Randolph County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Randolph County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • I. K. HAMMERLE, Brewer of Beer and Lager Beer. Maltster.
  • JEREMIAH ARTHUR, Woolen Manufacturer.


  • KARNS & CLARK, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, General Merchandise and Notions. Also Grain Merchants.


  • J. S. DAVIS, Dealer in Dry Goods, &c.
  • JOHN A. MOORMAN, Insurance Agent.


  • L. H. KARNS, Druggist.
  • GENCH & REED, Physicians and Surgeons.


  • W. H. MULL, Boots, Shoes and Shoe Findings, Manufacturer of and Dealer in.
  • G. H. JACKSON, Physician and Surgeon.
  • ROBERT W. HAMILTON, Physician and Surgeon.


  • DANIEL CROPPER, Hotel, Proprietor “Trenton House.”
  • LEVI JOHNSON, General Merchandise.


  • IRA SWAIN, Farmer and Justice of the Peace.
  • GEO. SLACK, Farmer and Dealer in General Merchandise.


  • ALEXANDER GULLETT, Attorney at Law and Prosecuting Attorney of Twenty-fifth Judicial Circuit.
  • L. D. LAMBERT, Attorney, Mayor and Real Estate Agent.
  • ISAAC P. GRAY, Attorney at Law and Colonel Fourth Indiana Cavalry.
  • JOHN D. SMITH, Jeweler, Watches, Clocks, Fine Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Notions, &c.
  • G. W. POWELL, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
  • J. COMMONS, Publisher Union City Times.
  • B. MASSLICH, Publisher Union City Eagle.


  • WATSON & MONKS, Attorneys at Law.
  • THOMAS M. BROWNE, Attorney at Law.
  • W. A. THOMPSON, Attorney at Law.
  • JAS. MOORMAN, Banker, Receives Deposits, Discounts Paper, Deals in Exchange, Pays Interest on Deposits by agreement, and particular attention paid to Collections; New York Correspondents: Winslow, Lanier & Co.
  • A. STONE, Banker, President First National Bank, Receives Deposits, Discounts Paper, Deals in Exchange, Buys and Sells Gold and Silver, and does a general Banking business; New York Correspondent: 9th National Bank.
  • C. W. WOOLVERTON, Boots and Shoes, Manufacturers of and Dealers in.
  • A. G. CAMPFIELD, Contractor and Builder.
  • PHINEHAS POMEROY, Civil Engineer and County Surveyor.
  • J. C. HIRSH, Druggist, Drug and Book Store.
  • DR. A. P. HERRON, Dentistry, Dental Surgeon, Mechanical and Operative Dentistry.
  • I. D. CARTER, Dry Goods, Notions, etc., General Dealer in.
  • R. B. MORROW, Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Millinery, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, etc.
  • JAS. G. BRICE, Editor Winchester Herald.
  • T. W. KIZER, Grain Dealer and Farmer.
  • G. G. KELLER & SON, Groceries and Provisions.
  • PETER REINHEIMER, Hotel, Proprietor Franklin House.
  • H. H. NEFF, Lumber Material.
  • HODSON & BEESON, Printers, Proprietors Winchester Journal.


  • A. McKEW & SON, Dealers in Grain, Stock, Milling and Farming, Franklin tp.