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Dillsboro Businesses – 1867

The sketch of businesses in Dillsboro, Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 9 Feb 1867 – Page 1, Column 2

Dillsborough Items.

Feeling an interest in the development of all industrial pursuits, and hoping to promote and stimulate that spirit in all, we herewith give a short sketch of the business in Dillsborough:

In the department of dry goods, &c., Mr. John M. Hoover occupies the stand of the late firm of Conaway, Richt & Co. Mr. H. is one of the most enterprising business men in the county, and withal, a gentleman. He intends erecting a commodious store-house in the spring. He is doing a good business.

Mr. Fred Ginter, also a dealer in dry goods, &c., occupies the old stand of Samuel Wymond. Mr. G. is a good business man and a clever gentleman, and is also doing a good business.

Mr. Greeve, who recently came to our town, is also engaged in selling dry goods, and is doing well.

Harrison Conaway, who flourished for a while under the sign of “live and let live,” has gone under.

Drug Stores.—N. Gullett, at the old stand of J. V. Jewett. Mr. G. is also engaged in milling. Drs. F. H. & J. H. Sale. This store has had combined with it a grocery department, and have associated with them Mr. David Suits Sr.—Dr. S. M. Weaver is also engaged in selling drugs.

Physicians.—Drs. F. H. & J. H. Sale; Dr. S. M. Weaver.

Blacksmith and Wagon Shoops.—Demas Perlee & Bro.; Barnhart & Suits; O. S. Mulford, the latter blacksmithing only.

Tailors.—Mr. Geo. Proctor; E. D. Lamb.

Boot and Shoe Shops.—Wm. N. Shutts; Aaron Niester.

Saddle and Harness Makers.—W. Lemon; S. Rudesill.

Cabinet Maker and Undertaker.—Thos. M. Scudder.

Hotels.—L. Richt and Wadig’s Nuisance.

Livery Stable.—John Lenover & Co.

Cooper Shops.—Henry Niebruggee; John M. Hoover.

Stoves and Tin Ware.—John Roberts.

1868 Shippers’ Guide – Switzerland County

Switzerland County entries from:
H. C. Chandler & Co.’s Businesss Directory and Shipper’s Guide for the State of Indiana. Indianapolis : H. C. Chandler & Co., Publishers, 1868. Online at Hathitrust.

A village on the Ohio river, in Switzerland county, eight miles from Vevay. It contains a population of about 600.


  • Orem J


  • Cooper & Stetson
  • Platt Neal

Boots and Shoes.

  • Daubenherper G


  • Busher Henry
  • Wright D


  • Krutz, Land & Co.

General Stores.

  • Bledsoe & Beymer
  • Paul George


  • Krutz, Land & Co.


  • Land Geo

Justice of the Peace.

  • Edrington L

Notary Public.

  • Orem John


  • McKribben C P
  • Graves B F


  • Bledsoe L


  • Luck F
  • Perkin J D
  • Uri Adolph


  • Krutz, Land & Co


  • Boyd John
  • Wagonmaker.
  • Branson Moses


  • Bledsoe & Beymer

A town of 600 inhabitants, in Switzerland county, on the Ohio river, seventeen miles above Vevay. It is beautifully and healthfully situated, and enjoys considerable trade.


  • Tate James

Boarding House.

  • Stevenson Mrs Jane, cor Main and Second

Boots and Shoes.

  • Baxter P, Front
  • Brann John, Front


  • SCHAFER A, w of town
  • Watts M C, cor Main and Second


  • PATE W T & Co, Front

Drugs and Medicines.

  • Beckwith E W, Front

Flour Mill.

  • PATE W T & CO, Front

General Stores.

  • North L, Front
  • Stevenson J & J H, cor Main and Third
  • Wells J C & Co, cor Third and Front


  • Beckwith E W, Front
  • Scranton J M, Front

Harness and Saddles.

  • Shirey J W, cor Main and Third


  • Commercial Hotel, S Fish propr, Front

Insurance Agents.

  • Beckwith E W, cor Main and Third
  • Stevenson J H, cor Main and Third

Justice of Peace.

  • Berry R, Front


  • Beckwith E W, Front
  • Olcott W A
  • Ruter R C


  • North L, Front


  • How G O, Front
  • Scranton J M, cor Fourth and Main
  • Treusdell C F, Front


  • Bonnell T, cor Main and Third
  • Fortune P, Front

U. S. Bonded Warehouse.

  • PATE W T & CO, Front


  • Wade Samuel, Main

Wharf Master.

  • Coons B, wharf boat

The capital of Switzerland county, on the Ohio river. It is surrounded by a rich and wealthy agricultural country, which affords a good support to the place. Large quantities of grain and hay are shipped from here annually. The town is laid out with much taste, and contains several good buildings and business houses, with several fine churches, several manufacturing establishments, one weekly newspaper, which is ably conducted for the welfare and interests of the place. It now has a population of about 1800.

Agricultural Implements.

  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck W P & Son, cor Pike and Ferry


  • Atkinson W, Court House
  • Carter & Johnson, Court House
  • Downey H A, office LeClerc House
  • Livings T, Court House
  • Ormsbay & McCrelles, Main, bet Ferry and Liberty
  • Smith W, Court House
  • Works J & L, Court House


  • Clarkson & Dufour, Main
  • Jockell Joseph, Main


  • First National Bank, U P Schenck, pres, Wm Hall, cash, Main


  • Haller John, Ferry


  • Armstrong Fuget, Ferry
  • Bolton J T, Walton
  • Rutherford Joseph, Pike

Boots and Shoes.

  • Thiebaud C & Sons, Main
  • Weff J F, Ferry


  • Cramer C, w Main


  • Banta John, Ferry
  • Harthorn Geo, w Main

Civil Engineer.

  • LaClerc E M, office LeClerc House


  • Black Julius, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Kauffman J, Main
  • Weil L & E, w Main

Cigar and Tobacco.

  • Mayer Adolf, cor Main and Liberty
  • Schewe H, Main


  • Jockell Joseph, Main


  • Ruggles W H Ferry, bet Main and Pike

Drugs and Medicines.

  • Stevens I & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Thiebaud J L, Main

Furniture Company.

  • Vevay Furniture Company, C Demann, agt, Ferry

General Merchants.

  • Davies Jas, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Doan J S, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main & Ferry
  • Hall & Lewis, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Harwood & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Market
  • James & Hutchinson, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Madary M, Ferry, bet Main and Market
  • Pleasants J K & Co, cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry
  • Schroeder H, cor Main and Ferry
  • Shaw & Rous, cor Ferry and Market sqr
  • Tate G W & J J P, cor Main and Ferry


  • Clarkson & Dufour, Main
  • Cole Daniel, e Main
  • Gordon & Tagul, Ferry, bet Main and Pike
  • Miller S B, cor Main and Liberty
  • Todd Henry, w Main
  • Waldo O S, Main


  • Grisard R F & Bro, s w cor Main and Ferry
  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry

Harness and Saddles.

  • Faulkner W, Pike
  • Kessler V, Ferry, bet Main and Market

Hay Dealers.

  • Schenck U P & Sons, cor Pike & Ferry


  • Henry House, H Hatch, prop
  • LeClerc House, Mrs. Julia E LeClerc, propr’s, n cor Ferry and Main
  • Vevay Hotel, E Schoonover, prop, cor Main and Ferry

Insurance Agent.

  • LeClerc E M, office LeClerc House
  • Waldo F J, cor Main and Ferry

Justice of the Peace.

  • Anderson J G, near river

Ladies’ Furnishing Goods.

  • Tardy & Detraz, Main

Livery Stables.

  • Peters Wm, Main
  • Schoonover E, Main

Marble Works.

  • Mencher John, cor Liberty and Main
  • Smith Wm, Ferry

Meat Market.

  • Kincaid J W & Bro, Main

Merchant Tailors.

  • Gray J Wm, Main
  • Knox J C, Main


  • Burns Mrs., Ferry
  • Tardy & Datraz, Main


  • Switzerland Mills, John Gill, prop, Pike

News Depot.

  • Thiebaud J L, Main


  • VEVAY REVEILLE, W J Baird, cor Main and Ferry


  • Tinker G P, Pike
  • Roberts & Moxley, Pike

Patent Washboard.

  • IMPROVED CONCAVE PATENT WASHBOARD, J Thompson & Son, manfs, cor Ferry & Pike


  • Ruggles W H Ferry, bet Pike and Main


  • Danglad T M, Ferry
  • Gale E S, Main
  • Morse D A, Pike
  • Thompson J W, Pike


  • Patton G C, Ferry.

Printing Office.

  • BAIRD W J, cor Main and Ferry


  • Cotton J G & Co, cor Ferry and Market
  • Kyle G M, Main
  • Plew Daniel, e Main

Stoves and Tinware.

  • Dumont & Dupraz, Ferry, bet Pike and Main
  • Goldenburg C & Son, Ferry, bet Main and Pike


  • Gillespie & McKimnen Mrs., Ferry
  • Shoemaker.
  • Smith B F, e Main


  • Shaw W G, Pike
  • Shuff S, Walnut

Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.

  • Boerner F A & Bro, Main
  • Ruggles W H, Ferry, bet Pike and Main


  • Dupraz F
  • Patton W

Woolen Factory.

  • SCHOEFIELD & COCHRAN, head of Ferry.

Switzerland County – 1846 Business Directory

The 1846 Switzerland County, Indiana business directory is from:
J. F. Kimball & Co.’s Eastern, Western, and Southern Business Directory; Containing the Cards and Circulars of Merchants, Manufacturers and Others, in the Principal Cities of the East, West, and South: to which is added a State Register of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. 1846. Second Annual Issue. Cincinnati and New York: J. F. Kimball & Co., Publishers.

Population in 1840 –9,920.

COUNTY OFFICERTS.—Clerk Circuit and Probate Courts, Edward Patton; Auditor, A. W. Dumont; Treasurer, William Hall; Sheriff, Randolph J. Moreior; Recorder, Ira N. Malin; Commissioners, A. S. Humphrey, L. W. Beal, David Shull; School Commissioner, U. P. Schenck; Assessor, Joseph McHenry.

ATTORNEY AT LAW.—Vevay: John Dumont, Robert Drummond, Robert J. Conoway, James Scott Carter, Charles T. Jones, Silas Overturf, James Beale, A. W. Dumont. Craig Township: Joseph C. Eggleston. York Township: Daniel Kelso. Mount Sterling: Jonathan M. Froman.

PHYSICIANS.—Vevay: Joseph McCutcheon, Samuel W. Clarkson, T. C. Gale. Patriot: Elias Humphrey, — Brooks, William G. Gage. New York: Edward Burns. Allensville: P. S. Sage. Cotton Township: Jesse McMillen. Pleasant Township: Samuel Fallis. Jefferson Township: Sewall R. Eaton. Mount Sterling: John L Armington. Jacksonville: — Hull.

CLERGYMEN.—Vevay: H. Wason. Allensville: B. F. Boath. Vevay: A. G. Bussey, — Wallace.

MERCHANTS.—Vevay: U. P. Schenk, Julius Dufour & Co., Penet Dufour & Co., Geo. E. Pleasants & Son, Zadig Rouse, Morerod & Craig, A. R. Bailey & Co. Patriot: Daniel Smith, William Gibson, Martin R. Green, Aribert Gazlay. New York: Jacob R. Hanis, Quercus Grover, B. F. Arnold, Clairborne Allen & Son. Cotton Township: Bennett Seymore. Pleasant: Joseph Stapp.

I, William Dumont, Auditor of Switzerland county, do hereby certify the foregoing list of names to contain the names of the county officers and principal merchants and professional men in this county.

Given under my hand this 22d November, 1845.
Auditor S. C.

Ohio County – 1846 Business Directory

The 1846 business directory for Ohio County, Indiana appeared in:
J. F. Kimball & Co.’s Eastern, Western, and Southern Business Directory; Containing the Cards and Circulars of Merchants, Manufacturers and Others, in the Principal Cities of the East, West, and South: to which is added a State Register of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. 1846. Second Annual Issue. Cincinnati and New York: J. F. Kimball & Co., Publishers.

Population about 4,500.

COUNTY OFFICERS.—Associate Judges, Samuel Fulton, Thomas H. Gilmore; Clerk of Circuit and Probate Courts, James H. Pepper; Sheriff, James. Smith; Auditor, J. M. Vance; Treasurer, J. B. Craft; Recorder, Wm. T. Lambdin; Commissioners, John Bennett, James Hemphill, George Pate; Assessor, M. Stewart; School Commissioner, N. R. Stedman.

ATTORNEYS.—Rising Sun: Alexander C. Downey, James S. Jelley, A. W. Hendricks. In Country: J. C. Ricketts.

PHYSICIANS.—Rising Sun: M. Haines, B. James, John Morrison, H. T. Williams, J. Evans, H. R. T. Rose, William Cullen Crookshank. Cass Township: R. Gillespie. Hartford: J. Jessup.

CLERGYMAN.—Rising Sun: James Jones, T. Eddy, J. S. Barwick, L. Hurlburt, B. F. Morris, T. Whallon, Charles Craven.

MERCHANTS.—Rising Sun: James Stirrat, Shadrach Hathaway, Abijah North & Son, Craft & Lynn, A. Jamieson, T. Kimpton & Brother, Wm. P. James & Co., I. D. & H. D. Hamilton, John McKnight. Hartford: A. & R. Wilber, J. R. Cole & Co., A. Y. Maryman. Milton Mills: M. Turner. Cass Township: James Hemphill.

I certify that the foregoing list contains the names of the principal merchants and professional men of Ohio county, Indiana.
J. M. VANCE, Auditor,
By A. C. Downey, Dep’y.
November 20, 1845.

Dearborn County Business Directory – 1846

The 1846 Business Directory for Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
J. F. Kimball & Co.’s Eastern, Western, and Southern Business Directory; Containing the Cards and Circulars of Merchants, Manufacturers and Others, in the Principal Cities of the East, West, and South: to which is added a State Register of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. 1846. Second Annual Issue. Cincinnati and New York: J. F. Kimball & Co., Publishers.

Population in 1840—19,327.

COUNTY OFFICERS.—Judge of P. Court, William S Holman; Clerk, Caleb Cushing; Recorder, Thomas Palmer; Treasurer, Nelson H. Torbett; Auditor, Reuben Rodgers; Sheriff, Mahlon Powell; Coroner, Milo Black; Prosecuting Attorney, John Dumont.

ATTORNEYS AT LAW. George H. Dunn, Amos Lane, James T. Brown, E. Dumont, Daniel S. Major, David Macey, John Ryman, Philip L. Spooner, Theodore Gaylay, Abram Bower, Jr., Noble Hamilton, John B. Vail, Sindey Sanford, Strange S. Dunn, Lewis S. Moffatt, Isaac Miles, Hamilton Conaway, John D. Haines. Henry Raymond.

CLERGYMEN.—Ezra Ferris, Edwin P. Bond, William Johnson, David Fisher, William Bruce, Alvah Churchill, A. Eddy, Benjamin Fuller, Sen., Alfred J. Cotton, Charles Bowner, William Fleming; Mr. Havens, Mr. Marlick, Daniel Kelaey, Mr. Fairchild.

PHYSICIANS.—Jeremiah H. Bower, Edwin P. Bond, Milo Black, Myren A. Hending, — Stume, — Reed, John G. Dunn, Nelson H. Tubet, Jacob Ebersole, E. Y. Lee, B. I. J. Bealle, George Sutton, John J. Gerrard, William Tate, E. Eldridge, David Leray, David Fisher.

MERCHANTS. Lewis G. Halbert, Peter B. Vail, James C. Cordry, Jones & Brewington, Julian Lawrence, David A. Brooks, John C. Moore, Thomas Guion, John B. Clark, Benj. Sylvester, John D. Haines, Levin B. Lewis, Oliver & George Tousey, Daniel A. Rowland, John Gray & Son, Weymond & Forrest, Trauger & Grant, Houck & Weidlesteadt, William E. Craft, Mayhew & Watts, Lemmley & Dunn, J. N. Ray, John Ferris & Co., John Stockman & Son, R. & O. L. Parry, Andrew Morgan, Josiah Chambers, Thomas J. Taylor. Townsend J. Taylor, James W. Craft.

State of Indiana,
County of Dearborn.}

I, George W. Lane, Auditor of Dearborn county, do hereby certify the foregoing list to contain the names of the principal merchants and professional men in this county.

Given under my hand this 29th day of December, 1845.
G. W. LANE, Auditor.

Switzerland County 1883 Atlas Patrons

Switzerland County, Indiana patrons from:
Griffing, B. N. An Atlas of Switzerland and Ohio Counties, Indiana. Philadelphia : D. J. Lake & Co., 1883.

NamePost OfficeOccupationNativityDate of SettlementTownship
Adams, T. F.Sugar BranchFarmerKennebec Co., Me.1843Cotton
Armstrong, G. W.East EnterprisePainterVirginia1855Cotton
Anderson, E.Bascom's CorFarmerDearborn Co., Ind.1882Cotton
Cochran, W. W.Quercus GroveFarmerFayette Co., Pa.1859Cotton
Clark, L.Sugar BranchFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1864Cotton
Dibble, H. J.Quercus GroveFarmerStamford, Conn.1832Cotton
Ford, Alice C.AllensvilleTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1860Cotton
Fox, G. M.Sugar BranchFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856Cotton
Gary, Hattie M.AllensvilleTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1862Cotton
Gibbs, T. J.Sugar BranchFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Cotton
Heath, T. J.East EnterpriseFarmerWarren, Ohio1826Cotton
Harris, Fannie A.AllensvilleTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1859Cotton
Houze, J. R.AllensvilleTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1859Cotton
Lee, D. B.Sugar BranchTownship TrusteeSwitzerland Co., Ind.1849Cotton
Lewis, G.East EnterpriseFarmerOwen Co., Ky.1849Cotton
Leatherbury, J. F.Sugar BranchFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1824Cotton
McMillen, Wm.Sugar BranchPhysician & SurgeonSwitzerland Co., Ind.1824Cotton
McHenry, J.East EnterpriseFarmerIndiana Co., Pa.1819Cotton
Myers, A. J.Sugar BranchFarmerHamilton Co., O.1858Cotton
Melick, W. H.East EnterpriseFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Cotton
Oak, D. P. A.East EnterpriseFarmerHamilton Co., O.1818Cotton
Oak, Wm. P.East EnterpriseFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Cotton
Oak, Wm.East EnterpriseFarmerNew York1816Cotton
Potter, O. A.East EnterpriseFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1846Cotton
Ross, JaneEast EnterpriseFarmerButler Co., Ohio1842Cotton
Rous, India V.Sugar BranchTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1865Cotton
Slack, J. F.Sugar BranchFarmer & Tob. Dlr.Brown Co., Ohio1882Cotton
Stout, Rev. IraBear BranchSep. Bapt. MinisterSwitzerland Co., Ind.1837Cotton
Stewart, B. D.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1876Cotton
Stewart, JohnCenter SquareFarmerPennsylvania1829Cotton
Stow, U. H.East EnterpriseFarmerSullivan Co., N. H.1820Cotton
Stow, S.East EnterpriseFarmer & CarpenterCayuga Co., N. Y.1820Cotton
Van Osdol, J. W.AllensvillePhysician & SurgeonOhio Co., Ind.1865Cotton
Van Osdol, C. L.AllensvillePhysician & DentistOhio Co., Ind.1878Cotton
Works, A. J.AllensvilleTeacherOhio Co., Ind.1850Cotton
Wells, W. H.Sugar BranchTeacherOrange Co., Vt.1836Cotton
Ward, S. D.Sugar BranchFarmer & Bap. Minist.Brown Co., Ohio1873Cotton
Ward, C. N.Sugar BranchFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1861Cotton
Wainscott, J. C.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1849Cotton
Anderson, J. A.VineyardFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1848Craig
Anderson, G. B.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Craig
Anderson, J. V.Vevay or CraigFarmer and Tob. Dlr.Monroe Co., Ohio1850Craig
Adams, S.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1827Craig
Banta, J. D.VineyardFarmer and P. M.Shelby Co., Ky.1824Craig
Brindley, Wm.VineyardFarmer and Co. Com.Switzerland Co., Ind.1823Craig
Banta, H. D.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Craig
Banta, IraVevayFarmer & J. P.Switzerland Co., Ind.1837Craig
Brown, M. H.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Craig
Brindley, A. A.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Craig
Bellamy, E. F.MoorefieldFarmer and TeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1841Craig
Cain, J. E. and C. D.LambFarmersSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856Craig
Cotton, P. K.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1833Craig
Coleman, J. G.MoorefieldFarmerPatrick Co., Va.1833Craig
Crandell, J. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1855Craig
Cotton, J. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1803Craig
Detraz, F.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Craig
Detraz, Jas.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Craig
Dow, J.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1837Craig
Detraz, W. T.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Craig
Furnish, T. R.MoorefieldFarmerGallatin Co., Ky.1881Craig
Farris, T. H.CraigFarmerCarroll Co., Ky.1879Craig
Griffith, A. D.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1853Craig
Heath, W. R.VineyardFarmerJefferson Co., Ind.1871Craig
Hart, J. A.VineyardFarmer and ApiarianSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Craig
Holder, Wm.VineyardFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Craig
Higgins, M. M.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1846Craig
Hatton, A.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Craig
Jester, J.MoorefieldFarmer & Twp. TrusteeCaroline Co., Md.1856Craig
Lamb, W. H.LambFarmer and PostmasterJefferson Co., Ind.1868Craig
Leap, D. R.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1864Craig
Madary, M.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1827Craig
McKay, O.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Craig
Miller, W. M.BrooksburgFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1826Craig
McKay, G. W.LambFarmer and SurveyorSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Craig
McKay, JonasCarrollton, Ky. B. 115FarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Craig
Malcomson, J. S.CraigFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Craig
Mennet, F. L.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Craig
Means, J. H.VevayAssessor & StonemasonMontgomery Co., Ky.1837Craig
Manford, C.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1826Craig
Mitchell, C. W.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Craig
Phillips, G. W.LambFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1823Craig
Porter, T. I.Long RunFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Craig
Protsman, E. R.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.[blank]Craig
Richter, J. J.MoorefieldFarmerLexington Dist., S. C.1867Craig
Roberts, J.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1825Craig
Ridgway, J. L.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1839Craig
Ramseyer, P. V.Long RunFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1845Craig
Reed, Jas.LambFarmerMason Co., Ky.1845Craig
Shaw, Jas.CraigMerchant and P. M.Paisley, Scotland1817Craig
Stoops, Jas.LambFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1852Craig
Schroeder, C. J.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1854Craig
Stewart, W. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1818Craig
Sigmon, J. G.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Craig
Sigmon, L. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Craig
Taylor, J. C.MoorefieldFarmer and StonemasonSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Craig
Taylor, F.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856Craig
Thiebaud, F. L.Long RunFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1844Craig
Wright, J. W.VevayFarmer and Bk. Dlr.Somerset Co., Md.1816Craig
Wiseman, ChristianLambFarmer and Fruit Dlr.Berne, Switzerland1833Craig
Wieseman, CharlesVevayFarmer and Fruit Dlr.Berne, Switzerland1833Craig
Abbett, R. T. F.VevayCounty ClerkKentucky1865Jefferson
Armstrong, D.VevayFarmerDearborn Co., Ind.1837Jefferson
Adkinson, E. H.Vevay[blank]Switzerland[blank]Jefferson
Allen, C.Mt. SterlingEngineerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1845Jefferson
Alvord, B. C.VevayFarmerMontgomery Co., N. Y.1853Jefferson
Allen, D.VevayFarmerNew Jersey1824Jefferson
Bliss, R. E.MarklandFarmer and J. P.New York1838Jefferson
Bosso, LizzieVevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1818Jefferson
Bakes, A. G.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Jefferson
Burns, J. M.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Jefferson
Brown, M. L.Mt. SterlingTownship TrusteeSwitzerland Co., Ind.1845Jefferson
Boggs, Wm.VevayFarmerGallatin Co., Ky.1877Jefferson
Boerner, C. G.VevayJeweller & WatchmkrPrussia1864Jefferson
Baird, W. J.VevayEd. "Reveille"Switzerland Co., Ind.1823Jefferson
Burns, O. P.VevayCarpenterBoone Co., Ky.1859Jefferson
Banta, J. W.VevayInsurance AgentSwitzerland Co., Ind.1823Jefferson
Carter, S.VevayAttorney-at-LawVirginia1834Jefferson
Cousins, J. F.VevayTeacherSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856Jefferson
Cole, B.Mt. SterlingMerchantSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Jefferson
Clark, P.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1825Jefferson
Cotton, R.Mt. SterlingBoot & Shoe MakerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1820Jefferson
Clark, R. E.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1853Jefferson
Cole, Jas.Mt. SterlingFarmer and Stock RaiserWarren Co., Pa.1816Jefferson
Campbell, J. L.MarklandFarmerPennsylvania1880Jefferson
Clendening, L.MarklandWagon MakerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1858Jefferson
Clevenger, J. M.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1833Jefferson
Clevenger, W. W.MarklandFarmer and TeacherJasper Co., Ill.1858Jefferson
Clark, J. M.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856Jefferson
Colven, Wm.Mt. SterlingFarmerCovington, Ky.1870Jefferson
Dodd, G. M.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Jefferson
Danglade, J. A.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Jefferson
Dufour, F. R.VevayFarmerMason Co., Ky.1836Jefferson
Detraz, E.VevayMerchantSwitzerland Co., Ind.1855Jefferson
Efner, C. V.VevayFarmerMason Co., Ky.1852Jefferson
Edrington, H.MarklandLaborerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1857Jefferson
Ford, Jane FMarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.18--Jefferson
Ferguson, S. W.VevayFarmerJefferson Co., Ind.1869Jefferson
Ferguson, F.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1878Jefferson
Gill, JohnVevayMillerVirginia1852Jefferson
Griffith, F. M.VevayAttorney at LawIndiana1849Jefferson
Golay, L. W.VevayDruggistSwitzerland Co., Ind.1848Jefferson
Gates, A.Mt. SterlingFarmerHamilton Co., O.1838Jefferson
Gleason, W. H. H.Mt. SterlingBaptist MinisterRipley Co., Ind.1837Jefferson
Gerard, S.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1845Jefferson
Gleason, B. N.Center SquareBlacksmithNew York1842Jefferson
Gray, I. M.VevayGrocerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1844Jefferson
Hollcroft, F. J.VevayUndertakerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1839Jefferson
Hollcroft, J. M.VevayCarpenterSwitzerland Co., Ind.1828Jefferson
Hart, J. R.VevayCo. SuperintendentSwitzerland Co., Ind.1853Jefferson
Hastings, C. O.VevayFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1865Jefferson
Heady, G. W.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1858Jefferson
Hart, J. E.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1857Jefferson
Hayden, D. N.Mt. SterlingPhysicianSwitzerland Co., Ind.1853Jefferson
Hitchens, J.Center SquareGrocerJefferson Co., Ind.1861Jefferson
Hardin, IsaacMarklandBlacksmithPerry Co., Ind.1848Jefferson
Heritage, C. F.MarklandFarmerCincinnati, Ohio1867Jefferson
Kohler, F. S.VevayPhysicianPennsylvania1873Jefferson
Leclerc, JuliaVevayLandladyPennsylvania[blank]Jefferson
Lovell, J. H.Mt. SterlingButcherJefferson Co., Ind.1877Jefferson
Lamb, H. H.Mt. SterlingFarmerJefferson Co., Ind.1857Jefferson
Lester, JohnMt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1829Jefferson
McCrellis, J. B.VevayAtt'y-at-LawNew Jersey1867Jefferson
Manning, D. G.VevayOrgan, Piano and Sew. Mac. Agt.Ireland1853Jefferson
Morerod, AimeVevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1815Jefferson
Marble, W. O.VevayFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1876Jefferson
Morrison, Flora B.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1827Jefferson
Miller, FrankMarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Jefferson
Miller, CrawfordMarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Jefferson
Miller, MelvilleMarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Jefferson
Miller, AaronMarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1831Jefferson
Monroe, W. G.MarklandFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1872Jefferson
McMakin, Wm.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Jefferson
Myers, J.VevayFarmerHamilton Co., Ohio1828Jefferson
Markland, A.MarklandFarmerHamilton Co., Ohio1828Jefferson
Nelson, JohnCenter SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1862Jefferson
Orem, J. P.VevayRecorderSwitzerland Co., Ind.1853Jefferson
Otter, JohnVevayRetired soldierJefferson Co., Ind.1881Jefferson
Pleasants, G. S.VevayAttorney-at-LawSwitzerland Co., Ind.1855Jefferson
Pleasants, J. K.VevayMerchantSwitzerland Co., Ind.1829Jefferson
Protsman, W. R.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Jefferson
Protsman, E. W.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1832Jefferson
Pickett, SusanVevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1832Jefferson
Phillips, E.MarklandFarmerNew York1833Jefferson
Patton, M.VevayFarmerIreland1838Jefferson
Plew, J.VevayFarmerBoone Co., Ky.1835Jefferson
Phillips, M. M.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1844Jefferson
Peters, J. W.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1855Jefferson
Richmond, J. E.Mt. SterlingCarriage and WagonmSwitzerland Co., Ind.1855Jefferson
Riley, F.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1826Jefferson
Reeves, M.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Jefferson
Schenck, U. P.VevayBanker and MerchantSwitzerland, Europe1817Jefferson
Schroeder, L. O.VevayAttorney-at-LawSwitzerland Co., Ind.1846Jefferson
Shaw, A.VevayPostmasterSwitzerland Co., Ind.1826Jefferson
Stevens, E. M.VevayDruggistSwitzerland Co., Ind.1845Jefferson
Sauvain, Wm.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1833Jefferson
Sullivan, HuldahMt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1822Jefferson
Stoops, S. B.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Jefferson
Schievelbein, G.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Jefferson
Thiebaud, C. V.VevayGrocerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Jefferson
Turner, IsaacVevaySpeculatorSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Jefferson
Tower, Wm. S.VevaySheriffDearborn Co., Ind.1835Jefferson
Tapp, Z.Mt. SterlingFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1852Jefferson
Tague, Wm.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Jefferson
Tardy, H. P.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1823Jefferson
Turner, F. M.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Jefferson
Tapp, J.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Jefferson
Torrance, Jane M.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1833Jefferson
Works, J. A., Sr.VevayAttorney-at-LawOwen Co., Ky.1848Jefferson
Works, J. A., Jr.VevayLiverymanSwitzerland Co., Ind.1852Jefferson
Waltz, E.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1828Jefferson
Walden, N. J.Mt. SterlingBlacksmithSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Jefferson
Webb, J. C.Mt. SterlingBricklayer and Plast.Switzerland Co., Ind.1824Jefferson
Walden, W. R.Mt. SterlingUndertakerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1858Jefferson
Webb, S. R.Center SquareFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1830Jefferson
Waltz, G. W.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Jefferson
Wiley, O.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Jefferson
Waltz, G. G.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Jefferson
Waltz, Wm.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1844Jefferson
Abbott, AlmiraPatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.[blank]Posey
Bradford, O.North's LandingFarmerOwen Co., Ky.1877Posey
Boyle, JohnPatriotFarmerAyrshire, Scotland1830Posey
Cheever, E. M.Quercus GrovePhysician & SurgeonJennings Co., Ind.1849Posey
De Hart, E. H.PatriotTeacher & FarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1854Posey
Douglass, H. M.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1831Posey
Fisk, A.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Posey
Harris, H. J.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Posey
Hickman, J. A.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Posey
Hickman, S. W.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Posey
Howe, S.PatriotMerchantOhio Co., Ind.1866Posey
Jamieson, R. A.PatriotPhysicianRising Sun, Ind.1868Posey
Jackson, J. N.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.[blank]Posey
Love, J. W.PatriotMerchantSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Posey
McIntire, B. F.North's LandingAssessorSwitzerland Co., Ind.1832Posey
Moredock, A.PatriotMerch. And Ins. Agt.Switzerland Co., Ind.[blank]Posey
Moore, R. C.PatriotCarpenterRandolph Co., Ill.1847Posey
Mottier, J. D., Sr.PatriotFarmer and Wine Gr.Lausane, Switzerland1846Posey
North, W. F.PatriotMillingOhio Co., Ind.1848Posey
Newbold, Wm.PatriotFarmerSussex Co., Delaware1823Posey
Newbold, Thomas F.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1848Posey
Stewart, Jas.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1821Posey
Scranton, J. M.PatriotDlr. In Liq. & CigarsOhio Co., Ind.1848Posey
Van Dorin, J.PatriotFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Posey
Vauter, J. W.PatriotFarmerGarrett Co., Ky.1829Posey
Van Houten, T. M.PatriotProprietor of HotelDearborn Co., Ind.1836Posey
Walker, W. C.PatriotSurveyorSwitzerland Co., Ind.[blank]Posey
Brandon, Van S.MoorefieldFarmerBath Co., Ky.1834Pleasant
Brakhage, Wm.Farmer's RetreatTeacher and MinisterLippe, Germany1848Pleasant
Cunningham, F. B.BenningtonFarmer and TrusteeSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Pleasant
Culbertson, Jas.MoorefieldFarmerJefferson Co., Ind.1821Pleasant
Culbertson, JohnMoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Pleasant
Crandell, J. M.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1823Pleasant
Carnine, T. N.PleasantFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Pleasant
Cole, L.Cross PlainsFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Pleasant
Cole, F. W.BenningtonFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1841Pleasant
Cole, F. J.BenningtonFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838Pleasant
Dalgleish, Wm.PleasantFarmerAyrshire, Scotland1832Pleasant
Griswould, L.BenningtonFarmerNoble Co., Ohio1839Pleasant
Hageman, D. C.Mt. SterlingFarmer & Stock DealerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1858Pleasant
Hulley, G. S.BenningtonFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1847Pleasant
Houze, J. F.AaronFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1852Pleasant
Horton, J. M.PleasantBlacksm. & St'k Rals.Switzerland Co., Ind.1833Pleasant
Henry, W. H.PleasantFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Pleasant
Jackson, A. G.BenningtonFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Pleasant
Krall, S.AaronFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1835Pleasant
Lee, C. L.Sugar BranchFarmer & Poultry BrSwitzerland Co., Ind.1839Pleasant
Morrison, S. H.BenningtonFarmer & Road Supt.Allegheny Co., N. Y.1844Pleasant
Manford, G. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1836Pleasant
Newkirk, C. M.BenningtonBlacksmithSwitzerland Co., Ind.1840Pleasant
Osborn, M.AaronFarmer & Stock Dlr.Switzerland Co., Ind.1823Pleasant
Poston, Wm.PleasantFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1839Pleasant
Pearce, J. M.AaronFarmer and J. P.Switzerland Co., Ind.1840Pleasant
Protsman, J. M.VevayFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1842Pleasant
Reape, H.Farmer's RetreatFarmerKenton Co., Ky.1848Pleasant
Riley, J. M. W.MoorefieldMerchantJefferson Co., Ind.1855Pleasant
Ryan, C. J.BenningtonFarmerHamilton Co., Ohio1864Pleasant
Scott, R.MoorefieldFarmer and Co Com.Switzerland Co., Ind.1833Pleasant
Steele, J. S.AaronFarmerRipley Co., Ind.1877Pleasant
Smith, J. R. S.Sugar BranchFarmerGloucester Co., N. J.1824Pleasant
Smith, C. R.MoorefieldFarmer and ApiaristSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843Pleasant
Smith, A. E.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Pleasant
Smith, I. M.AaronFarmer and MillerHamilton Co., Ohio1838Pleasant
Turner, L. E.BenningtonFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1839Pleasant
Voris, NealBenningtonFarmer & WagonmkrSwitzerland Co., Ind.1851Pleasant
Van Pelt, G. W.MoorefieldPhysician & SurgeonScott Co., Ind.1866Pleasant
Weaver, E. H.MoorefieldFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1824Pleasant
Armstrong, W. C.FlorenceFarmer and TrusteeSwitzerland Co., Ind.1846York
Bledsoe, LemuelFlorenceMerchantFloyd Co., Ind.1851
Benedict, A.MarklandMerchantCampbell Co., Ky.1865
Beard, J. H.MarklandDealer in Leaf Tobac.Gallatin Co., Ky.1874
Benedict, J. L.MarklandPhysicianCampbell Co., Ky.1865
Boyd, F. C.MarklandFarmerNorth Carolina1860
Bennett, B. F.MarklandFarmerRush Co., Ind.1858
Brown, Jas.MarklandFarmerCarroll Co., Ky.1846
Buck, L. C.FlorenceFarmer and TrusteeSwitzerland Co., Ind.1832
Cooper, S. P.MarklandCarpenterSwitzerland Co., Ind.1849
Cousins, F.FlorenceFarmerFluvanna Co., Va.1837
Danbenheyer, J. H.FlorenceTeacher & Twp. Ass'r.Dearborn Co., Ind.1865
Griffin, G. W.MarklandDruggistGallatin Co., Ky.1880
Galbreath, R. W.MarklandFarmerClermont Co., Ohio1877
Gullion, D.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1838
Gullion, M.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1825
Givens, A.FlorenceFarmerPittsburg, Pa.1820
Hearick, J. A.Warsaw, Ky.Carriage Manufactur'rGallatin Co., Ky.[blank]
Hewitt, G. W.MarklandPhysicianSwitzerland Co., Ind.1844
Huston, D.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1848
Hastie, J.MarklandFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1821
Kelso, G.FlorenceCarpenterDearborn Co., Ind.1827
Knaus, Wm.MarklandFarmerGermany1865
Langsdale, J. M. W.FlorencePhysician & DruggistGallatin Co., Ky.1874
McCreary, J. F.FlorenceFarmerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1817
Markland, C.MarklandFarmer & TraderOhio1828
McCreary, A. J.FlorenceFarmer and MillerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1843
Milgas, F.FlorenceFarmerGermany1854
O'Neal, J. I.MarklandMillerRipley Co., Ind.1860
Patterson, J.FlorenceFarmerBoone Co., Ky.1854
Vaughn, J.MarklandMerchantGreyson County, Va.1864
McCreary, D.MarklandMerchantSwitzerland Co., Ind.1859
White, J. P.Florence[blank]Switzerland Co., Ind.1843

Ohio County 1883 Atlas Patrons

Ohio County, Indiana patrons from:
Griffing, B. N. An Atlas of Switzerland and Ohio Counties, Indiana. Philadelphia : D. J. Lake & Co., 1883.

NamePost OfficeOccupationNativityDate of Settlement
Hemphill, J. P.Rising SunCounty AuditorOhio Co., Ind.1853
Schroeder, J. F.Rising SunFarmer and Co. Com.Hanover, Germany1858
Facemire, J. W.Rising SunCounty TreasurerSwitzerland Co., Ind.1856
Hunt, E. B.Rising SunAgricultureHamilton Co., Ohio1817
Hunter, T. G.Rising SunFarmer and TrusteeOhio Co., Ind.1857
Van Osdol, B. W.BascomFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1839
Van Osdol, J. A.BascomTeacherOhio Co., Ind.1860
Marble, C. M.Rising SunCounty SuperintendentOhio Co., Ind.1857
Marble, E. P.Rising SunFarmerOhio Co., Ind.1829
Miller, F. M.HartfordFarmer, Stock Dlr. And Co. Com.Ohio Co., Ind.1843
Miller, J. B.HartfordFarmer, Stock Dlr. And N. P.Ohio Co., Ind.1840
Summerfruit, J. R.HartfordTeacher and AssessorOhio Co., Ind.1858

Aurora 1848-1854 Directories

Early Business directories in Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana from:
Shaw, Archibald, editor. History of Dearborn County, Indiana. Indianapolis : B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc, 1915.

Early Business Directory

From the files of the Western Commercial, published in Aurora, in 1848, it is learned that the following persons were among the active business men of the time: Samuel Osgood, county sheriff; S. P. Tumy, stoves and tinware; Johnson Watts and Samuel Cole, administrators of the estate of Ephraim Hopping; Aurora and Laughery Turnpike Company—Johnson Watts, president, George W. Lane, secretary, John D. Haynes, treasurer; Eagle Hotel, M. Cochran, proprietor; P. B. Vail, book store; J. Chambers & Company, dry goods; Reed & Company, drugs; B. Sylvester, dry goods; J. S. Jelley, attorney; James D. Lindsay, administrator estate of Stephen Woods.

From the records of 1851: W. S. Holman and John B. Vail, attorneys; H. L. Dean, dry goods.

Business men of 1852-53: N. & S. A. Leonard, dry goods; L. N. Bush, grocery; Milton Taylor, soap and candle factory; Miller & Stockman, boots and shoes; T. S. Wallace, leather store; John Blangly, daily bus to Moores Hill; Dr. W. H. Terrill, physician; Simon Siementhal & Company, bakery.

City officials of 1854: S. P. Tumy, mayor; William W. Conway, clerk; Henry A. Moran, treasurer; Thomas Wright, marshal; William Webber, Asa Shattuck, James Cummings, Francis Wymond, councilmen.

The Independent Banner, Nelson D. Folbre, editor, on April 12, 1852, had the following among its advertisers: Mansion House, J. O. Emrie, proprietor; Philip Held, clothing; Hurlbert & McHenry, saw-mill; W. C. Webber, grocer; O. P. Cobb & Company, produce.

Aurora 1915 Directory

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana directory from:
Shaw, Archibald, editor. History of Dearborn County, Indiana. Indianapolis : B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc, 1915.

Business Directory of Aurora

Attorneys—McMullen & McMullen, L. E. Davies, W. M. Dean, prosecuting attorney, Thomas C. Carmichael.

Agents—Thomas Ewin, Baltimore & Ohio; William Klausing, Big Four.

Auto garage and dealers—Nieman & Linkmeyer, H. S. Neal, Citizens’ garage, Andrew Burk, manager.

Bakeries—Walter Frank, Samuel Watts.

Barbers—Phillip Cosby, Henry Teaney, Louis Hauck, William Ruble, Albert Knippenberg, Paul Schroer.

Band—Harry Smith, director.

Business college—Lee Richmond.

Blacksmiths—Henry Doctor, William Knollman.

Banks—First National, Aurora State Bank.

Chiropractor—John Good.

Confectionery—George Demas.

Carpenters and contractors—J. C. Wright & Son, Jesse Trester, Truitt & Probst.

Clothing—Edward Schulz, Model Clothing Store, Ira Farmer, manager; Siefferman & Haug, Dennis Burke, J. R. Macker.

Coal Dealers—Pittsburgh Coal Company, Opp Coal Company, M. Duke.

Druggists—J. A. Riddell, C. W. Olcott, John Ullrich.

Dry goods—Frank H. Rieman, Chambers & Stevens, John F. Vinup, Frank M. Cox, J. W. Martin, Mrs. Celia Bush.

Dentists—H. J. Longcamp, J. E. Cole, C. L. VanOsdol.

Factories—Royer Wheel Company, Steadman Foundry and Machine Works, Cochran Chair Company, Aurora Coffin Company, Aurora Tool Works, Aurora Furniture Company, Wymond Cooperage Company, Indianapolis Chair and Furniture Company, Acme Milling Company, Star Milling Company, Aurora Brick Works, Aurora Creamery, H. W. Smith Chair Company.

Furniture—J. C. Schuler & Son, Dearborn House Furnishing Company, Theodore Heck & Company.

Groceries—Bailey Grocery Company, D. B. Feaney, Chambers & Stevens, Conaway Grocery Company, R. S. Zeh, Thieman Brothers, Fred Pelgen, John E. Steele, William Harrison, Mrs. C. F. Taylor, J. H. Snyder, Charles Steigerwald, James Everett, Jacob B. Bebinger, E. H. Niebaum & Son, Harry Wood.

Harness—Sawdon & Schooley.

Hardware—Johnston & Smith, Sawdon & Schooley, H. B. Spaeth & Company, J. H. Kuhlemeier & Son.

Hotels—Cottage Hotel, M. V. Heath, proprietor; Campbell House, Thomas Campbell, proprietor.

Ice cream—Henry Knippenberg.

Jewelers—William Leibe, Phillip Horr, R. W. Clark, W. T. Bascom.

Laundry—Aurora Steam Laundry, W. S. Walker, manager.

Livery—Emery Nocks, G. H. Stier, Joseph Goulding, Edward Holthouse.

Lumber dealer and building superintendent—R. C. Mattox.

Meat—Stoll Meat Company, W. F. Scharf & Son.

Mayor—Thomas C. Carmichael.

Milliners—Samuel Somerfield, G. & L. Cochran, Flora Hubbartt.

Newspapers—Dearborn Independent, Aurora Bulletin.

Optometrists—Leslie Horr.

Physicians—H. H. Sutton, E. J. Libbert, J. M. Jackson, James Treon, J. L. McElroy, C. G. Marshall, E. R. Wallace, Ella S. Holmes.

Pool room—Ed. Everett.

Postmaster—M. E. Maloney.

Photographer—Mrs. Mary Drake.

Restaurants—E. C. Borgerding, Mary Mason, Heath Brothers, S. C. Watts.

Saloons—John Conowa, George Weaman, Gus Martin.

Shoe Stores—John Neff, Frank Schipper.

Second-hand stores—Charles Winkley, Fred Ruscher.

Theaters—Grand, Petcher & Kyle; Lyric, Petcher & Kyle; Empire, Ross Macker.

Undertakers—John H. Stier, Ed. Holthause.

Varieties—Harry Vigran, Chas. Scheuerman.

Veterinarian—T. J. Martin.

Lawrenceburg 1915 Directory

Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana directory from:
Shaw, Archibald, editor. History of Dearborn County, Indiana. Indianapolis : B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc, 1915.

[The directory does not have a date, but the book was published in 1915.]

City of Lawrenceburg Business Directory

Abstractors—James H. Ewbank.

Agents—C. D. Langham, Big Four; H. H. Dixon, Baltimore & Ohio; M. E. Ferris, People’s Telephone Association; Charles Leist, Wells-Fargo and American Express; C. E. Balsley, Western Union Telegraph Company.

Attorneys—E. G. Bielby, Givan & Givan, W. N. Hauck, Russe & Russe, C. J. Lang, Thomas S. Cravens, Iran N. Miller, Charles A. Lowe, Cornet & Hayes.

Auto garages—Ed Vogelgesang, V. J. Yingling.

Auto dealers—Dearborn Auto Company.

Bakeries—Conrad Kraus, A. Hoffmeier.

Barbers—Richard Nelson, Edward Seekatz, Louis Kirsch, Charles W. Dawson, Robert Kirsch.

Boat house—C. F. Billups.

Blacksmiths—Charles Rabe, John Knippenberg, J. R. Meyer.

Butchers—William F. Fox, Peerless Meat Market, Blyth & Ruth.

Banks—Dearborn National Bank, People’s National Bank, German-American Bank.

Building societies—German Perpetual Building Association, Dearborn County Loan and Building Association.

Bands—Eagle Band, Carl Roehrig, leader; Lawrenceburg Military Band, Henry Junker, leader; Junior Military Band, Miss Lottie Harry, leader.

Confectioners—A. R. Klepper, Ernest Kestner, Herman Klepper, Kirtley Baker, Emma Kimmel.

Clothing—Clyde Predmore, I. Frankel, E. Dober, N. Frankel & Company, Gordon Underselling Store.

Coal dealers—Frederick Wesler, People’s Coal Company, Schneider Coal Company.

Druggists—A. F. Schmidt, C. W. Fitch, L. Lommel, McCullough Drug Company.

Department stores—C. W. Decker, Ernest G. Oertling.

Dry goods—Philip J. Emmert, C. McKWim, C. M. Jackson, W. M. Corbin, F. C. Heck, A. Kress, S. B. Harris, William Deushcle.

Dentists—Edwin J. French, Samuel E. Harryman, G. M. Terrill, Guy H. Smith.

Factories—James & Meyer Buggy Company; Ohio Valley Coffin Company; Lawrenceburg Roller Mills Company; A. Wieman & Company; William F. Ritzmann; Batesville Lumber and Veneer Company; Frohlicher Shoe Company; Bauer Cooperage Company; Garnier Brewery;

James Walsh & Company; rectifying house; Suer Brothers, brick manufacturers; George H. Bishop & Company, Lawrenceburg Tool Company; Lawrenceburg Gas Company.

Florist—Fred Ruff.

Groceries—G. H. Wood, O. A. Stockman, James McGranahan, Schleicher Brothers, John A. Bobrink, Louis H. Helmuth, Glockner’s Cash Grocery, Adam Vesenmeier, Thomas Vaughan, H. J. Bechtel, H. G. Warneford, Elmer Haversick, George Brill, L. & M. Wolff.

Hardware—E. Barrott & Son, C. O. Kemp.

Hotels—Reagan House, Peter Reagan, proprietor; Nees House, Thomas Nees, proprietor; New Central.

Jewelers—John F. Hornberger, I. N. Biddle, R. Kupferchmidt.

Insurance—Miller & Elder, A. J. Hassner, W. S. Fagaly, O. A. Stockman, Grace Walker, Frances Jones, Earl P. Gooden, Edward Hayes, Edward Metzger, Julius Schneider.

Electricians—Decker & Hauck, F. C. Dile.

Granite works—Henn & Huschart.

Feed store—William W. Bihr.

Hay and Grain—George T. Bateman.

Laundry—Favorite Steam Laundry.

Livery and Undertaking—Fitch Brothers.

Livery—R. S. Jackson.

Lumber—J. C. Wright & Sons, Lawrenceburg Lumber Company.

Merchant tailors—Kreig Brothers.

Millinery—Miss Fannie McGranahan, Bryant Sisters.

Newspapers—Press Printing Company, Register Printing Company. The News.

Physicians—E. J. Emmert, O. S. Jaquith, F. M. Mueller, A. T. Fagaly, George F. Smith, H. H. Dwyer, E. D. Bateman.

Pool rooms—R. B. Moore.

Photograph gallery—George O. Lane.

Postmaster—Albert Spanagel.

Rags and old iron—Louis Schustermann.

Restaurants—L. W. Gramer, T. T. Miller, L. H. Aylor.

Stoves and tinware—John Roehm, F. Stuber & Son.

Shoe store—Frederick Pfalzgraf, William G. A. Schneider, Mrs. A. Schneider, C. O. Miller, A. L. Fox, Seekatz Shoe Store.

Shoe repairers—Schmarr Brothers, Anthony Tschaen.

Shoe and boot makers—Emanuel West.

Real estate—Warren Tebbs.

Theaters—The Gem, Terrilla & Vesenmeier, The Liedertafel Opera House.

Veterinarian—J. L. Axby.