14th Regiment, Indiana Militia – 1836

The following article about the 14th Regiment, Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 9 Apr 1836 – Page 3, Column 3

Regimental Order.
Fourteenth Regt. Ia. M.
April 6, 1836.

The following gentlemen will compose the staff attached to this regiment, they are to be obeyed and respected accordingly.

  • Surgeon—William Armington
  • Quartermaster—Silas Overturf
  • Paymaster—Daniel McCulloch
  • Surgeon’s mate—Wm. C Mitchell
  • Adjutant—James B. Lewis
  • Judge advocate—George G. Knox
  • Q master Sergeant—John F. Doan
  • Sergeant major—Philip Ramsyere
  • Provost Martial—William Kieth
  • Forage Martial—Sameol Gilliland
  • Drum major—Delanson Slawson
  • Fife major—James Mitchell