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Lawrenceburg Light Guards – 1877

The report on the Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana Light Guards in 1877 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 5 Apr 1877 – Page 4, Column 2

The following are the names of officers of the new militia company recently organized here, and called the Lawrenceburgh Light Guards:

  • Captain—Jacob Rief
  • First Lieutenant—Frank Green
  • Second Lieutenant—Simon Bartholome
  • Orderly Sergeant—J. F. Stohlman
  • Sergeants—1st, Charles Kohlep; 2d J. F. Cheek; 3rd, Peter Zins; 4th, Wm. Henn
  • Corporals—Chris. Stormer, John Gardner, Henry Knorr and Charles Esler

14th Regiment, Indiana Militia – 1836

The following article about the 14th Regiment, Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 9 Apr 1836 – Page 3, Column 3

Regimental Order.
Fourteenth Regt. Ia. M.
April 6, 1836.

The following gentlemen will compose the staff attached to this regiment, they are to be obeyed and respected accordingly.

  • Surgeon—William Armington
  • Quartermaster—Silas Overturf
  • Paymaster—Daniel McCulloch
  • Surgeon’s mate—Wm. C Mitchell
  • Adjutant—James B. Lewis
  • Judge advocate—George G. Knox
  • Q master Sergeant—John F. Doan
  • Sergeant major—Philip Ramsyere
  • Provost Martial—William Kieth
  • Forage Martial—Sameol Gilliland
  • Drum major—Delanson Slawson
  • Fife major—James Mitchell


10th Brigade, Indiana Militia – 1833

The following article about the 10th Brigade, Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 3 Aug 1833 – Page 3, Column 5 – 17 Aug 1833 – Page 1, Column 1

Printer’s Retreat, July 29, 1833.

The following officers will compose a Brigade Court Martial, and the members thereon, are ordered to convene at the house of Jeremiah Thomas, in Jacksonville, on Monday, the 26th of August, 1833, at ten o’clock, A.M. for the purpose of investigating the charges exhibited against JOHN ALFREY, major of the 14th reg. as exhibited by first sergeant Joseph Mitchel, on the 28th inst.

The court will record all the testimony at full length and lay the same before the general, together with their opinion of the guilt or innocence of said major, on said charge, and what punishment, if any, should be inflicted.


  • Col. John F. Siebenthal, of the 14th regiment, president
  • Col. William Scudder
  • Lieut. col. Pruett Harvey
  • Lieut Col. Colin McNutt
  • Captain Philip Bettens
  • Captain David Scudder
  • Captain James B. Lewis
  • Captain John P. Lillard
  • Captain Isaac McHenry
  • Captain James Scott
  • Captain Eden Edwards
  • Captain Charles S. Smith
  • Captain Samuel S. Hicks
  • Lieutenant Frederick L. Grissard, superintendent
  • Lieutenant Benjamin Detraz, superintendent

Ensign Edwin Storey, of the 14th will act as judge advocate. Schuyler Burns will act as provost marshal.

By order of brigadier general William C. Keen.


Switzerland County – 1825 Militia

Information about the mustering of the Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in the Indiana Spectator (Lawrenceburg, Indiana).

Indiana Spectator – 2 April 1825 – Page 3 – Column 4

Tenth Brigade of Indiana Militia.
Vevay, January 14, 1825.

The commandant of the third regiment will muster said regiment, on Thursday the 17th day of October next, at the town of Hartford.

The commandant of the fourteenth regiment, will muster said regiment, on the 31st day of October next, at or near Cotton’s mill, on Indiana creek.

The commandant of the fifteenth regiment, will muster said regiment, on Wednesday the 26th day of October next, at Lawrenceburg.

The commandant of the forty fourth regiment will muster said regiment, on Saturday, the 29th day of October next, at Collin McNutt’s.

By order of Brig. Gen.
Wm. C. KEEN.

Indiana Spectator – 2 April 1825 – Page 4 – Column 4

Regimental Orders.

The 15th Regiment will be mustered at Lawrenceburgh on the 26th day of October next.

First Battalion will be mustered at Judge Major’s on the 13th day of May next.

Second Battalion will muster at Cambridge on the 14th day of May next.

Regimental Drill will meet at John Dawson’s in Cambridge on the 12th day of August next for the purpose of drilling two days and perform camp duty during the night – also the commandants of companies will meet at the same place on the 2d day of April next for the purpose of consolidating said regiment.

Each of the said musters will commence at 10 o’clock on said days.

Commandants of companies will muster their said companies as the law prescribes. By order of the Colonel commanding said regiment.

15th Regt. I. M.
February 14, 1825.