Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1870

The commencement of the Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana Public Schools for 1870 appeared in:
Aurora Peoples Advocate – 30 Jun 1870 – Page 3, Column 1

The Aurora Public Schools.
First Annual Commencement.

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Our schools as at present organized, commenced operations in 1864, under the direction of Rev. A. W. Freeman, as Principal. After conducting the schools for two years, and getting them thoroughly organized, finding that the labor was too severe for him, he retired from the position. His successors have been Messrs. Hutchison, Temple, Davidson and Clark.

The course of study occupies a period of about seven years. Hitherto, at the close of each year, there have been annual exhibitions at the school building or at some public hall, and the persons who had finished their course of study, received certificates to that effect upon their leaving the schools. The class of 1868 included two persons, Messrs. Charles C. Stevens and Seth Stedman; of 1869, Mr. James Stratton, and Misses Emma Hill and Sallie Vail.

The present being considered the first annual commencement, the School Board, Superintendent and teachers endeavored to make it an event in the history of our Schools, and one to be remembered by all persons connected with them. The use of the Methodist church was granted, and a choir of amateur musicians, under the leadership of Mr. E. D. Haynes, tendered their services.

The exercises, which commenced at 8 o’clock, were as follows:

  • Solo and Chorus—God is the Refuge of His People; Cantata of Esther.
  • Prayer—Rev. C. Tinsley.
  • Practical Knowledge—Harley H. Sutton.
  • The Folly of Expecting too Much from Each Other—Miss Ione Shockley.
  • The Race is not to the Swift—Miss Lizzie Folbre.
  • Music—By the Streamlet Through the Grove; Bohemian Girl.
  • Making a Fortune—Ralph Riddell.
  • Passports in Society—Miss Carrie Yonge.
  • Life is a School—Miss Minta Jones.
  • Music—Gipsy Chorus; Bohemian Girl.
  • Popular Fallacies—Benj. Vail Jr.
  • American Aristocracy—Miss Mary Hopping.
  • Broken Images—Miss Emma McCreary.
  • Duet—Music on the Waves; C. C. Stevens and Miss L. Wymond.
  • Never too Old to Learn—Miss Abbie Stevens.
  • The Public Schools Our Safeguard against Anarchy—Miss Fannie Hopping.
  • Valedictory—Miss Emma McCreary.