.)—Aldine Hizer, Allensville, first; Erta Oak, second; Harris Dorrel, third.

Writing, (first year.)—Erta Oak, Greenwood, first; Artie Chase, second; Lelia Cordry, third.

First Year Printing.—Aldine Hizer.

Second Year Drawing.—Mary Cutshaw, Greenwood, first; James Higham, second.

Second Year Writing.—Mary Cutshaw, first; Luelie Stevenson, second; Elsworth Lockwood, third.

Second Year Printing.—Ruby Higham, first.

Second Year Letters.—Mary Cutshaw, first.



First year, Mabel Holdcraft.

Second year, Mary Cutshaw, first; Fred Lockwood, second.

Third year, Clarence Holdcraft.

Fourth year, Lulie Hunt, first; Josie Pavy, second.

Fifth year, Maud Mead.

Sixth year, Cullie Clark, first; Lulie Marble, second.

Written Theme, “The Crowded Streets.”—Henry Oak, first.

Vevay Public Schools Promotions – 1900

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 24 May 1900 – Page 1, Column 3

List of Promotions.

Vevay Public Schools.

To Senior Class:–Bryl Anderson, Grace Brindley, Perle Brindley, Belle Dufour, Jennie Dupraz, Pearl Haskell, Laura Hollcraft, Bessie Houze, Mary Lanham, Alice Orem, Bessie Reed, Aime Todd.

To Junior Class:–George Anderson, William Barnett, Lulu Bowin, Agnes Boyl, Earl Brown, Maude Davidson, Burton Dodd, Artie Jackson, Clara Kiesel, Maggie Krummel, Edna Ogle, Mary Orem, Nella Stucy, Nora Sullivan, Leila Thiebaud.

To Sophomore Class:–Clara Allen, Afra Brindley, Josie Bowin, Anna Currey, Myrtle Fallis, Ivy Haskell, Flora Kiesel, Nettie Pleasants, Lule Scott, Anna Reed, Hubert Brindley, Clyde Culbertson, Charley Grammer, Wm. J. Griffith, Bennie Hollcraft, Wm. Houze, Roy Johnson, George Robinson, Ethol Scott.

To Freshman Class:–Lona Twineham, Elma Culbertson, Dorothy Pleasants, Mable Told, Carrie Haskell, Daisy Bair, Helen Mead, Lulu Larison, Madge Fallis, Anna Webb, Mable Cotton, Andrew Allen, Fred Allen, Carl Weaver, Frederic Thuneman, Anthony Lock, Howard Allen.



To Eighth Year:–Belle Turner, Hattie Kendall, Stella Means, Hallie Haskell, Florence Houze, Clara Works, Nora Weal, Etta Coleman, Nora Buchanan, Ola McClanahan, Maggie Wintizer, Jennette Tandy, Jennie McIntire, Clair Porter, Fred Lanham, Chester Craig, Wilk Works, Philip Golay, Earl Golay, Alfred Muret, Samuel Stucy, Ben Knox, Walter Chapman, Ward Boggs.

To Seventh Year:–Fanny Culbertson, Mildred Loring, Blanche Brosins, Madge Day, Myrtle Jaynes, Lillian Scott, Helen Grammer, Hattie Means, Lura Bowin, Hannah Twineham, Anna Chapman, Bertha Myers, Gill Long, Fred Miller, Scott Carter, Rollin Baschman Landon Brindley, Willie Ward, Lewis Ward, Gretchen Hall.

To Sixth Year:–Gidda Andrews, Alice Brown, Nellie Brown, Cecelia Dittgen, Clara Graham, Ellie Hunter, Lulu Henry, Lou Johnson, Edith Kiesel, Emma Land, Jennie Moody, Katie Orem, [?] Mar Porter, Nora Peelman, Birdie Perkins, Harriet Tandy, Carolina Thuneman, Joseph Curry, D. P. Craig, Henry Deweese, Avery Graham, Wilmer Sullivan, Frank Weaver.

To Fifth Year:–Mable Benedict, Valla Bosaw, Stella Currey, Lucinda Furnish, Citha Gordon, Gertrude Houze, Alice Jackson, Mattie Orem, Frances Perkins, Lella Stucy, Grace Saberton, Clara Simmons, Marie Thuneman, Opha and Dora Twineham, Nannie Weaver, Clair Andrew, Robert Burns, Claude Brindley, Clyde Bowman, Tom Danglade, Darwin Fallis, Inslee Grisard, Milo Gaudin, John Henry, Fred Myers, Curtis Muret, Henry Moxley, Joseph Mead, Albert Pelsor, Roy Peelman, George Rayl, Harry Spivey, Bert Weals.



To Fourth Year:–Lee Anderson, Dollie Baxter, Frank Bear, Maude Benedict, Nora Boggs, Pearl Boggs, Josie Bray, Leland Brooks, Tesse Brown, Charley Carver, Emma Chapman, Harry Cole, Kiesel Cole, John Danglade, Eddie Davis, Grace Davidson, Joe Diermiller, Allison Garner, Grace Golay, Mabel Gray, Mary Hall, Burell Hilderbrand, Emmett Jaynes, Minnie Jackson, Susie Lamunyon, Isabella Long, Edgar Kincaid, Bennie Martin, Charley Moody, Millard Noel, Clarence Orem, Willie Peelman, James Pickett, John Paul, Seiglitz, Clarence Shaw, Alpha Simpson, Essie Ravenscraft, Elizabeth Tandy, Gertrude Wahl, Marion Williamson, Earl Windheizer, Edith Windheizer, Charley Banta.

To Third Year:–Clara Weals, Ruth Kelso, Irma Fallis, Margaret Davidson, Jessie Banta, Eva Krummel, Henryetta Thuneman, Isabelle Webb, Edith Loring, Loretta Dittgen, Letha McIntyer, Nettie Haydon, Panzy Bladen, Gertrude Deweese, Edith Smith, Zella Boggs, Emma Ravenscraft, Josie Boggs, Eureka Ruddell, George Williams, Lawrence Hughes, Willie Myers, Walter Scott, Ira Perkins, Eddie Pickett, Robert Rayl, Frank Pelsor, John Mead, Andrew Twineham, William Klein, Paul Craig, George Taylor, Dumont Grisard, Eddie Means, Vernon Baxter, Boston Geary.

To Second Year:–Lawrence Dufour, Adolph Hilderbrand, Jesse Abdon, Will Baxter, Joe Abdon, Harry Land, George Perkins, James Rook, Freddie Moody, David Means, Robert Oakley, Wilber Sullivan, Walter Gaudin, Curtis Peelman, Johnnie Butter, Glenn Vandever, Dan Williams, Earl Gray, Ernest Bowie, Fred Bowie, Helen Rook, Ruby Buchanan, Lizzie Lazzel, Clara Saberton, Ethel Brook, Pauline Simmons, Pearl Schaum, Gertrude Pavey, Anna Brown, Hallie Icenogle, Alsie Garner, Lulu Day, Ivy Bales, Vina Randolph, Julia Tandy, Flora Webster, Clauda Webster, Pearl Pickett, Nettie Hillycord, Jessie Mitchell, Jenne Stucy.



To Freshman Class—Grace Noble Simpson, Bessie Gertrude Neal.

To Eighth Year—Eva May Simpson, Jessie Neal.

To Seventh Year—Claude Jones, Justine Jones, Willie Freeman Cheatum.

To Fifth Year—Benjamin Neal, Ethel May Jones.

To Fourth Year—Bessie Gisson, Logan Washington.

To Second Year—Elizabeth Cheatum, Arnold Smith, Cordia Jones.

Vevay High School Graduation – 1900

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 May 1900 – Page 4, Column 2

Vevay High School Commencement.

The thirty-fourth annual commencement exercises of the Vevay High School, class of “1900,” occurred at the Opera House last Friday evening.

The stage was handsomely decorated, the class colors, yellow and blue, being very prominent.

The class was composed of six young ladies and three young gentlemen. All acquitted themselves with honor, the orations being well prepared, showing much study, and were well rendered. Genter’s band interspersed the exercises with good music.

The following are the graduates and their subjects.

  • Salutatory—Life Is What We Make It—Adelaide Demann Kiesel.
  • Oration—One Step At A Time—Nella Reser.
  • Oration—The Ship That Never Comes—Oscar M. Haskell.
  • Oration—An Oak Log—Elizabeth K. Pleasants.
  • Oration—Earnestness—An Element Of Success—Clara Beecher Gordon.
  • Oration—Arbitration vs. War—Orville James.
  • Oration—A Modern Rip Van Winkle—Falba May Lyons.
  • Oration—Out Of The Past—Lawrence B. Boyle.
  • Valedictory—What It Means To Graduate—Minnie Olive Kendall.

Vevay Public Schools Promotions – 1899

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 May 1899 – Page 5, Column 3

List of Promotions of the Vevay Public Schools.


To Senior Class.—Laurence Boyle, Clara Gordon, Oscar Haskell, Orville James, Minnie Kendall, Addie Kiesel, Falba Lyons.

Promoted to Junior Class.—Byrl Anderson, Craig Baird, Laura Hollcraft, Bessie Houze, Mary Lanham, Alice Orem, Elizabeth Pleasants, Lura Shaffer, Anna Sutherland, Aime Todd, Grace Brindley, Perle Brindley.

Promoted to Sophomore Class.—Clara Kiesel, Maude Davidson, Leila Thiebaud, Maggie Krummel, Anna Davison, Edna Ogle, Mabel Twineham, Will Barnett, Earl Brown, George Anderson, Nellie Stucy, Arta Jackson.

Promoted to Freshman Class.—Charley Grammer, Bennie Hollcraft, Willie Griffith, Clyde Culbertson, Leonard Gordon, Blaine Cole, Hubert Brindley, Henry Told, Roy Johnson, George Robinson, Ethol Scott, Mary Orem, Flora Kiesel, Myrtle Fallis, Perle LeClerc, Lulu Scott, Anna Reid, Fanny Jain, Clara Allen, Nettie Pleasants, Ivy Haskell, Afra Brindley, Alice Simpson, Josie Bowin.



To Eighth Year.—Earl Simpson, Jesse Ricketts, Anthony Lock, Chester Kiesel, Paul Greenleaf, Clyde Norisez, Carl Weaver, George Chapman, Frank Spivey, Andrew Allen, Willie Told, Freddie Thunemann, Howard Allen, Clarence Otter, Frederic Allen, Cinda Land, Dorothy Pleasants, Lulu Larison, Maggie Pickett, Anna Webb, Elma Culbertson, Madge Fallis, Mabel Cotton, Carrie Haskell, Helen Mead, Lena Twineham.

To Seventh Year.—Hattie Kendall, Hallie Haskell, Grace Meyers, Belle Turner, Dessie Martin, Ettie Coleman, Stella Means, Agatha Vandever, Ola McClanahan, Jennette Tandy, Addie Tower, Maggie Windheizer, Clara Works, Ben Knox, Harry Pavey, Earl Golay, Philip Golay, Chester Craig, Clair Porter, Harvey Schroeder, Ward Boggs, Walter Patton, Walter Chapman, Sammie Stucy, John Wiley, Fred Lanham, Wilk Works, Albert Lawrence, Ernest Pickett, Alfred Muret, Walter Hird.

To Sixth Year.—Blanch Brosius, Lura Bowen, Fannie Culbertson, Anna Chapman, Madge Day, Myrtle Elder, Helen Grammer, Gretchen Hall, Mary Jones, Myrtle Jaynes, Mildred Loring, Bertha Myers, Lilly Scott, Hanna Twineham, Cleve Bowen, Rollie Buschman, George Banta, Landon Brindley, Scott Carter, Geo. Clendening, Harry Davison, Willie Johnston, Gill Long, Walter Lock, Willie Lawrence, Fred Miller, Arnold Smith, John Shaw, Jeff Simpson, Willie Wahl, Lewis Ward, Charley Windheizer.

To Fifth Year.—Golda Andrews, Alice Brown, Nellie Brown, Cecelia Dittgen, Clara Graham, Ina Fauncher, Lulu Henry, Leo Jonson, Edith Kiesel, Emma Land, Effie Hunter, Jennie Moody, Leila May Porter, Martha Told, Katie Orem, Caroline Thuneman, Harriet Tandy, D. P. Craig, Joseph Curry, Chester Davis, Avery Graham, George Neal, Opp Sieglitz, Wilmer Sullivan, John Taylor, Herschel Tower, Frank Weaver.



To the Fourth Year.—Clair Andrew, Ira Banta, Lillie Boyd, Claude Brindley, Casper Fallis, Leonard Fancher, Arthur Furnish, Lucinda Furnish, Milo Gaudin, Cytha Gordon, Inslee Grisard, John Henry, Alice Jackson, Thurman Jackson, Alva Jain, Nannie Jones, Curtis Muret, John Neal, Mattie Orem, Bessie Patton, Frank Pavy, Flora Roberts, Grace Saberton, Clara Simmons, Fred Spivey, Leila Stucy, Marie Thuneman, Opha Twineham, Bert Vandever, Frank Weales, Nannie Weaver.

To Third Grade.—Emma Chapman, Elizabeth Tandy, Edith Wintheizer, Grace Golay, Grace Davison, Gertrude Wahl, Alpha Simpson, Isabelle Long, Josie Bray, Leo Anderson, Mary Hall, Maude Benedict, Winnie Jackson, Nora Boggs, Pearl Boggs, Susie Lamunyon, Eddie Davis, Edgar Kincaid, Earl Wintheizer, Emmett Jaynes, Bennie Martin, Clarence Shaw, Frankie Bear, Paul Seiglitz, Keisel Cole, John Danglade, Burell Hildebrand, Willie Peelman, James Pickett, Harry Cole, Charley Moody, Marion Williamson, Guy Wiley, Charley Banta, Clarence Orem, Leland Brooks, Joe Diermiller.

To Second Year.—Walter Scott, Andrew Twineham, John Mead, Geo. Ricketts, William Klein, William Meyers, Dumont Grisard, Eddie Pickett, Paul Craig, Robert Rayles, Loretta Dittgen, Henrietta Thunemann, Edith Smith, Zella Boggs, Gertrude Deweese, Margaret Davison, Edith Loring, Ruth Kelso, Isabella Webb, Clara Weales, Irma Fallis, Eva Krummel, Jessie Banta, Josie Boggs, Letha McIntyre.



To Eighth Year.—Grace Simpson, Bessie Neal.

To Seventh Year.—Eva May Simpson, Jesse J. Neal

To Fourth Year.—Benjamin Neal.

To Third Year.—Nannie B. Washington, Willie Andrews, Logan Washington, Addie Beck, Bessie Gipson.

To Second Year.—Willie Yates, Arnold Smith.

Vevay High School Graduation – 1899

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 May 1899 – Page 4, Column 4

The Class of ’99.

The Commencement Exercises of the Vevay High School at the Opera last Friday evening was pronounced by those who attended, to have been one of the most successful ones held for several years. The class, consisting of seven girls and nine boys, was an unusually intelligent one as the careful thought shown in the preparation of their orations evinced, and the easy confident manner with which each and every graduate delivered their orations showed a skill in oratory above the average.

The stage was tastily decorated with a huge American flag as a background and a profusion of potted plants, draperies, etc., and the class motto, “Virtute et Labore,” prominently displayed in the foreground. Excellent music was furnished by Prof. Genter’s orchestra and the audience was large and attentive.

It is a self evident fact that the instructors, Professors A. L. Trafelet and Ernest M. Danglade and Misses Julia LeClerc Knox and Hannah Waldenmaier have every reason to be proud of the class of 1899.

The members of the class and the subjects are as follows:

  • Carrie Brown, Salutatory—“Our Nation’s Emblem.”
  • Ernest Griffith, “Success.”
  • Grace Schroeder, “Gather the rosebuds while you may.”
  • Howard Cole, “Character.”
  • Zella E. Jain, “Embarking.”
  • Harry B. Shaw, “Electricity.”
  • Ivan Dean Saberton, “Indifferentism.”
  • Jennie Wren Anderson, “Unfinished Still.”
  • Walter P. Baird, “The American Newspaper.”
  • Grace Elizabeth Shaw, “Why?”
  • Alfred Edward Cole, “Common Sense in Government.”
  • Florence May Coleman, “Voices.”
  • Charles Saberton, “On Time.”
  • Edna May Kincaid, “What shall we reap?”
  • George W. Scott, “Close of the nineteenth century.”
  • Charles Allen Barnett, Valedictory—“Indiana in War.”

Vevay Public Schools Promotions – 1898

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 5 May 1898 – Page 4, Column 5

List of Promotions.


TO SENIOR CLASS:–Jennie Anderson, Walter Baird, Charles Barnett, Carrie Brown, Ernest Griffith, Zella Jain, Edna Kincaid, Carrie Lyons, Charles Saberton, Ivan Saberton, Grace Schroeder, Grace Shaw, Harry Shaw.

TO JUNIOR CLASS:–Edward Cole, Howard Cole, Orville James, Minnie Kendall, Addie Kiesel, Mattie Long, Falba Lyons, Nella Reser, George Scott, Benj. Thuneman, Adah Walton, Clara Gordon, Oscar Haskell.

TO SOPHOMORE CLASS:–Byrl Anderson, Mary Lanham, Pearl Brindley, Lura Schaffer, Bessie Reed, Jennie Dupraz, Perle Haskell, Grace Brindley, Mattie Stucy, Essie Rook, Lulu Bowin, Laura Hollcraft, Hattie Bowin, Nora Sullivan, Edward Findley, Claude Morris, Sherman Long, Clyde Drakes, Aime Told.

TO FRESHMAN CLASS:–Anna Davison, Edna Ogle, Leila Thiebaud, Clara Kiesel, Maud Davidson, Nora Bair, Anna Cury, Nellie Stucy, Artie Jackson, Maggie Krummel, Louise Salyer, Willie Barnett, Everet Graham, Edward Brockschlager, Clemens Thuneman, Earl Brown, George Anderson, Craig Baird, Willie Coleman.



TO EIGHTH YEAR:–Nettie Pleasants, Myrtle Fallis, Eva Tower, Flora Kiesel, Afra Brindley, Fannie Jain, Alice Simpson, Anna Reed, Eula Scott, Clara Allen, Katie Sullender, Inez Jayne, Nora Smith, Daisy Bair, Ivy Haskell, Josie Bowin, George Robinson, Clyde Culbertson, Hubert Brindley, Roy Johnson, Blaine Cole, Willie Griffith, Henry Told, Bennie Hollcraft, Ray Peters, Ethol Scott, Harry Schewe, Charlie Grammer, Henry Dittgen.

TO SEVENTH YEAR:–Mabel Cotton, Elma Culbertson, Carrie Haskell, Dorothy Pleasants, Madge Fallis, Lulu Larrison, Lucinda Land, Laura Jones, Helen Mead, Iona Weales, Anna Webb, Freddie Thuneman, Frank Spivy, Howard Allen, Fredrick Allen, Andrew Allen, Anthony Lock, Willie Told, Willie Land, Jesse Ricketts, Clarence Otter, Clyde Norisez, Chester Kiesel, Spargeon, Morris, George Chapman.

TO SIXTH YEAR:–Philip Golay, Ben Knox, Eddie Otter, Harry Pavey, Walter Chapman, Walter Patton, Ward Boggs, Earl Golay, Chester Craig, Wilk Works, Fred Lanham, Ernest Pickett, Harvey Schroder, Albert Lawrence, Clair Porter, Belle Turner, Hattie Kendall, Estella Means, Clara Works, Agatha Vendever, Dessie Martin, Addie Tower, Ella Montooth, Jennette Tandy, Grace Myers, Hallie Haskell, Mary Told, Ettie Coleman, Stella Vandever, Tena Grenatt.

TO FIFTH YEAR:–Blanche Brosius, Lura Bowin, Fanny Culbertson, Myrtle Elder, Helen Grammer, Myrtle Jaynes, Mary Jones, Mildred Loring, Bertha Myers, Mabel Sullender, Lily Scott, Cleve Bowen, Rollin Buschman, Landon Brindley, George Clendening, Scott Carter, Harry Davison, Harry Deweese, Willie Johnston, Gill Long, Arnold Smith, Jeff Simpson, John Shaw, Willie Wahl, Lewis Ward, Fredrick Miller, Jesse Mitchell.



TO FOURTH YEAR:–Alice Brown, Golda Andrew, Mabel Benedict, Sallie Boggs, Valla Bosaw, Bernice Clark, Stella Curry, Maud Elder, Ina Fancher, Leo Johnson, Jennie Moody, Lella May Porter, Linale Siebert, Hanna Smith, Harriet Tandy, Martha Told, Carolina Thuneman, Clyde Bowman, D. P. Craig, DeWitt Davis, Chester Davis, Tom Danglade, Darwin Fallis, Vernon Fancher, Avery Graham, Charley Hughes, James Hughes, Joe Mead, Fred Myers, George Neal, Albert Pelsor, Roy Peelman, George Rayl, Willie Roberts, Harry Spivey, Wilmer Sullivan, Herschel Tower, Bert Weales, P. Judson Morris.

TO THIRD YEAR:–Alice Jackson, Bessie Patton, Cyntha Gordon, Flora Roberts, Grace Saberton, Ida Fancher, Lilly Boyd, Marie Thuneman, Nannie Jones, Katie Orem, Mattie Orem, Mabel Gray, Lella Stucy, Alva Jain, Bert Vandever, Clair Andrew, Casper Fallis, Claude Brindley, Fred Spivey, Frank Pavey, Frank Weales, Ira Banta, Insice Grisard, Johnny Henry, John Neal, Joe Sullender, Leonard Fancher, Milo Gaudin, Thurman Jackson, Charley Ricketts.

TO SECOND YEAR:–Kiesel Cole, Eddie Davis, Bennie Martin, Harry Cole, Earl Winthizer, Leland Brook, Frank Bear, Frank Pelsor, Clarence Shaw, Charlie Moody, Joe Diermiller, Clarence Orem, George Williams, Emmet Jaynes, Burett Hilderbrand, Eddie Kincaid, Willie Peelman, James Pickett, Paul Sieglitz, Jacob Hughes, Grace Golay, Gertrude Wahl, Nora Boggs, Pearl May Boggs, Zella May Boggs, Grace Davison, Maud Benedict, Susie LaMunyon, Alpha Simpson, Leo Anderson, Isabel Long, Minnie Jackson, Emma Chapman.



TO SOPHOMORE YEAR:–Emory Fletcher Simpson, Auretta Octcault Simpson.

TO SEVENTH YEAR:–Grace Noble Simpson, Bessie Gertrude Neal.

TO SIXTH YEAR:–Freeman Cheatum, Jesse J. Neal, Justine Jones, Eva May Simpson.

TO FOURTH YEAR:–Lotta Roberts, Ethel May Jones.

TO THIRD YEAR:–Benj. Neal.

TO SECOND YEAR:–Willie Andrews, Bessie Gipson, Nanny B. Washington.

Vevay High School Graduation – 1898

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 5 May 1898 – Page 4, Column 3

Vevay High School Commencement.

The thirty-second commencement exercises of the Vevay High School were held Friday night, April 29, at Metropolitan Hall, which was filled with relatives and friends to witness the last lesson of the four young ladies and two young gentlemen, who bid adieu that night to the school duties of Vevay High School.

The stage was tastefully decorated in the class colors, red and white, and blooming plants. The class motto, “Truth Shall Conquer,” in red letters on a white ground was arranged in the center of the background.

The class was one of the smallest that has graduated from this school, but one of the brightest, the orations showing originality and much preparation. Where all did so well it would not do to discriminate in favor of any particular one.

The music was furnished by the Vevay Orchestra. The ushers were Misses Carrie Brown, Edna Kincaid, Grace Shaw, Zella Jain and Messrs. Walter Baird, George Scott, Howard Cole and Earnest Griffith. The invocation was by Rev. J. Murray Taylor.

The following are the graduates and their subjects:

If we Knew, Miss Edith May Golay; We Build the Ladder We Climb, Miss Luella Brindley; Our Country—Its Possibilities, Mr. Harry B. Dupraz; Face the Foe, Miss Olive Marie Dufour; Problem of Invention, Mr. William Henry Spivey; In gathering Roses lookout for the Thorns, Miss Emma Frances Kemp.

Rev. W. E. Morris skillfully conferred the diplomas.

Superintendent Amie Trafelet and Prof. E. P. Danglade, Principal, have every reason to be proud of the class of 1898.

Rev. R. A. Kemp dismissed the audience.

Vevay Public Schools Promotions – 1897

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 27 May 1897 – Page 5, Column 1

List of Promotions of The Vevay Public Schools.


Promoted to Senior Class.
Ella Brindley, Harry Dupraz, Emma Kemp.

To Junior Class.
Jennie Anderson, Walter Baird, Chas. Barnett, Carrie Brown, Florence Coleman, Ernest Griffith, Zella Jain, Edna Kincaid, Carrie Lyons, Mayme Malcomson, Lillie Ogle, Charles Saberton, Ivan Sabertson, Grace Schroeder, Grace Shaw, Harry Shaw, Lane Siebenthal, Wm. Spivey, Wm. Stevens, Olive Dufour.

To Sophomore Class.
Clara Gordon, Lucy Johnson, Addie Kiesel, Minnie Kendall, Mattie Long, Bertie Leap, Falba Lyons, Minerva Otter, Nella Reser, Maude Reed, Anna Shaw, Nola Siebenthal, Ada Walton, Edward Cole, Orville James, George Scott, Benj. Thunemann, Howard Cole.

To Freshman Class.
Laura Holdcraft, Bessie Reed, Mary Lanham, Essie Rook, Perle Brindley, Lenora Sullivan, Grace Brindley, Jennie Dupraz, Nettie Peelman, Pearl Haskell, Dora Martin, Elizabeth Pleasants, Lulu Bowen, Aime Todd, Sherman Long, Claude Morris.



To Eighth Year.
Artie Jackson, Ethel Boyd, Anna Davidson, Leila Thiebaud, Clara Kiesel, Edna Ogle, Maggie Krummel, Nellie Stucy, Clements Thunemann, Craig Baird, William Barnett.

To Seventh Year.
Lula Scott, Nettie Pleasants, Clara Allen, Myrtle Fallis, Flora Kiesel, Alice Simpson, Inez Jaynes, Fannie Jain, Katie Sullender, Afra Brindley, Maggie Pickett, Maggie Yunker, Roy Johnson, Blain Cole, Willie Griffith, Herbert Brindley, Everett Kendall, Jessie Peelman, Ben Holdcraft, Tait Siebenthal.

To Sixth Year.
Fredie, Andrew and Chester Allen; Freddie Thuneman, Lucinda Land, Mabel Cotton, Willie Land, Chas. Morris, Clyde Norisez, Frank Spivey, Howard Allen, Jessie Ricketts, Clarence Otter, Hellen Mead, Carrie Haskell, Dorothea Pleasants, Iona Weales, Laura Jones, Madge Fallis, Anna Webb, Lulie Larison, Antony Lock.

To Fifth Year.
Ettie Coleman, Hallie Haskell, Hattie Kendall, Estella Means, Jennette Tandy, Addie Tower, Belle Turner, Edith Taylor, Stella Vandever, Clara Works, Geo. Banta, Ward Boggs, Chester Craig, Walter Lock, Walter Chapman, Bennie Knox, Willie Lawrence, Harry Pavey, Clair Porter, Walter Patton, Ernest Pickett, Charles Rochat, Wilk Works.



To Fourth Year.
Bert Boyd, Blanche Brosins, Nellie Brown, Robert Burns, Anna Chapman, George Clendening, Joseph Curry, Madge Day, Cecelia Dittgen, Myrtle Elder, Clara Graham, Hellen Grammer, Myrtle Hall, Lula Henry, Myrtle Jaynes, Edith Kiesel, Eloise Knox, Mildred Loring, Fred Miller, Walter Monroe, Bertha Myres, Emma Berner, Dandon Brindley, Lillie Scott, John Shaw, Opp Sieglitz, Mable and Willie Sullender, John Taylor, Willie Wahl, Gill Long, Emma Land.

To Third Year.
Alice Brown, Carolina Thunemann, Jennie Moody, Mabel Benedict, Maude Elder, Stella Curry, Valla Bosaw, Golda Andrews, Ina Fancher, Harriet Tandy, Leila Porter, Leo Johnson, Linnie Siebert, Carrie Schroeder, Albert Pelsor, Alfred Peelman, Bert Weales, Chester Davis, Albert Dennerlein, Eddie Dennerlein, Fred Myres, George Neal, George Rayl, Hershel Tower, Henry Moxley, Harry Spivey, Joseph Mead, Roy Peelman, Tom Danglade, Pearl Morris, Sam Moody, Vernon Fancher, Wilmer Sullivan, Nellie Roberts, Avery Graham.

To Second Year.
Ira Banta, Frank Weales, Frank Pavy, Freddie Spivey, Joe Sullender, Louis and Robert Dowers, Burt Vandever, Clair Andrew, Leonard Fancher, John Henry, Thurman Jackson, John Neal, Claude Brindley, Casper Fallis, Lillie Boyd, Nannie Jones, Elsie Berner, Cytha Gordon, Clara Simmons, Grace Saberton, Alice Jackson, Marie Thunemann, Ida Fancher.



To Senior Class.
Lulu Jones.

To Freshman Class.
Fanny, Emory and Auretta Simpson, John Jones.

To Sixth Year.
Bessie Neal, Grace Simpson, Claude Jones.

To Fifth Year.
Eva Simpson, Jessie Neal, Freeman Cheatam.

To Third Year.
Lottie Roberts.

To Second Year.
Beny Neal, Ada Beck.