Vevay Teachers’ Institute – Aug 1869

The following article about the Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana Teachers’ Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 26 Aug 1869 – Page 3, Column 2

Teachers’ Institute.

The Fourth Annual Session of the Teachers’ Institute is in session at the Vevay High School Building, in this place. The attendance is large and much interest is manifested.

It was organized by calling Prof. R. F. Brewington to the Chair and electing Mr. T. J. Charlton Recording and Miss Susie Pitts Enrolling Secretary. Several Committees were appointed and all present were requested to enroll their names.

In the afternoon the subjects of “Decimal Fractions” and “Who is responsible for the cleanliness of the School Room” were discussed.

Miss Mary A. Rous gave an interesting lesson in Oral Spelling, by numbers.

In the evening a Social Reunion was held at the residence of Zadig Rous, Esq., at which many were present. All seemed to spend the evening pleasantly.

On Tuesday morning the Institute was opened with singing and prayer by Rev. Mr. Baldwin.

Prof. W. A. Bell lectured on “Physiology” and “Primary Teaching.”

In the afternoon Prof. Bell lectured on “Grammar.” He was followed by Prof. Brewington.—Mr. T. J. Charlton then proceeded to lecture on “Geography;” illustrating the subject by drawing maps on the black board.

In the evening Prof. Bell delivered a lecture at the Court House. Subject: “Antonomasia,” or “What’s in a name.”

On Wednesday morning the Institute was opened with prayer by Rev. Geo. L. Curtiss. He also delivered a Lecture on “Physiology.” He was followed by Prof. Bell with a Lecture on “The Proper Method of Governing Schools.”

In the evening Rev. Geo. L. Curtiss delivered a Lecture in the Court House on the subject of “Civilization, its Origin and Causes.”

The following persons are attendance; about three-fourths of whom are Teachers:

  • Alice B. Shaw, Vevay
  • Josie M. Detraz, Vevay
  • Annie Patton, Vevay
  • Annie Knox, Vevay
  • Julia D. Lamb, Moore’s Hill
  • Wm. Protsman, Vevay
  • C. S. Ward, Aberdeen
  • F. Damon, Sugar Branch
  • T. J. Charlton, Hanover
  • L. M. Tait, Patriot
  • Mary D. Whippo, Vevay
  • V. R. Brewington, Vevay
  • Anna C. Thompson, Vevay
  • Mary Jain, Vevay
  • Mary F. Anderson, Craig
  • Mary A. Rous, Vevay
  • Lizie T. Gleen, Pleasant
  • Maria Torrence, Vevay
  • Olive Northcott, Vevay
  • Ella Northcott, Vevay
  • Alice Smith, Vevay
  • Anna P. Dickson, Vevay
  • Jennie R. Ward, E. Enterprise
  • A. E. Ward, E. Enterprise
  • Mary A. Norisez, Vevay
  • Harvey Culbertson, Moorefield
  • F. Heady, Vevay
  • Mary S. Heady, Vevay
  • Mary A. Calhoun, Vevay
  • Wm. McNutt, Patriot
  • R. R. Butler, Patriot.
  • C. E. Golay, Vevay
  • John A. Voris, Pleasant
  • G. W. Nash, Mt. Sterling
  • Wm. H. Lamb, Craig
  • N. J. Adkinson, E. Enterprise
  • W. Weaver, Craig
  • R. R. Anshutz, Vevay
  • Lizie McGregor, Pleasant
  • Magie Adams, Pleasant
  • Annie Miller, Vevay
  • L. Jackman, Vevay
  • Mary Webb, Vevay
  • Mollie Weals, Vevay
  • Julia B. Brown, Vevay
  • Ella Cole, Vevay
  • I. W. Richards, Craig
  • W. H. Wells, Florence
  • Theo. Livings, Vevay
  • W. J. Baird, Vevay
  • Will M. Smith, Vevay
  • R. F. Brewington, Vevay
  • Jennie Miller, Vevay
  • Cora Rawl
  • Clara Powell
  • Ema Wells
  • C. Koplar
  • Hallie Hulley, Moorefield
  • J. W. Colton, Craig
  • V. Kesler, Vevay
  • C. C. Duncan, Rusiaville
  • R. R. Baldwin
  • Bettie Wordon
  • M. A. Shaw
  • Jane Brown, Mt. Sterling
  • Geo. L. Curtiss, Greensburg
  • Mollie Weaver, Craig
  • Angie Clark, Craig
  • Julia Thompson, Vevay
  • Bell Demint, Vevay
  • Magie Shaw, Vevay
  • Sophia J. Thompson, Vevay
  • W. A. Bell, Indianapolis
  • M. Wetherspoon, Moorefield
  • Lizie Drumond, Vevay
  • Ella Dimick, Princeton
  • F. B. O’Neal, Vevay
  • Lucie D. Pleasants, Vevay
  • Rena Miller, Vevay
  • Laura Keeney, Quercus Grove
  • Fred. Boerner, Vevay
  • Thos. Northcott, Vevay
  • Mary Dickason, Vevay
  • Sallie Smith, Vevay
  • Mrs. J. D. Harwood, Vevay
  • Mattie A. Pavy
  • C. C. Mercer
  • Hattie Wells
  • G. D. McCullough, Jacksonville
  • Geo. E. Mancar
  • Mary Wells
  • A. J. Works, East Enterprise
  • A. S. Rogers
  • Thomas Griffith, Moorefield
  • R. L. Mercer
  • George C. Protsman, Vevay
  • Dr. Ben R. Smith, Vevay
  • Angie Bellamy, Craig
  • Sarah E. Bellamy, Craig
  • Chas. J. Robenstein, Craig
  • Lizie Shaw, Vevay