Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Fighting Boys in Blue

The following article about military in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 10 Sep 1868 – Page 2, Column 4

Allensville, Ind., Sep. 4, 1868.

The Cotton township company of the Fighting Boys in Blue met here this evening. The meeting was called to order, and Andrew J. Works elected President, and A. M. Works Secretary.

After listening to a brief and effective speech by Theodore Livings, Esq., of Vevay, the meeting proceeded to the discharge of the business before it.

A. M. Works was appointed as a delegate to the Court Convention of the Fighting Boys in Blue, held in Vevay, Sept. 7, and Dr. John H. Vanosdol was announced as the choice of the company for staff officer.

The company then went into an election of officers. The following is the muster roll of the company as it now stands:

  • Andrew J. Works, Captain
  • George W. Sutton, 1st Lieutenant
  • N. W. Vanosdol, 2d Lieutenant
  • A. M. Works, Orderly, Sargeant
  • B. W. Vanosdol, 1st Sargeant
  • Frank Luther, 2d Sargeant


  • Charles Long
  • John W. Vanosdol
  • Daniel B. Lesler
  • Isaac Vanatter
  • Francis Cole
  • Theodore Dickason
  • Francis Smith
  • Thomas Ross
  • Abner McFarland
  • Francis Livings
  • Aaron B. Vanatter
  • Charles Clark
  • Henry D. Tinker
  • Prior M. Pavey
  • Charles Ovid Potter
  • James Clark
  • Wm. Ross
  • Geo. H. Collins
  • Isaac D. Waits
  • Hamilton Weathers
  • Bruce Downey
  • Peter Richmond
  • Thomas Lewis
  • Eli Richmond
  • Isreal P. Hill
  • Samuel C. Ward
  • Samuel Bailey

A. M. Works, O. S.