Vevay High School Graduation – 1894

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 31 May 1894 – Page 4, Column 3


The twenty-eighth annual commencement exercises of Vevay High School was held in Metropolitan Hall last Friday night. The graduates numbered twenty-one. There was a departure from the usual custom of having class orations, and an interesting lecture was delivered by Joseph Swain, L. L. D., President of the State University, on “A Plea for Higher Education,” which was highly appreciated.

The following are the names of the class of 1894 and the subjects of their orations:

  • Emma Estella Knox, “The Sweet Girl Graduate”
  • Josie Elizabeth Lamson, “Do World Do More”
  • Fred L. Haskell, “The River of Life”
  • Mary Luella Jain, “Natnie and Her Beauties”
  • Nelly Grant Lanham, “A Day Dream”
  • Clara Pearl Bowin, “Ideals”
  • Marion Hartford Griffith, “Our Nation’s History”
  • Nell Adelia Protsman, “Husks”
  • Junita Graham, “Stained Walls Grow The Ivy”
  • Jessie M. Thiebaud, “Black the Heel as well as the Toe”
  • John Baltzer Kincaid, “That Turnip”
  • Perle Edgar Danglade, “Seaward Ever Away”
  • Ruth Boyd, “From Sunrise to Sunset”
  • S. Grace Tiley, “Great Expectations”
  • Frederick Lewis Tardy, “What’s up To-day?”
  • Ida Cozier Long, “The American Girl”
  • Sallie Emma Shaw, “Ability and Opportunity”
  • Pearl May Turner, “Teating To-night”
  • Hubert P. Lindenschmidt, “Hope and Fear”
  • Wilhelmina Kiesel, “Success or Failure”
  • Mary Edith Shaw, “Out of School Life into Life’s School”

The program as rendered was:

  • Music, Princess Ida March
  • Invocation, Rev. W. E. Morris
  • Music, Adalusia Waltz
  • Salutatory, Emma Estella Knox
  • Music, Sleiga Hide Gallop
  • Address, A Plea for Higher Education, Joseph Swain, L. L. D., President State University
  • Music, Leontina Mazurka
  • Valedictory, Mary Edith Shaw
  • Conferring Diplomas, Superintendent
  • Benediction, Rev. J. Carey Smith
  • Music, Nevetian Polka

The large audience highly appreciated the program and by their hearty applause acknowledged the commencement exercises of the class of [? ?].

The music for the occasion was furnished by the Vevay Mandolin and Guitar Club.