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Dearborn County – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

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Braysville, Dearborn county, 20 miles north of Lawrenceburg, and 25 miles north-west of Cincinnati.

Bright, Dearborn county, 25 miles north-west of Cincinnati. Ship to Lawrenceburg, 10 miles distant. Population 100. This is the Post Office for Saltillo.

Cochran, Dearborn county, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 27 miles from Cincinnati. Population 150. Express Company, Adams.

Coopersville, Dearborn county, 7 miles west of Rising Sun.

Corn Crib Switch, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad.

Dillsborough, Dearborn county, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 12 miles west of Lawrenceburgh, and 33 miles from Cincinnati. Population 500. Express company, Adams.

Dover, Dearborn county, 14 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Population 150.

Farmer’s Retreat, Dearborn county, 17 miles south-west of Lawrenceburg and 4 miles from Dillsborough on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad. Ship to Aurora on the Ohio River.

Guilford, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad, 28 miles from Cincinnati. Population 200. Express Company, Adams.

Guionsville, Dearborn county. Ship to Aurora, 14 miles distant.

Hardentown, Dearborn county, 2 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Population 100.

Harmans, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad, 40 miles from Cincinnati. Express Company, Adams.

Harrison, Dearborn county, 15 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Population 1,500.

Holman, Dearborn county, 12 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat.

Jones’ Station, Dearborn county, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 14 miles west of Lawrenceburg.

Kelso, Dearborn county, 12 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Population 100.

Lawrenceville, Dearborn county, 18 miles from Lawrenceburg. Ship to Lawrenceburg, or to Guilford, 12 miles distant, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad. Population 100.

Logan, Dearborn county, 14 miles from Lawrenceburg, and 20 from Cincinnati. Population 150.

Manchester, Dearborn county, 2 miles from the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad. Ship also to Lawrenceburg, 12 miles distant. Population 300.

Miller, Dearborn county, a Post Office of that county.

Moore’s Hill, Dearborn county, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 40 miles from Cincinnati. Population 300. Express Company, Adams.

New Alsace, Dearborn county, 16 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Ship to Moore’s Hill, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad. Population 200.

Newtown, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad, 26 miles from Cincinnati.

Saint Leon, Dearborn county, a Post Office of that county.

Saltillo, Dearborn county, 10 miles north of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Population 75. Post Office Bright.

Sparta, Dearborn county, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 10 miles from Aurora. Population 100.

Van Wedden’s, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad, 39 miles from Cincinnati. Express Company, Adams.

Weisburg, Dearborn county, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad.

Wilmington, Dearborn county, 6 miles south-west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Ship to Aurora, 3 miles distant, on the Ohio river. Population 200.

Wright’s Corners, Dearborn county. Ship to Lawrenceburg, 10 miles distant. Population 60.

Yorkville, Dearborn county. Ship to Guilford, on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati railroad, also to Lawrenceburg, 11 miles distant. Population 150.

Harrison, Dearborn County.

[This town lies partly in Indiana and partly in Ohio. The Post-office is Harrison, Ohio.]

Attorney at Law.

  • M. J. Cloud.


  • Mrs. L. L. Jones.


  • J. C. & J. H. Scott,
  • Jacob Luce.


  • Dennis Mead, also Plows,
  • J. Weber,
  • Levi Miller,
  • V. Weaver,
  • Philip McLain.

Boots and Shoes.

  • P. Schrimer,
  • Frank Fischer,
  • H. Meuhler,
  • J. Barbrick,
  • John Schott,
  • R. A. Keen,
  • Peter Kesler.

Bakers, &c.

  • W. C. Vincent,
  • George Becker,
  • J. Kling.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • George King,
  • Richard Wate,
  • C. Price,
  • John Kratz.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • Henry Rochringer,
  • Julius Reikebarg.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • William Turner,
  • Frederick Rink,
  • Peter Meuhler.


  • H. V. Barnes & Co.


  • Dr. M. L. Thomas,
  • M. A. Francis.


  • J. M. Dair & Co.,
  • Lautenschlaeger & Co.

Express Company.

  • Adams Express Company, Warren Tebbs, Agent.

Furniture Factories.

  • Benj. Simonson & Co.,
  • George T. Brown.

Furniture Dealer.

  • William Ruskup.

Flour and Feed Store.

  • A. Briggs.

General Stores.

  • Leonard & Simonson,
  • George W. Keen & Co.,
  • E. W. Thompson & Co.,
  • Henry Wise.

Groceries and Produce.

  • Joseph West,
  • C. W. Hendrickson,
  • J. T. Bailey,
  • Frank Brunst,
  • John Doyle, also Liquors,
  • J. M. Cooker, also Notions.


  • Gerard House, Mrs. H. Miner,
  • American House, F. Schwarskopf,
  • German House, B. Hettrick,
  • Farmers Hotel, F. Heirick & Co.,
  • Farmers Exchange, Charles Loos,
  • Farmers Hotel, L. G. Rosenfelder.

Insurance Agents.

  • Krewson & Bowlby, also N. P.,
  • George H. Bates.

Jewelers and Watch and Clock Dealers.

  • J. C. Meyer,
  • Thomas D. Orr.

Livery Stables.

  • Jones & Bininger,
  • Lloyd & Mulholland.

Lock and Gunsmith.

  • J. White.


  • Miss M. J. Meyers,
  • Mrs. E. M. Williams,
  • Mrs. C. H. Penny.


  • Walter Clark,
  • M. L. Thomas,
  • N. H. Sidwell,
  • A. E. West.

Painters and Grainers.

  • J. J. Wright,
  • William B. Rowell,
  • W. J. Jewis,
  • William Schindle.

Real Estate and Claim Agents.

  • Krewson & Bowlby.

Saddles and Harness.

  • Asa Curry,
  • F. Windman.

Saw Mill and Lumber Dealers.

  • H. Lefton & Co.

Saloons and Restaurants.

  • J. Silbernagel,
  • Burk & Wright,
  • Charles Baudley,
  • Charles Kapdauf, also Notions,
  • John Hohe,
  • Adam Downer,
  • L. G. Rosenfelder.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • Louis Huber,
  • Joseph Tompkins.


  • Wesley Keen & Co.,
  • J. B. Hallowell,
  • William Persiner.


  • Henry Slete.

Wagon Makers.

  • W. J. Campbell.
  • Michael Young.

Dillsboro, Dearborn County.

Attorneys at Law.

  • Hamilton Conway,
  • Isaac Miles,
  • Harrison Conway,
  • Joseph Vandolah,
  • John McCune.


  • Charles D. Patton.


  • J. T. Lemon,
  • J. V. R. Rockafellow.

Agricultural Implements.

  • Perlee Brothers,
  • Barnhart & Co.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Richt & Conway.


  • O. S. Mulford,
  • Alfred Suits & Co.,
  • D. & D. Perlee.

Boots and Shoes.

  • W. N. Shultz,
  • Henry Neister.

Books and Stationery.

  • H. & F. Ginter.

Boarding House.

  • Henry Schmitkin.

Cabinet Maker and Undertaker.

  • T. Scudder.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • Barker & Co.,
  • Jerome Ellis.

Carriage Manufacturers.

  • Barnhart & Brother.


  • Henry Neburgg.

Clothier and Merchant Tailor.

  • George Proctor.


  • Weaver & Curry,
  • N. Gullett.

Flouring Mills.

  • H. Duncleman,
  • N. Gullett,
  • J. C. West,
  • W. M. Miller.

General Stores.

  • F. & H. Ginter,
  • Conway & Richt, also Coopers.


  • James Long.

Jeweler and Watch and Clock Dealer.

  • George Lyon.

Livery Stables.

  • Lenover & Hoover,
  • James Long.

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Miss E. Smith,
  • Mrs. Margaret McClomas,
  • Miss M. Proctor.


  • S. M. Weaver, also I. A. & P. M.,
  • F. H. Sale,
  • S. Martin.

Painters and Grainers.

  • M. Snyder,
  • John McClomas.

Saddles and Harness.

  • S. Rudelson,
  • William Lemon.

Wagon Makers.

  • William Perlee,
  • Barnhart & Co.

Lawrenceburg – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

Lawrenceburg, capital of Dearborn county, on the Ohio river, and on the Indianapolis & Cincinnati and Ohio & Mississippi railroads, 21 miles from Cincinnati, and  90 miles from Indianapolis. This is one of the oldest towns in the State, being contemporary with Cincinnati. It is surrounded by as fine a body of land for agricultural purposes as can be found in the West, but being subject to inundation from the river, it has made very little progress in years past. However, something is now being done to advance its commercial interest and increase its population. The City Council has secured two valuable levees, almost obviating the water difficulties. Several new and extensive manufacturing enterprises are already in progress, one of these is the large furniture manufactory; another a bedstead manufactory; and a woolen mill has been erected by a joint stock company, representing a capital of $100,000, under the style of the Lawrenceburg Woolen Manufacturing Company. Trade is brisk, and all kind of legitimate enterprises prospering. Population 4,500. Express Company, Adams.

Attorneys at Law.

  • Richard Gregg,
  • N. E. & N. M. Given,
  • John Swartz,
  • Daniel S. Majors,
  • F. Adkinson.


  • Mrs. S. E. Dunn.


  • First National Bank of Lawrenceburg, Capital, $100,000, D. W. C. Fitch, President, Peter Braun, Cashier.
  • Lawrenceburg National Bank, Capital, $200,000, E. G. Hayes, President, John H. Lewis, Cahsier.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Adam Kastnar, also Saloon,
  • L. Deuckle, also Grocer,
  • Frederick Hauck, also Confectionery,
  • George Dyke, also Confectionery.


  • Alex Moody,
  • J. W. Harvey,
  • Ratzen & Kirch.

Billiard Saloon.

  • Eiller & Thompson.

Boots and Shoes.

  • John Lewis & Co., also Leather & Findings,
  • M. Schneider,
  • Lewis & Bell,
  • Joseph Gerger,
  • Henry Adler,
  • James H. Swope,
  • W. Lancaster,
  • A. Schneider,
  • M. Fichter,
  • Philip Seckatz,
  • H. Lommel,
  • Henry Lutman.

Broom Makers.

  • P. & F. Schlawt.

Books, Stationery, &c.

  • D. B. Moore,
  • Ernst Grafenhan.


  • Philip Dexhimer,
  • Walter & Slaughter,
  • H. Oertling.


  • Gebhard & Hauck,
  • Resch & Co.

Bedstead Factory.

  • T. J. Shannon & Co.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • John Hornberger,
  • C. H. W. Weirneke,
  • Schroder & Reif.


  • Gibson & Wymond.


  • Mrs. M. Haubod,
  • Henry Melford.

Carriage Manufacturer.

  • A. A. Helfer.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Leopold, Mooney & Co.,
  • Leon Adler,
  • Mass & Decker,
  • Lewis & Bell,
  • Joseph Griell,
  • A. & W. Goebler,
  • P. Zimmerman.

Coal Dealers.

  • Crist & Burk,
  • Smith & Craig.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • James Francis,
  • Milton Beach,
  • J. & T. Francis,
  • Joseph White,
  • John Thompson,
  • Harrison Wade,
  • Joseph Tittle,
  • Jacob Schimp,
  • Henry Heitzfield.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • E. B. Dobell, W. & R.,
  • Marshall & Weisler, W. & R.,
  • J. P. Chew.

City Officers.

  • John F. Richards, Mayor,
  • John E. Thompson, Clerk,
  • John A. Wirth, Treasurer,
  • John Schwartz, City Attorney,
  • W. F. Howell, City Marshal,
  • L. Mathias, City Engineer,
  • N. Frey, Street Commissioner,
  • George B. Fitch, City Assessor,
  • Milton Beach, Councilman,
  • J. Hornberger, Councilman,
  • J. W. Vance, Councilman,
  • A. A. Helfer, Councilman,
  • B. Binder, Councilman,
  • J. P. Chew, Councilman,
  • M. Lang, Councilman,
  • D. W. C. Fitch, Councilman,
  • Henry Menke, Councilman,
  • George Keiffer, Councilman,
  • Alex A. Beckman, Wharf-master,
  • John Sortwell, Sexton.

Dry Goods and Notions.

  • Lewis & Moore,
  • S. Hunt,
  • Lewis & Bell,
  • L. Deuschelle, also Hats and Caps,
  • Joseph Groeber,
  • Henry Adler.


  • John Ferris & Son,
  • R. Walter.


  • Hayes & Probasko,
  • John Gaff & Co.

Dress Makers.

  • Mrs. F. Richards,
  • Mrs. Mary Bowers.


  • W. T. Walls,
  • J. P. Ullery.

Express Company.

  • Adams Express Company, J. P. Chew, Agent.

Foundry and Machine Shop.

  • Bryant & Lord.

Flouring Mills.

  • Hayes & Brother,
  • Lewis & Eichelberger.

Groceries and Produce.

  • J. McGranahan,
  • J. Isherwood,
  • J. J. Hunter,
  • Crist C. Burk,
  • Moore & Spooner,
  • Smith & Craig,
  • D. W. Cheek,
  • N. Sparks,
  • William J. Fitch,
  • H. Lommel, also Saloon,
  • James H. Swope,
  • John Hornberger,
  • Hugh Thompson,
  • Michael Roth,
  • M. Kunkel,
  • John Hommer,
  • George Leffner, also Dry Goods, &c.


  • Galt House, W. J. Cook,
  • Bolander House, E. C. Baldwin,
  • Fitch House, G. B. Fitch,
  • R. R. Exchange, Joseph Rissell,
  • Lawrenceburg Hotel, J. Bartholomew.

Hardware and Agricultural Implements.

  • B. Bell.

Insurance Agents.

  • J. P. Chew,
  • E. D. Moore,
  • John Ferris,
  • W. F. Ferris.

Jewelers, Watch and Clock Dealers.

  • D. Gauter,
  • G. W. Meyer, also Dry Goods,
  • L. Kupferschmid.

Livery Stables.

  • Frank Skelton,
  • M. Murray.


  • Mrs. S. Kaufman,
  • Mrs. D. Adler, also Sewing Machine Agent,
  • Miss M. Biggs,
  • Miss L. Deuschle.

Marble Workers.

  • Huschart & Meyer.


  • Union Press, Samuel Chapman, Proprietor,
  • Lawrenceburgh Register, A. Bookwalter, Proprietor.

News Dealer.

  • J. Isherwood.

Notion Store.

  • Henry Bosse.


  • Joseph R. Layton,
  • J. H. Brower,
  • J. W. Vance,
  • M. H. Hardin,
  • — Walters,
  • C. B. Miller,
  • E. P. Bond.

Planing Mill.

  • Joseph Berkham.

Real Estate Agent.

  • Omer Tonsey, also Pawn Broker.

Saloons and Restaurants.

  • Henry Wind,
  • Henry Rief,
  • Peter Lommel,
  • Joseph Rechtel,
  • Jacob Foshag,
  • John Medigan,
  • M. Klein,
  • Phil Weust,
  • W. J. Cook,
  • Joseph Rissel,
  • J. Kilthau,
  • Fred Haas,
  • N. Garnier,
  • B. Bender,
  • Keys & Son.

Saddles and Harness.

  • George Brodbeck,
  • A. W. Dowden.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • Frederick W. Koch,
  • H. J. Kidd,
  • G. W. Sheldon.


  • J. C. Brand & Co.

Wagon Makers.

  • Jacob Schaeffer,
  • Walter & Slaughter.

Wines and Liquors.

  • John Hornberger, W. & R.

Aurora – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

Aurora, Dearborn county, on the Ohio river, and Ohio & Mississippi railroad, 25 miles  west of Cincinnati, and 95 miles south-east of Indianapolis. Population 3,000. This is a flourishing business point with a good agricultural country surrounding it. In the article of hay alone there were shipped in 1865, 91,700 tons. There is a very large coopage establishment here, perhaps one of the largest in the State; also a foundry and machine shop, planing mill and large distillery. Express Company, Adams.

Attorneys at Law.

  • W. S. Holman, also C. A.,
  • A. Tuthill, also N. P. & C. A.,
  • John Conwell, also N. P.


  • Aurora Brewing and Malting Co., James W. Gaff, President, A. Tuthill, Secretary.

Aurora Horse Thief Association.

  • A. Tuthill, Secretary.

Agricultural Implements.

  • O. P. Cobb & Co.,
  • Billings & Schulz.


  • First National Bank of Aurora, Capital $200,000, Thomas W. Gaff, President, H. W. Smith, Vice-President, John G. Kennedy, Cashier.


  • Julius Hauck.

Billiard Saloon.

  • T. D. Worth.

Bakers and Grocers.

  • J. F. Kastner, also Saloon,
  • Michael Giegoldt, also Saloon,
  • G. Seimantel, also Saloon,
  • A. Johnson,
  • Louis Houck, also Saloon,
  • Allen Seigmundt, also Saloon.

Boots and Shoes.

  • W. R. Miller,
  • Thomas Owen,
  • George Schaeffer,
  • William Young,
  • L. Collins,
  • John Schoessel,
  • John Ittner.


  • H. Fisk & Bro.,
  • B. N. McHenry,
  • V. Dorr,
  • J. P. Snell,
  • Hiram Smith.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • Mrs. Mary E. Morrow,
  • Mathew Haring, also Undertaker.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • C. Schlerreth,
  • Geo. Ritter,
  • G. F. Cless.


  • Wm. E. Gibson & Co.,
  • Philip Wymond,
  • Samuel Wymond.

Carriage Makers.

  • H. Fisk & Brothers.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • Wm. Watts,
  • Chas. Bower,
  • Hubbart & Brison,
  • Wm. Gibson & Son,
  • William Allen.

City Officers.

  • George Sutton, M. D., Mayor,
  • Frederick Huckery, Treasurer,
  • A. H. Merkel, Clerk,
  • W. W. Rea, Marshall,
  • W. S. Holman, Attorney,
  • Alex. Pattison, Engineer,
  • Pardee Beach, Street Commissioner,
  • F. A. York, Assessor,
  • John J. Blackman, Councilman,
  • M. Kempf, Councilman,
  • Richard Hubbartt, Councilman,
  • S. Seimantel, Councilman,
  • Martin Keopler, Councilman,
  • Elijah Sparks, Wharf-Master,
  • George Sutton, M. D., School Trustee,
  • Marcus Lavey, School Trustee,
  • Jacob Wood, School Trustee.


  • J. F. Stewart.


  • T. & J. M. Gaff & Co., W.,
  • Oester & Koehler, W. & R.,


  • T. & A. B. Pattison,
  • T. M. Gibson.

Dress Makers.

  • Mrs. E. Loudon,
  • Miss Jennie Saunders,
  • Mrs. Eliza Busch,
  • Mrs. Carrie Webber,
  • Miss Allie Chamberlain,
  • Miss Aggie Henderson,
  • Miss Mary Moran.

Express Company.

  • Adams Express Company, Shattuck & Johnson, Agents.

Flouring Mills.

  • T. & J. W. Gaff & Co.,
  • Simeon Siemantel.

Foundries and Machine Shops.

  • Stedman & Co.,
  • O. & M. R. R. Company.

General Stores.

  • Gaff, Lozier & Co., W. & R.,
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co.,
  • G. V. Denton,
  • J. H. Wilke,
  • L. Stratton,
  • James Stafford,
  • James Brewington,
  • W. F. Lamar,
  • Appleton & Berkshire,
  • Philip Earle, also Saloon.

Groceries and Produce.

  • O. P. Cobb & Co., W. & R.,
  • Kemp & Bruce, also Liquors at W.,
  • Shattuck & Johnson, W. & R.,
  • J. W. Langtree, W. & R.,
  • Cummings & Giegoldt,
  • J. T. Plummer,
  • A. Schmeidle,
  • L. A. Cheek,
  • Frederick Kern,
  • A. L. Winkley,
  • L. W. T. Lodge,
  • A. H. Merkel,
  • Gerge Phiesterer, also Saloon,
  • T. Heimberger, also Saloon,
  • A. W. Ritter, also Saloon,
  • A. Bloom, also Confectionery,
  • Frederick Lange, also Saloon.


  • Wm. Beerger.

Hay Dealers.

  • T. J. Taylor, Jr.,
  • Strawder Cheek & Sons,
  • O. P. Cobb & Co.,
  • Grier & Small,
  • J. A. Platter & Co.


  • Indiana House, See Card,
  • Eagle Hotel, J. Hamilton,
  • Trester House, F. D. Worth,
  • Mansion House, Isom Avery,
  • Washington House, Fred Lange.

Hardware, Iron, &c.

  • Billings & Shulz,
  • O. P. Cobb & Co.

Insurance Agents.

  • Thomas Pattison, also N. P.
  • E. F. Sibley.

Jewelers, Watch and Clock Dealers.

  • J. N. Milburn,
  • William Leive.

Livery Stables.

  • McClellan & Campbell,
  • George W. Taylor,
  • F. A. York.


  • Mrs. E. Cochran,
  • Mrs. Hays & Birch,
  • Mrs. Stark.

Merchant Tailors.

  • A. Epstein,
  • P. H. Held,
  • Joseph Meyer,
  • John Bower,
  • John Unger,
  • Louis Somerfield & Scourer.


  • Aurora Commercial, Emrie, Sibley & Ermie, Proprietors.


  • George Sutton,
  • William L. Graves.
  • J. Lamb,
  • F. Rectanus,
  • K. C. Bond,
  • W. Russel,
  • B. F. Green.

Painters and Grainers.

  • Leo Girt,
  • — Willman.

Planing Mill.

  • L. G. Hurlburt & Son, also Dealers in Sash, Doors and Blinds.

Rectifiers and Liquor Dealers.

  • W. Cunningham, W.,
  • W. P. Squibb & Co., W.

Saddles and Harness.

  • J. A. Wehe.
  • J. T. Campbell.

Saloons and Restaurants.

  • George Frantz, also Boarding.
  • John Maloney,
  • Michael Maloney, also Boarding,
  • P. J. Schwartz,
  • John Grosse,
  • H. W. Kamper,
  • Henry Peillman,
  • Frank Speckert, also Boarding,
  • E. Brannagle,
  • George R. Brumley,
  • Isom Avery, also Boarding.
  • Adolphus Shulze.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • N. Dyke,
  • John Fickenscher.

Wagon Makers.

  • A. Brittenbach,
  • Alex. Lansberry.

Dearborn County – 1861 Ohio River Gazetteer

Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
G.W. Hawes’ Commercial Gazetteer and Business Directory of the Ohio River 1861. Indianapolis : G. W. Hawes, 1861.
Digital Copy at Google Books

Two miles below the mouth of the Great Miami, an important post town, and the capital of Dearborn county, is pleasantly situated on the right bank of the river and on the Ohio and Mississippi railway, at the intersection of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati road, 90 miles south-east from Indianapolis and 22 miles west by south from Cincinnati.

The rich alluvial bottom lands in the vicinity are remarkable for their great fertility of soil; and the surrounding country is distinguished for the beauty of its scenery. Lawrenceburg was laid out in 1801, and is admirably situated for the successful prosecution of manufacturing operations. Of its trade and manufactures the Indianapolis Daily Journal of March 20th, 1860, says:

“Lawrenceburg enjoys a good local trade, and in the manufacture of flour and whisky there are few towns in the State that show as large figures as the county seat of Dearborn can exhibit.

“On the hills north of Lawrenceburg the vine is cultivated to a considerable extent. The soil is rich, porous, and warm; and on the south side of the elevations, the grape grows to great perfection. The upper crust of the earth is full of limestone rock, which is used to make mole-hill walls below the vine roots, to prevent the rains washing the earth from around them. This is the plan adopted by vine growers on the hills adjoining the valleys of the Rhine and Neckar, in Germany.

“The commissioners of Dearborn county are erecting a new jail, using a portion of the materials in their old prison for the purpose. It is to be of stone, and substantially built. The cells will be formed after May’s patent, which prevents the escape of prisoners under any circumstances when once locked up.”

Besides the public buildings of the county, Lawrenceburg contains 6 or 7 churches, several flourishing schools, 1 large steam flouring mill, 1 water flouring mill, 3 large distilleries, 2 breweries, several hotels, a branch of the bank of the State, 2 newspapers, and numerous and varied mercantile and mechanical branches. Population about 5,000.

A post city of Dearborn county, situated at the mouth of Hogan creek, 26 miles below Cincinnati, and on the Ohio and Mississippi railway, four miles from Lawrenceburg, the capital of the county, and 90 miles south-east from Indianapolis.

It was laid out in 1819, incorporated in 1848, and is surrounded by a rich farming region. It is a place of considerable business, exports large quantities of produce, and contains 1 Catholic and 5 Protestant churches, several flourishing schools, 1 weekly newspaper, various benevolent institutions, numerous mercantile and manufacturing establishments, including distilleries, planing mills, sash and blind factories—also cooper shops, slaughter houses, pork-packing establishments, &c. Population about 3,000.

Academies, Colleges, Schools, and Seminaries.

  • Lawrenceburg High School, Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Crist & Bell, Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Ambrotype, Daguerrean and Photographic Artists.

  • Pyle J. A., Aurora, Dearborn co., Ind.
  • Tuck N. H., Aurora, Dearborn co., Ind.
  • Dunn Mrs. Sarah E., Lawrenceburg, Ind.
  • Ellis H. D., Lawrenceburgh, Ind.

Architects, Carpenters and Builders.

  • Allen William, Aurora.
  • Hubbert Asa B., Aurora.
  • Lattimore T., Aurora.
  • Watts & Taylor, Aurora.
  • Francis Thomas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Little Stephen, Lawrenceburg.
  • Preston George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Tilford David, Lawrenceburg.

Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public.

  • Carbaugh J. H., Aurora.
  • Cheek H., Aurora.
  • Green Edward, Aurora.
  • Haynes J. D. Aurora.
  • Holman & Haynes, Aurora.
  • Miles Isaac, Aurora.
  • Roberts O. F., Aurora.
  • Terrell R. Q., Aurora.
  • Tyman B. W., Aurora.
  • Brown Abram, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown Jas T., Lawrenceburg.
  • Gazlay T. & C., Lawrenceburg.
  • Major Daniel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Piatt & Reid, Lawrenceburg.
  • Spooner & Schwartz, Lawrenceburg.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Bloom Mrs. E., Aurora.
  • Giegold J. L., Aurora.
  • Johnson Adam, Aurora.
  • Kastner Philip, Aurora.
  • Kempf M., Aurora.
  • Siementel George, Aurora.
  • Boese Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Broderick George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Francis W. M., Lawrenceburg.
  • Hauck F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kastner Adam, Lawrenceburg.


  • Branch of the Bank of the State of Indiana, Lawrenceburg.


  • Dorn & Bro., Aurora.
  • McHenry B. N., Aurora.
  • Stevens Jacob, Aurora.
  • Dexheimer Philip, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hawkins William, Lawrenceburg.
  • McGrath Thomas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Randall Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rinke Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Walter Peter, Lawrenceburg.

Boiler Manufacturers and Steam Engine Builders.

  • Severin Julius, Aurora.

Book Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers.

  • Chew J. P., Lawrenceburg.

Booksellers and Stationers.

  • Milburn J. N., Aurora.

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Beck & Bailey, Aurora.
  • Burns E. A., Aurora.
  • Fisher P., Aurora.
  • Goldsmith Martin, Aurora.
  • Ittner John, Aurora.
  • Miller Wm. R., Aurora.
  • Rider J., Aurora.
  • Schaffer Geo., Aurora.
  • Young & Miller, Aurora.
  • Godert Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Haubold Nicholas, Lawrenceburg.
  • Junker J. & M., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lutman Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kiger Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Morgan Fred., Lawrenceburg.
  • Pfeister Frederick, Lawrenceburg.
  • Schnieder William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Younker Michael, Lawrenceburg.


  • Siementel L., Aurora.
  • Garnier John B., Lawrenceburg.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • Haring M., Aurora.
  • Marron H., Aurora.
  • Morrow H., Aurora.
  • Armstrong Cyrus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Armstrong & Elder, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Brown William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Chew J. P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Godfrey Daniel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hollister Ephraim, Lawrenceburg.
  • Horri George, Lawrenceburg.
  • Shliger William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Wenke Henry, Lawrenceburg.

Carriage and Wagon Makers.

  • Dorn & Bro., Aurora.
  • Edwards W. J. & Co., Aurora.
  • Lansberry A. B., Aurora.
  • Helfer & Woodward, Lawrenceburg.
  • Neumann Ferdinand, Lawrenceburg.
  • Pfalzgaff Jacob, Lawrenceburg.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • Eschmann N., Aurora.
  • Laupus John G., Aurora.
  • Rittor George, Aurora.
  • Hornberger John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kirsch Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lyons Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Werneke C. H. W., Lawrenceburg.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Epstein Abraham, Aurora.
  • Goldsmith Martin, Aurora.
  • Meyer M. & J., Aurora.
  • Ronshiem E., Aurora.
  • Schwartz & Co., Aurora.
  • Adder, Lyon & Co., Lawrenceburg.
  • Maas Moses, Lawrenceburg.
  • McCormick James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Mooney Joseph, Lawrenceburg.

Coal Dealers.

  • Christy & Langtree, Aurora.
  • Cobb John, Aurora.
  • Shippen B., Aurora.
  • Miller Mathias, Lawrenceburg.

Commission, Forwarding and Produce Merchants.

  • Cummings and Watts, Aurora.
  • Groer, Kelsey & Hill, Aurora.
  • Buell George P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis & Eichelberger, Lawrenceburg.
  • McDonald Hugh, Lawrenceburg.

Coopers and Stave Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Weymand & Gibson, Aurora.
  • Crane A. G. & Co., Aurora.
  • Barkdoll David S., Lawrenceburg.
  • Johnson Wm., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kauffman Isaac, Lawrenceburg.
  • Laughlin Wm., Lawrenceburg.
  • McClusky John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Palmer James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Round Louis, Lawrenceburg.
  • Staley Joshua, Lawrenceburg.
  • Thompson James, Lawrenceburg.
  • Ulrich Frank, Lawrenceburg.

Distillers and Rectifiers.

  • Cunningham Wm., Aurora.
  • GAFF T. & J. W., Aurora.
  • Gaffs & Marshall, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rittenhouse & Williams, Lawrenceburg.


  • Hill S. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Keister D. B., Aurora.
  • Ferkis & Abbott, Lawrenceburg.
  • Walter Rudoph, Lawrenceburg.

Dry Goods.

  • Beck & Bailey, Aurora.
  • Clark, Webber & Gould, Aurora.
  • Lozier Abram, Aurora.
  • McCreary R. R., Aurora.
  • Pierce S. R., Aurora.
  • Ronsheim E., Aurora.
  • Stafford James, Aurora.
  • Stratton L. S., Aurora.
  • Wilke J. H., Aurora.
  • Adler Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Helmuth H. R., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis L. B. & Bro., Lawrenceburg.
  • Lewis & Moore, Lawrenceburg.
  • Moore Geo. W., Lawrenceburg.
  • Perry R. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Parry R. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks D. E., & Co., Lawrenceburg.
  • Ulrey J. P., Lawrenceburg.

Flour, Feed and Grain Dealers.

  • Mooney Joseph, Lawrenceburg.

Flouring and Grist Mills.

  • Siementel M. & C., Aurora.
  • Gaffs & Marshall, Lawrenceburg.
  • Rittenhouse & Williams, Lawrenceburg.

Foundries and Machine Shops.

  • STEDMAN & CO. See card., Aurora.
  • Bryant & Lord, Lawrenceburg.

General Stores.

  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Aurora.
  • Kraas William, Lawrenceburg.
  • Morgan Andrew, Lawrenceburg.
  • Driver H., Patriot.
  • Gazlay A., Patriot.
  • Gibson W., Patriot.
  • Hobbs A., Patriot.
  • Wells J. C., Patriot.


  • Christy & Langtree, Aurora.
  • Clark, Webber & Gould, Aurora.
  • Cummings & Watts, Aurora.
  • Early Phillip, Aurora.
  • Fickling Charles, Aurora.
  • Garmhausen B., Aurora.
  • Giegold J. L., Aurora.
  • Hubbert Richard, Aurora.
  • Huckery John, Aurora.
  • Kastner Philip, Aurora.
  • Kempf M., Aurora.
  • Kreitlein A., Aurora.
  • Lozier Abram, Aurora.
  • McCreary R. E., Aurora.
  • Maloney Henry, Aurora.
  • Maloney John, Aurora.
  • Merkle A. H., Aurora.
  • Phalen Israel, Aurora.
  • Pierce S. R., Aurora.
  • Radspinner J. F., Aurora.
  • Rothert Mrs. F., Aurora.
  • Siementel George, Aurora.
  • Slater Frederick, Aurora.
  • Stafford James, Aurora.
  • Stage Ashbury, Aurora.
  • Wilke J. H., Aurora.
  • Boese Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • Chapman & Son, Lawrenceburg.
  • Deuschle Lawrence, Lawrenceburg.
  • Gysie Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Helmuth H. R., Lawrenceburg.
  • Hitzfield Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hommer John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Isherwood John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kastner Adam, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kunkel Andrew, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lommel Henry, Lawrenceburg.
  • McGranahan, Lawrenceburg.
  • Reger August, Lawrenceburg.
  • Roth Michael, Lawrenceburg.
  • Sherwood John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Siemandel John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Smith Hugh F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks Norval, Lawrenceburg.
  • Wolf John B., Lawrenceburg.
  • Wymond John, Lawrenceburg.

Gunsmiths, Guns, Pistols, &c.

  • Beerger Wm., Aurora.

Hardware and Cutlery.

  • Cobb O. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Crist & Bell, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hauck John J., Lawrenceburg.

Hide and Leather Dealers and Tanners.

  • Miller William R., Aurora.
  • Musgrave J. & E., Aurora.
  • Browneller F., Lawrenceburg.
  • Kohlermann Louis, Lawrenceburg.

Hotels and Hotel Proprietors.

  • EAGLE HOTEL. See card. Aurora.
  • HAMILTOM J. See card. Aurora.
  • Mansion House, Aurora.
  • Rothet Mrs. F., Aurora.
  • Rudolph Lewis, Aurora.
  • Trester House, Aurora.
  • Washington Hotel, Aurora.
  • Bolander House, Lawrenceburg.
  • City Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Farmers’ Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Fitch’s Hotel, Lawrenceburg.
  • Vogel Geo. P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Washington Hotel, Lawrenceburg.

Insurance Agents.

  • Andrews A., Aurora.
  • Bush B. M., Aurora.
  • Stevens Will F., Aurora.
  • Chew James P., Lawrenceburg.
  • Ferris John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Sparks David E., Lawrenceburg.
  • Wymond John, Lawrenceburg.

Jewelry, Watches, Clocks and Silverware.

  • Ebstein Abraham, Aurora.
  • Milburn J. V., Aurora.
  • Herman Louis, Lawrenceburg.
  • Lucas Thomas, Lawrenceburg.

Livery and Sale Stables.

  • Taylor George, Aurora.
  • York F. & W., Aurora.
  • York J. W. & Bro., Aurora.
  • Rodgers Robert, Lawrenceburg.

Lumber Dealers.

  • Hurlbert L. G., Aurora.
  • Metcalf & Fagan, Lawrenceburg.

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Edwards Miss A., Lawrenceburg.
  • Richardson Mrs., Lawrenceburg.

Millinery, Silk and Fancy Goods.

  • Saddler Mrs. C., Aurora.
  • Stark Mrs. M., Aurora.

Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Bond R. C., Aurora.
  • Ebersole & Haynes, Aurora.
  • Holz Wm., Aurora.
  • Schmitt A., Aurora.
  • Veiht F. L., Aurora.
  • Brown J. H., Lawrenceburg.
  • Harding & Tate, Lawrenceburg.
  • Kirby J., Lawrenceburg.
  • Schmitt Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Tate Wm., jr., Lawrenceburg.
  • Walters Charles, Lawrenceburg.

Planing Mills.

  • Hulbert L. G., Aurora.

Real Estate Agents and Dealers.

  • Tousey Omer, Lawrenceburg.

Saddle and Harness Makers and Dealers.

  • Campbell I. T., Aurora.
  • Webe Adam, Aurora.
  • Dowden Otto W., Lawrenceburg.
  • Haas Jacob, Lawrenceburg.
  • Henry J. W., Lawrenceburg.

Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.

  • Dyke Nathaniel, Aurora.
  • Fickenscher John, Aurora.

Wines and Liquors.

  • Cunningham Wm., Aurora.
  • Squibb W. P. & Co., Aurora.
  • Hitzfield Augustus, Lawrenceburg.
  • Hornberger John, Lawrenceburg.
  • Schwartz & Pinder, Lawrenceburg.

Dearborn County – 1916 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Dearborn County, Indiana entries from: Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1916-7. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co, 1895.
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Entries from Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana
Entries from Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana

DEARBORN COUNTY – Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Judge Circuit Court, W. N. Hauck; Prosecuting Attorney, W. M. Dean; Clerk Circuit Court, J. G. McKinney; Auditor, H. E. Lutherbeck; Treasurer, J. A. Bobrink; Recorder, C. H. Haynes; Sheriff, D. E. McKenzie; Coronerk, D. E. Johnson; Surveyor, A. W. Karstetter. BRIGHT Population, 130. A village in Harrison township, Dearborn county, 11 miles north of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Harrison, Ohio, 4 miles distant is the banking and shipping point, and from whence there is rural free delivery.

  • Gibson G D, genl store.
  • Rechenbach Michael, genl store.
  • Siefferman W, genl store.
  • Sykes James, wagonmkr.

CHESTERVILLE Population, 75. A village in Sparta township, Dearborn county, 15 miles west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Cold Spring, 1 mile distant, is the nearest shipping station, and Moores Hill, 4 miles distant, the location of nearest bank and from whence there is rural free delivery.

  • Heath Louis, grocer.
  • Loftus James, wagonmkr.

COCHRAN A town in Center township, Dearborn county, on the B. & O. R. R., 5 miles southwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Aurora, 1 mile distant, is the banking town. Exp., W. F. & Co. Tel., W. U.

  • Cochran Chair Co, furn mnfrs.
  • Eschmann W A Mrs, grocers.
  • Rains Drug Co.
  • Snyder R A, grocer.

COLD SPRING Population, 65. A village on B. & O. S. W. R. R. in Sparta township, Dearborn county, 20 miles west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Moores Hill, 2 ½ miles distant, is the banking town. Exp., W. F. & Co. Tel., W. U. Frederick Homann, postmaster.

  • HOMANN FREDERICK, Genl Store and Postmaster.
  • Smith Harry G, genl store.

CROZIER Population, 25. In Hogan township, Dearborn county, 9 miles west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Mooreshill, 6 miles distant, is the nearest banking and shipping point and from whence there is rural free delivery.

  • Roof M W, grocer.

DILLSBORO Population, 500. An incorporated town in Clay township, Dearborn county, 14 miles southwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, and on B. & O. S. W. R. R. Has 2 banks and a weekly newspaper. The News. Exp., Wells, Fargo & Co. Tel., W. U. Orris Hooper, postmaster.

  • Booster Jesse J, cashr First National Bank.
  • Calhoun W S, furniture.
  • Calvert Benjamin F, publr Dillsboro News.
  • Cole Thomas J, coal.
  • Dillsboro News (weekly), B F Calvert publr.
  • Dillsboro Sanitarium.
  • Dillsboro State Bank (capital $25,000), Henry Bulthaup pres, Charles F Gausmann cashr.
  • Ellerbrook Bros, produce.
  • First National Bank (capital $25,000), W J Gray pres, Jesse J Booster cashr.
  • Fleming J W & Son, genl store.
  • Gracer John H, hotel.
  • Hooper J N & Son, hardware.
  • HOOPER ORRIS, Postmaster.
  • Housmyer C C, physician.
  • Johnson F M, fertilizer.
  • Kamping H H (estate), genl store.
  • Klinkeman L F, wagonmkr.
  • Kuhn Edward, grocer.
  • Lester Lewis G, restaurant and confectioner.
  • Licking W C, sawmill.
  • Lieberman C R, meats.
  • Long Holland P, physician.
  • McCardle, Longcamp & Brewer, livery and feed.
  • Miller Andrew G, physician.
  • New Dillsboro Telegraph Co.
  • Niester A F, harness.
  • Noble Charles A, genl contr.
  • Pieper & Smith, hardware.
  • Read T J, genl store.
  • Roberts John L, hardware.
  • Sale Fleetwood H, physician.
  • Schulenborg & Douselman, flour mill.
  • Scoopmer E E r r exp and tel agt.
  • Smalley H H, sawmill and repair shop.
  • Steuver E F & Bros, grocers.
  • Stevenson F Mrs, milliner.
  • Trislett G A, drugs.
  • Wheeler W P, notions.

DOVER Population, 200. A village in Dearborn county, 8 miles from Harrison, O., the banking town, and 6 ½ from Guilford, the shipping station. The post-office is at Kelso.

  • Andres John A, grocer.
  • Andres Joseph, undertaker.
  • Barker W J, confectioner.
  • Doyle Albert, wagonmkr.
  • Moemke A, genl store.
  • Theders B H, shoemkr.

FARMERS RETREAT In Dearborn county, 18 miles s. w. of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, and 5 from Dillsboro, its banking and shipping point.

  • Fischer Gustav, wagonmaker.
  • Schuette Wm H, genl store.

GUILFORD Population, 110. On the C., C., C. & St. L. Ry., in Dearborn county, 8 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat and banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., American. Ernest Moser, postmaster.

  • Buchanan F W, grocer.
  • Connolly Frank, hdwe and farm implts.
  • Dixon Orville, live stock and grain.
  • Elliott J C, physician.
  • Harnbuch Charles, genl store, grain and live stock.
  • Houston S J, general store.
  • MOSER ERNEST, Grocer, Notions, Hardware and Postmaster.
  • Taylor Thomas S, builders material.
  • Vogel Chrls, coal and roofer.
  • Wolfung Louis, farm implts.
  • Ward W F, fruit grower.
  • Weddle James, r r exp and tel agt.

HOMESTEAD. Dearborn county. R. D. from Lawrenceburg.

  • Hayes H R, genl store.

KELSO. Population, 200. Also known as Dover, in Dearborn county, 13 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat, 8 from Harrison, the nearest banking point, and 6 ½ from Guilford, its shipping point.

  • Andres John A, genl store.
  • Andres Joseph, undertaker.
  • Barker W J, confr.
  • Moemke A, genl store.

KENNEDY. On the C., C., C. & St. L. Ry. in Dearborn county, 12 miles northwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat and banking point. Exp., Am. KYLE. Dearborn county, 10 miles from Aurora, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

  • Hansen C K, genl store.
  • Kyle Creamery Co.

LAWRENCEVILLE. Dearborn county, 4 miles from Sunman, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

  • Boerstler A, wagonmkr.
  • Hoff H, genl store.
  • Roehm J R, genl store.
  • Sahm Adam, flour mill.

LOGAN. Population, 75. In Logan township, Dearborn county, 14 miles north of Lawrenceburg, the county seat and 5 from Harrison, its banking and shipping point. M. Wilson, postmaster.

  • Clark W E, genl store.
  • Jacques Frank, genl store.
  • McClure Frank, genl store.
  • WILSON M, Postmaster.

MANCHESTER. Population, 300. In Dearborn county, 2 ½ miles from Bonnell, its shipping point, and 5 from Moores Hill, its banking point. R. D. from Aurora.

  • Greenham M, genl store.
  • Hoffman H A, genl store.
  • Watts A, genl store.

MOORES HILL. Population, 400. On the B. & O. S. W. Ry., in Sparta township, Dearborn county, 17 miles east of Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Has Baptist and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Exp., Wells Fargo & Co. Robert J. Barclay, postmaster.

  • Abraham & Ulrich, livery, coal and undertakers.
  • Adkins E S, meats.
  • Barclay Robert J, postmaster.
  • Bigney M E, handle manufacturer.
  • Draper Howard C, tinner.
  • Evans Bert, hotel.
  • French J W, general store.
  • Giblin Richard, auto repairer.
  • GIVAN JOHN F, Attorney-at-Law, Pension Attorney and Notary Public.
  • Gorman W J, railroad, express and telegraph agent.
  • Helm & Shockley, real estate.
  • Hisey Wm E, meats.
  • Johnston David E, physician.
  • Loyd O M, live stock.
  • Maupin C W, hotel.
  • Moores Hill Building & Loan Assn, D E Johnston pres, Charles Schabel sec.
  • Moores Hill Creamery Assn.
  • Moores Hill State Bank (capital $25,000), J H Martin pres, C M Shockley cashr.
  • Mulford & Hilman, wagonmakers.
  • Neibrugge A Mrs, drugs.
  • Olcott M D, feed.
  • Rollins George, shoes.
  • Rumsey Phoebe, carpet weaver.
  • Schabel Charles, coal.
  • Schwartz F W & Co, confectioners.
  • Scripture I A & Sons, hardware.
  • Siford Flora Mrs, milliner and notions.
  • Thomas C B, poultry.

NEW ALSACE. In Dearborn county, 3 miles from Weisburg, the nearest shipping point, and 5 from Sunman, the nearest banking point. Rural delivery from Guilford.

  • Buchert R L, hotel.
  • Dietz A L, hardware.
  • Fette N, flour mill.
  • Hilbert B, general store.
  • Klump M, general store.
  • Vogel John, general store.

ST. LEON. Population, 400. Dearborn county, 18 miles northwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, 9 from Sunman, the nearest banking point and 5 from New Trenton, its shipping point.

  • Frey John V, saw mill.
  • Hilbert John, wagonmkr.
  • Hoffman Joseph, genl store.
  • Knecht Al, genl store and farm implts.
  • Schuman Joseph A, genl store.

SPARTA. Population, 75. Dearborn county, 14 miles west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat and 3 miles from Moores Hill, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

  • Canfield & Bruce, genl store.

WEISBURG. Population, 80. On the C. C. C. & St. L. Ry., in Jackson township, Dearborn county, 17 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat and 3 from Sunman, the nearest bank location. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Edward Hemke, postmaster.

  • Gutzwiler George, hdwe and fertilizer.
  • HEMKE EDWARD, General Store and Postmaster.
  • Hilbert G, wagonmaker.
  • Hill Wm, liquors.
  • Marlin C A, r r and exp agt.
  • Neffner R T, physician.
  • Scholl & Tieteman flour mill.
  • Stutz J D, brooms.
  • Utterweiler A, liquors.

WILMINGTON. Dearborn county, 7 miles southwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, and 2 ½ from Aurora, its banking and shipping point. Rural delivery from Aurora. WRIGHTS CORNERS. A discontinued postoffice in Dearborn county, 8 miles northwest of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, 6 ½ from Aurora, its banking point and 4 from Guilford, its shipping point. R. D. from Aurora.

  • True A S, genl store.

YORKVILLE. Population, 80. In York township, Dearborn county, 12 miles from Lawrenceburg, the county seat and usual banking point and 5 from Guilford, its shipping point. George Widolff, postmaster.

  • Fox Wm, saw mill.
  • Hornbach Charles, grain and genl store.
  • Hornbach Wm, genl store.
  • WIDOLFF GEORGE, General Store and Postmaster.
  • Zerr Anthony, fruit grower.
  • Zimmer Nicholas, apiarist.

Lawrenceburg – 1916 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1916-7. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co, 1916

Population, 5,000. The judicial seat of Dearborn county, is located on the Ohio river and on the C., C., C. & St. L. and the B. & O. S. W. Rys, and the C. L. & A. Traction Line, 22 miles west of Cincinnati. Has 11 churches, 3 public schools, a parochial school, a $12,000 public library, water works, electric light, miles of concrete sidewalks, 3 banks, 2 building and loan associations, 2 volunteer fire companies, 3 newspapers, 2 public parks, healthy climate, 3 distilleries, largest flour mills in Indiana, saw and edge tool works, cooperage works, furniture factory, lumber and veneer works, manufactories of pumps and tube well supplies, coffins, shoes, bricks, etc. Tel., W. U. Exp., American and W. F. & Co. Albert Spanagel, postmaster.

  • Axby J L, vet surg.
  • Baker Kirtley, confr.
  • Barrott E & Son (Elkaneh and Wm F), genl store.
  • Bateman E D, physician.
  • BATESVILLE LUMBER & VENEER CO, V McDonald Sec, Mnfrs of Veneers and Panels, Three and Five Ply Panels, High Class Products.
  • Bauer Cooperage Co, J M Bauer pres, H Wright sec.
  • Bechtel Henry, genl store.
  • Bell Telephone Co.
  • Biddle Isaac N, jeweler.
  • Bielby Estal G, lawyer and mayor.
  • Billups C F, boat livery.
  • Bishop George H & Co, Chas Bishop mngr, saw mnfrs.
  • Blankenbuehler Wm G, insurance.
  • Bobrink John A, grocer.
  • Braun P C, cashr Peoples Nat Bank.
  • Brehn Lewis, boat livery.
  • Brill John, grocer.
  • Bryant Sisters (Mabel), milliners.
  • Burkhardt Henry, meats.
  • Clark John, grocer.
  • Coble & McKenzie (Earl Coble, Chas McKenzie), meats.
  • Cook A D, pumps.
  • Cravens Thomas S, lawyer.
  • Crown Hotel, Earl Wissinger propr.
  • Dean Willard, pros atty.
  • Dearborn Motar Co, John Oberting mngr.
  • Dearborn National Bank (capitol $50,000), A E Nowlin pres, L W Hill cashr.
  • Decker & Hauck (W G Decker, E M Hauck), electns.
  • Deuschle Wm, dry goods.
  • Diehl H P & Co, powder.
  • Dietz Albert V, cashr German-Amer Bank.
  • Dixon H H, r r agt.
  • Dober Edward, clothing.
  • Dwyer John, physician.
  • Elliott Carrie, propr New Central Hotel.
  • Emerson W A, plumber.
  • Emmert E J, physician.
  • Emmert P J, dry goods.
  • EWBANK’S ABSTRACT OFFICE (Est’d 1882), James H. Ewbanks Propr, Only Complete Set of Abstract Books in Dearborn County, 107 W High.
  • EWBANK JAMES H, Propr Ewbank’s Abstract Office, Lawyer, Notary Public and Conveyancer, 107 W High.
  • Fagaly W T, physician.
  • FICHTER JOHN M, Editor The News
  • Fitch Bros (Thomas and Joseph), livery and undertakers.
  • Fitch C W, drugs and paints.
  • Fitch J C, genl store.
  • Fowler Ollie, restaurant.
  • Fox Andrew L, shoes.
  • Fox Wm, meats.
  • French E J, dentist.
  • Frolicher Shoe Mfg Co, Emil Frolicher mngr.
  • Gardner E F, laundry.
  • Garnier John B Brewery, Victor Obertling propr.
  • Gem Theater, Wm and Frank Warneford proprs.
  • German-American Bank (capitol $25,000), A J Hassmer pres, A V Dietz cashr.
  • Givan Martin J, county attorney.
  • Givan & Givan (W S and M J), lawyers.
  • Glockner Wm, grocer.
  • Gooden W T, editor Lawrenceburg Register.
  • Gordon John, genl store.
  • Gramer Louis, restaurant.
  • Greendale Distilling Co, Otto Special supt.
  • Haas Henry, cigar mnfr.
  • Harris A B, dry goods and carpets.
  • Hassmer A J, mus instrs.
  • Hauck Warren N, judge Circuit Court.
  • Haugh Warren N, lawyer.
  • Haverseik Elmer, genl store.
  • Hayes Edward, lawyer.
  • Haynes Clifford A, County Recorder.
  • Heck F C, dry goods.
  • Henn & Huschart (F J, Henn, M M Huschart), monuments.
  • Hill L W, cashr Dearborn Nat Bank.
  • Hoffmeir Anthony, grocer and baker.
  • Holtigel Henry, hay.
  • Hornbach Charles, grocer.
  • Hornberger John F, jeweler.
  • Indian Refining Co.
  • Jackson C M, dry goods.
  • Jackson R S, vet surg.
  • Jackson & Ludlow (R S Jackson, Frank Ludlow), horses.
  • Jaquith O S, physician.
  • Junker Charles, furn.
  • Karsteter Albert W, county surveyor.
  • Kestner Ernest, confr.
  • Klepper Herman, ice cream and confr.
  • Klepper Sisters (Anna and Marguirite), confrs and restaurant.
  • Kraus Conrad, baker.
  • Krieg John N, tailor.
  • Kupferschmidt Rose, jeweler.
  • Kurtzman Edgar, stenographer.
  • Lane George O, photo.
  • Lang Charles J, real estate.
  • Langham H, r r agt.
  • Lawrence Press, W G Glover editor.
  • Lawrence Register, W T Gooden publr.
  • Lawrenceburg Gas Co, Geo Kunz mngr.
  • Lawrenceburg Lumber Co, F C Dam mngr.
  • Lawrenceburg Public Library, Ada F Fitch librarian.
  • Lawrenceburg Roller Mills Co, B J Rothwell pres, G H Lewis vice-pres and mngr, L S Brown treas.
  • Lawrenceburg Wharf Co, boat livery.
  • Lommel Louise, drugs.
  • Lostetter C F, chiropractor.
  • Lutherbeck Harry E, County Auditor.
  • McCullough Drug Co, John McCullough mngr.
  • McGranahan Fannie, milliner.
  • McGranahan Wm, grocer.
  • McGuffin J B, tinsmith.
  • McKenzie Daniel E, sheriff.
  • McKim Christina, dry goods.
  • McKinney James G, county clerk.
  • Miller Thomas, restaurant.
  • Miller & Elder, insurance.
  • Mueller Emil, physician.
  • Nees Thomas, hotel.
  • New Central Hotel, Carrie Elliott propr.
  • NEWS THE, John M Fichter Editor
  • Obertling Victor, ice cream mnfr and propr Garnier Brewery.
  • Oertling Ernest G, books and wallpaper.
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co, Geo Volkert pres, H Hodell sec-treas.
  • Opera House, Terrill & Vesenmeir proprs.
  • Owl Band, H Enyart leader.
  • Pastner Samuel, propr Victor Hotel.
  • Peoples National Bank (capital $110,000), W H O’Brien pres, P C Braun cashr.
  • Pfalzgraf Fred, shoes.
  • Fredmore Clyde W, men’s furngs.
  • Press Wm G, editor Lawrenceburg Press.
  • Reagan Hotel, Peter Reagan propr.
  • Reagan Peter, propr Reagan Hotel.
  • Register Printing Co, W T Gooden mngr.
  • Ritzmann Wm F, ice cream and bottler.
  • Rossville Distilling Co, H S Miller mngr.
  • Rupp Fred, florist.
  • Ruppert George C, genl store.
  • Russe & Russe (J H and J H jr), lawyers.
  • Schmidt A F, drugs.
  • Schneider Christina, shoes.
  • Schneider Wm G A, shoes.
  • Schusterman Louis, junk.
  • Seekatz John, shoes.
  • Seekatz Louis, shoes.
  • Shaw W T, exp agt.
  • Smith Guy F, phys and dentist.
  • Southern Indiana Telephone Co, M E Ferris mngr.
  • SPANGEL ALBERT, Postmaster.
  • Spanagel Charles, delicatessen.
  • Squibb Distilling Co, Geo Squibb mngr.
  • Steinmetz Holman, tailor.
  • Stockman Omer T, grocer.
  • Stoneking H J, transfer.
  • Stuber F & Son, roofer.
  • Suer & Son, brick mnfrs.
  • Tebbs Warren, real estate.
  • Terrill G M, dentist.
  • Terrill & Vesenmeir (G M Terrill, Adam Vesenmeir), proprs Opera House.
  • Van Horn & Bateman (Wm Van Horn, George Bateman), hay and grain.
  • Vesenmeier Adam, grocer.
  • Victor Hotel, Saml Pastner propr.
  • Vogelsang Edward, garage.
  • Walsh James & Co, V M O’Shaughnessy mngr, distillers.
  • Warneford Wm, grocer.
  • Warneford Wm & Frank, proprs Gem Theater.
  • Westcott Wm H, county assessor.
  • Wissinger Earl, propr Crown Hotel.
  • Wolff Charles, grocer.
  • Wood George H, grocer.
  • Wright J C & Son, contractors.

Aurora – 1916 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1916-7. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co, 1916.


The largest city in Dearborn county, with 5,000 inhabitants, is located on the Ohio river in the township of Center. It is incorporated and is 4 miles west of Lawrenceburg, the county seat, and 26 miles west of Cincinnati on the B. & O. S. W., C., C., C. & St. L. and C., L. & A. (electric) railroads. Situated in the heart of all a splendid farming section, it is the acknowledged trade center for the country patronage of two counties. There are two flourishing banks, two live newspapers and six churches of the leading religious denominations. The schools are unexcelled by those of any town of its size in the state. There are a large number of important manufacturing establishments the chief products of which are buggies, chairs, wheels, castings, machinery, tools, caskets, furniture, monuments, cooperage, lumber, flour, etc. The principal shipments are hay, grain and tobacco. The city boasts unexcelled water and sewage systems and electric lighting and gas plants; has miles of concrete sidewalks and all the principal streets are paved with brick. Exp., Wells, Fargo & Co. Tel, W. U. Edward Maloney, postmaster.

  • Acme Milling Co.
  • Aurora Bulletin, R B Cass publr.
  • Aurora Business College, N L Richmond mngr.
  • Aurora Coffin Co, John Backman mngr.
  • Aurora Commercial Club, J J Backman pres, G C Mullen sec.
  • Aurora Furniture Co, H P Spaeth pres, Chas Steigerwald vice-pres, J H Hoskins sec.
  • Aurora Ice Co, Victor Oberding mngr.
  • Aurora Military Band, H J Smith ldr.
  • Aurora Produce Co, Paul Henschen mngr.
  • Aurora Public Library, Irma Hauck librarian.
  • Aurora State Bank (capital $50,000), H P Spaeth pres, C B Wilson cashr.
  • Aurora Telephone Co, E W Swarthout mngr.
  • AURORA TOOL WORKS THE, A Kastner Pres, H H Leive Vice-Pres and Treas, J Rushworth Sec and Genl Mngr, Mnfrs Upright Drill Presses.
  • Bailey Edward, grocer and meats.
  • Bascom W. T., livery.
  • Bebinger & Co (Jacob Bebinger), grocers.
  • Bethel Bros (John and Wm), paperhangers.
  • Bethel Charles & John, wallpaper and paints.
  • Billingsley Mary Mrs, propr Sunnyside Hotel.
  • Bloom Albert, grocer.
  • Bond Marc L, physician.
  • Borgerding E C Mrs, restaurant and confectionery.
  • Braunagel G M, liquors.
  • Burke Daniel, clothing.
  • Camfield, Nieman & Linkmeyer (V Camfield, Chas Nieman, John Linkmeyer), autos.
  • Campbell Hotel, Thos Campbell propr.
  • Campbell Thomas, propr Campbell Hotel.
  • CARMICHAEL THOMAS C, Mayor and Attorney-at-Law, Practice in All Courts.
  • Cass Robert B, publr Aurora Bulletin.
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co, grocers and dry goods.
  • Clore Thomas F, grocer.
  • Cobb Frank D, real estate.
  • Cobb L W Mrs, publr Dearborn Independent.
  • Cobb W H, insurance.
  • Cochran Chair Co, W E Stark mngr.
  • Cochran Gussie & Lillian, milliners.
  • Cole J E, dentist.
  • Conaway Silas, grocer.
  • Cottage Hotel, M V Heath propr.
  • Cox F M, genl store.
  • Curtis Charles W, hay.
  • Cutler Dick, exp agt.
  • Davies L E, lawyer.
  • Dean & Dean (Willard and John), lawyers.
  • Dearborn Independent, Mrs L W Cobb publr.
  • Demas George, ice cream and confectionery.
  • Dennerline J L, insurance.
  • Dierking Bros (Henry Dierking), dairy.
  • Dils Cliff J, hay.
  • Drake Mary, photographer.
  • Droege Bros (Gus and Geo), grocers.
  • Early & Daniel Co, Ed Moore mngr.
  • Empire Theater, Ross Macker mngr.
  • Everett Edward, cigars.
  • Everett James jr, grocer.
  • Fahey Bros (Mort and Farrell), grocers.
  • Farmer Ira, clothing.
  • First National Bank (capital $100,000), J A Riddell pres, H J Schmutte cashr.
  • Frank Peter, grocer.
  • Frank Walter, bakery.
  • Gardner Charles R, musical instruments.
  • Gardner Robert R, electn and plmbr.
  • Golding & Cross (Geo Golding, Wm Cross), livery.
  • Good John C, chiropractor.
  • Grand Theater, C A McIntyre mngr.
  • Greenham W, poultry.
  • Gridley Albert T, civ eng.
  • Hancock Peter, auction.
  • Harrison John, junk.
  • Hauck Julius, chiropractor.
  • Heath Loren, restaurant.
  • Heath M V, propr Cottage Hotel.
  • Heck Theo & Co, Frank Green mngr, furniture.
  • Herdegen J T, florist.
  • Hill Abraham, boat livery, express and coal.
  • Hillman Charles, express.
  • Hogan Shoe Co, Harry Hogan mngr.
  • Holmes Ella S, physician.
  • Holthouse Ed, undertaker.
  • Horr Leslie, optometrist.
  • How Philip, jeweler.
  • IMPERIAL REMEDY CO THE, Dr J T Treon Pres and Mngr, T C Carmichael Sec, 10 Gibson Bldg.
  • Indiana Public Service Co, Chas Hanna mngr, electric light.
  • Indianapolis Chair & Furniture Co, C B Wilson pres, W L Hoskins vice-pres, W J Neukom sec-treas.
  • Jackson J M, physician.
  • Johnson & Smith (Robert Johnson, Paul Smith), hardware and farm implements.
  • Jung Brewing Co (Cincinnati O), John Dennerlein mngr.
  • Kassebaum F W & Son, monuments.
  • Kastner Andrew, grocer.
  • Kelley C E, grocer.
  • Kirshhaus Jacob, hotel.
  • Klingelhoffer Bros (Geo and Edwin), contrs.
  • Knippenberg Henry, ice cream mnfr and confectioner.
  • Kuhlmeier J H & Son, hardware and harness.
  • LANGE MACHINE WORKS, G A Schipper Mngr, Develiping, Designing, Manufacturing, General Machine Work and Repairing, Rear Postoffice.
  • Leibecke Frank G Mnfg Co, auto trimmers.
  • Leive Wm & Son, jewelers.
  • Libbert E J, physician.
  • Longcamp H J, dentist.
  • Lostutler C F, chiropractor.
  • Lyric Theater, Petcher & Klye proprs.
  • McCreary John, live stock.
  • McIntyre Charles A, billposter and mngr Grand Theater.
  • McKinzie D E, ice and coal.
  • McMullen & McMullen (Harry and Cassin), lawyers.
  • Macker Henry E, grocer.
  • Macker J Ross, clothing.
  • MALONEY EDWARD, Postmaster.
  • Marshall C C, physician.
  • Martin Gus, liquors.
  • Martin J Wm, dry goods and shoes.
  • Martin & Ross (T J Martin, Wm Ross), veterinary surgeons.
  • Mason Mary, restaurant and confectioner.
  • Mattox R Clarke, lumber.
  • Maybin James C, dentist.
  • Miller Edward, tinsmith.
  • Munderlich H F, insurance.
  • Neal H S, auto repr.
  • Niebaum E H & Son, dry goods and grocers.
  • Nocks Emery, livery.
  • North Henry, live stock.
  • Olcott & Co, drugs and paints.
  • Opp Coal Co, Chas Opp mngr.
  • Opperman Fred, genl store.
  • Pate Hugh, live stock.
  • Peoples Bldg & Loan Co, Fred Beinkampen mngr.
  • Petcher & Kyle (Albert Petcher, Wm Klye), proprs Lyric Theater.
  • Peters Fred A, grocer.
  • Pittsburgh Coal Co, Abram Hill mngr.
  • Prudential Life Ins Co, A Teaney agt.
  • Rice Thomas H, express.
  • Riddell James A, drugs and paints.
  • Riddell J A & Co (James A Riddell), drugs and paints.
  • Royer Wheel Co, Wm Moore mngr.
  • Rubel & Jackson (Lee Rubel, Robt Jackson), garage.
  • Sawdon & Schooley (Adin Sawdon, Wm Schooley), farm implements.
  • Scaletta Lawrence, fruits and produce.
  • Schipper F, machinist.
  • SCHIPPER GEAR PLANER CO, G A Schipper Mngr, Mnfrs Spur Gears, Rear Postoffice.
  • Schmutte H J, cashr First National Bank.
  • Schuler Frank & Son, furniture.
  • Schuler Jacob, ins and real est.
  • Schuler Philip, tailor.
  • Schulz Edward, clothing.
  • Shipper Frank, shoes.
  • Siefferman & Haug (Geo Siefferman, John Haug), tailors.
  • Smiley Al & Son (Albert and Harry), live stock.
  • Smith Edwin Mrs, art needlework.
  • Smith H W, furniture mnfr.
  • Snyder A Robert, grocer.
  • Somerfield Samuel, milliner and notions.
  • Speath H P, hardware.
  • Stafford Alice, milliner.
  • Standard Oil Co, John Neal agt.
  • Star Milling Co, Fred Nolte mngr.
  • Stedman’s Foundry & Machine Works, Perrin Langdon mngr.
  • Steele John, grocer.
  • Steingenwald Charles, grocer.
  • Stewart O H, physician.
  • Stier J H Co, furniture, undertakers and livery.
  • Stoll Meat Co (Louis, Gus and Wm Stoll)
  • SUNNYSIDE HOTEL, Mrs Mary Billingsley Propr, Everything New and Clean, Nice Rooms, Rates $1.50 Per Day and Up, E George and Johnson
  • Sutton H H, physician.
  • Teaney D B, grocer.
  • Treon James F, physician.
  • Truelock Chalen, restaurant and confectioner.
  • Ullrich John, drugs and paints.
  • Van Osdol C L, dentist.
  • Vigran Harry, notions.
  • Walker Scott, laundry.
  • Wallace E R, physician.
  • Watts Samuel C, bakery and ice cream mnfr.
  • Watts Wm, bakery.
  • Wilson Clarence B, cashr Aurora State Bank.
  • Wood Harry, grocer.
  • Wright J C, lumber.
  • Wymond Cooperage Co, Wm Haskins mngr.
  • Zeh R S, grocer.

Dearborn County – 1884 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-85. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co., 1884.
Digital Copy at Internet Archive
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Entries from Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana
Entries from Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana

DEARBORN CO.—Lawrenceburgh the county seat. Clerk, Warren Tebbs. Sheriff, John C. Sims. Treasurer, James D. Gatch. Auditor, Julius Severin. Recorder, George C. Columbia. Coroner, Charles J. B. Ratjen. Surveyor, Albert T. Gridley.

AVENTON. Is a small hamlet located in Harrison township, Dearborn county, 17 miles north of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat, and 140 from Indianapolis. Brookville is the banking town, and Harrison, O, 3 miles south, on the W W V R R, is the nearest rail approach. Population 30. Daniel Goble, postmaster.

  • Goble David, grocer and carpenter.
  • Goble Iden, lime mnfr.
  • Klemm George, shoemkr.
  • Stephens Joseph, carpenter.

BRIGHT. Or Bunkum, as the place was formerly called, has a population of 90, and is located in Harrison township, Dearborn county, 11 miles north of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and banking town. Harrison, O, 4 miles northeast, on the W W R R, is the nearest rail approach. Joseph Haddock, postmaster.

  • Aperias Henry, shoemkr.
  • Crim Jeremiah, blacksmith.
  • Haddock Joseph, Postmaster.
  • Hargitt & Grubbs, saw mill.
  • Hauk A, wagonmkr.
  • Howlin Henry, general store.
  • Hurgitt Thomas Rev (Methodist).
  • Ingham Thomas, shoemkr.
  • Judd J C, carpenter.
  • Kibbey David, general store.
  • Liddle William, general store.
  • Mericle Wm, justice.
  • Siddle J R, Physician.
  • Swales C A, blacksmith.
  • Whipple A B, blacksmith.

CHESTERVILLE. Established in 1884, is a rural postoffice in Dearborn county.

COCHRAN. In Centre township, Dearborn county, with 1,400 inhabitants, is a village located on the O & M Ry, 5 miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Banking facilities at Aurora, distant 2 miles. There are located here the O & M car shops, chair factory, and a Methodist church. Ex, O & M. Abram P Shutts, postmaster.

  • Bloner George, hotel, boots and shoes.
  • Carhaugh J H, justice.
  • Cochran Charles & Co, chair mnfrs.
  • Dale Kate, notions.
  • Green J C, general store.
  • Hames & Criswell, Meat Market.
  • Opperman F, General Store.
  • Peppergon Joseph, puttery.
  • Schafstall Wm, carpenter.
  • Shutts Abram P, Shoemaker and Stationer.
  • Shutts Frank B, cigars and tobacco.
  • Sieferman John, blacksmith.
  • Smith & Safstall, wagonmkrs.
  • Stanford L D, grocer.
  • Wheeler J M, general store.
  • Wright J C, carpenter.

COLDSPRING. A station and post office on the O & M Ry, located in Sparta township, Dearborn county, 15 miles west of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Nearest bank at Aurora, distant 14 miles. With a population of 75, the village supports Methodist, Lutheran, and Baptist churches. Produce and lumber are the exports. O & M Ex. W U Tel. J W Livingston, postmaster.

  • Bossong Joseph M, insurance agt.
  • Christy John, wagonmkr.
  • Crippky H, blacksmith.
  • Demand B, painter.
  • Homan F, general store.
  • Jones Jesse C, carpenter.
  • Livingston J W, General Store.
  • Mulford William C, justice of the peace.
  • Turner George W, furs.

DILLSBOROUGH. Settled in 1830, is a prosperous village of 500 inhabitants located on O & M Ry, in Clay township, Dearborn county, 14 miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Aurora, distant 10 miles, is the location of nearest bank. Methodist and Lutheran churches are sustained and produce shipped. Daily stage to Farmers’ Retreat and Friendship. Ex, O & M. Tel, W U. S M Weaver, postmaster.

  • Blue Benjamin, meat market.
  • Calvert J M, jeweler.
  • Conaway Ham, lawyer.
  • Conaway Preston, live stock.
  • Curry Bros, produce.
  • Ginter Frederick, shoemkr.
  • Hamlin W S, grocer.
  • Hartley J L, General Store.
  • Haynes W H, druggist.
  • Huffington G V, R R agt.
  • Kamping H, mer tailor.
  • Knowls R T, cooper.
  • Lord T J, physician.
  • Milford O P M, blacksmith.
  • Misner D C, undertaker.
  • Neasta A H, shoemkr.
  • Niebruggs Henry, livery.
  • Perlee D, blacksmith.
  • Perlee Wm, wagonmkr.
  • Pohle Wm, blacksmith.
  • Roberts L, tinner.
  • Roberts & Suits, flour mill.
  • Rudisill S, harnessmkr.
  • Sale F H, physician.
  • Sale J H, physician.
  • Scudder Thomas, undertaker.
  • Stevenson W C D, notary public.
  • Stewer Wm, notions.
  • Teke W E, saloon and livery.
  • Tholke Frederick, general store and cooper.
  • Tholke Henry, wagonmkr.
  • Thompson Dean, carpenter.
  • Vandolat J C & Co, general store.
  • Veit L, hotel.
  • Weaver S M, physician.
  • Withrow W W, General Store.

FARMERS’ RETREAT. Once called Opptown, contains 100 inhabitants, in Cesar Creek township, Dearborn county, 20 miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Aurora, distant 18 miles, has the nearest bank. Dillsborough Station, 7 miles northeast on the O & M R R, is the shipping station. Methodist and Lutheran churches are supported. Daily stage to Dillsborough; fare, 40 cents. Anthony Opp, postmaster.

  • Barkley J M, physician.
  • Bosse Garrett, general store.
  • Campbell Wm R, justice of the peace.
  • Doctor Frederick, blacksmith.
  • Kretzman C Rev (Lutheran).
  • Kuhlmier Henry, harness.
  • Miller J R, notary public and live stock.
  • Opp Anthony, General Store and Cooper.
  • Opp Anthony & Son, Agricultural Implements.
  • Opp Charles, news dealer.
  • Pate James W, live stock.
  • Schuette Frederick, shoemkr.
  • Stapel E H, General Store.

GUILFORD. On the C I St L & C Ry, in York township, Dearborn county, with 300 inhabitants, is a village located 8 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and banking town. The place contains a Methodist church and exports produce and plows. Ex, Am. Tel. W U. C W Robertson, postmaster.

  • Cole F, blacksmith.
  • Collins L J, physician.
  • Dowden V, justice of the peace.
  • Dunning & Ewbank, milliners.
  • Hargitt R, general store and ex agt.
  • Robertson & Huddleston, Grain and Produce.
  • Vincent H C, physician.
  • Vogle C, sewing machines.
  • Voglesang N, wagonmkr.
  • Washborn M E, R R agt.
  • Woling L, blacksmith.

GUIONSVILLE. Contains 250 inhabitants, in Clay township, Dearborn county, 14 miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh court house. Aurora, the banking town, is 10 miles northeast. Ship to Dillsboro, distant 4 miles, on the O & M Ry. Simon Conaway, postmaster.

  • Conaway Preston, live stock.
  • Conaway & Niester, General Store.
  • Klausing Henry, blacksmith.
  • McElfresh W, physician.
  • Niester A F, shoemkr.
  • Niles E P, saw mill.
  • Robinson Ann, General Store.
  • Rockafellow Dr, physician.
  • Sink D B, blacksmith.
  • Snyder John, flour mill.
  • Turner Eli H, wagonmkr.
  • Wilson J B, flour mill.

HOLMAN. A hamlet containing 50 inhabitants in Manchester township, Dearborn county, 15 miles west of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat, and 4 northeast of Moore’s Hill, its shipping depot, on the O & M Ry. Daily stage to Lawrenceburgh. C H Lewis, postmaster.

  • Lewis C H, general store.
  • Murdock James, blacksmith.

KELSO. A hamlet possessed of 150 inhabitants, located in township of same name, Dearborn county, 14 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and banking town. Guilford, 7 miles southeast, on the C I St L & C R R, is the shipping station. The village was formerly known as Dover, and supports 1 Catholic church. B N Pheders, postmaster.

  • Andres John, wagonmkr, general store, hotel and grain cradle factory.
  • Barker Edward, wagonmkr.
  • Bregeman B Rev (Catholic).
  • Korti Anton, shoemkr.
  • Merckle J George, builder and contractor.
  • Probst John, justice of the peace.
  • Probst & Doyle, saw mill and blacksmiths.
  • Shafer Philip, general store.
  • Snider Frank, shoemkr.
  • Theders B H, shoemkr.
  • Zimmer Adam, blacksmith.

KYLE. Locally known as Manchester station, is located on C I St L & C R R, in Manchester township, Dearborn county, 9 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and banking town. Population 150. James B Pyle, postmaster.

  • Baker W H, flour mill.
  • Claspill R, blacksmith.
  • Craig T E, physician.
  • Crocker W F, general store.
  • Edwards Wm, justice.
  • Emerson Thomas, general store.
  • Heustis O T, saw mill.
  • Johnston George, saw mill.
  • Kyle T M, physician.
  • McMullen S A, general store.
  • Mendell J H, carpenter.
  • Pyle James B, General Store.
  • Ruble John, justice.
  • Taylor F F, general store.

LAWRENCEVILLE. Dates as a settlement from 1818, and is located in Jackson township, Dearborn county, 20 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat, and 12 southwest of Brookville, the location of nearest bank. Sunman, distant 4 miles, on the C I St L & C R R, is the usual shipping station. The village contains 250 inhabitants, and supports 1 Methodist church. Francis Busald, postmaster.

  • Berger Peter, cigar mnfr.
  • Blasdel Wm H, spoke factory.
  • Boerstler Adam, carpenter.
  • Brandt Charles, basket mnfr.
  • Brose John, carpenter.
  • Busald Francis, General Store.
  • Deal Frank, carpenter.
  • Gudapfel Wm, blacksmith.
  • Haefner John, blacksmith.
  • Hoff George, spoke factory.
  • Hoffman Joseph, blacksmith.
  • Lawrence Jacob S, Agricultural Implements and Saw Mill.
  • Rehm John, shoemkr.
  • Ritzer Andrew, brewer.
  • Sahn Adam, flour and saw mill.
  • Sahn Henry, general store.
  • Theobald John, shoemkr.
  • Trayer John, wagonmkr.
  • Williams George S & Son, tanners.

LOGAN. With a population of 75, is situated in township of same name, Dearborn county, 14 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat, and 5 miles west of Harrison, on the W W R R. Logan has a Methodist church and a district school. John F Gibson, postmaster.

  • Brown John H, general store.
  • Gibson John F, General Store and Insurance.
  • Massett Joseph, blacksmith.
  • Reynmyer Caleb, meat market.
  • Rugg C W, justice of the peace.
  • Rugg H C, township trustee.
  • Swales Wilson H, physician.
  • Swales Wilson H Jr, physician.

MANCHESTER. 3 ½ miles from Manchester station, on the C I St L & C R R, in Dearborn county, Manchester township, 12 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh court house and banking place, contains 150 inhabitants, graded school, Methodist and Universalist churches. Has daily stage communication with Lawrenceburgh; fare 70 cents round trip. Ex, Am. Samuel McMullin, postmaster.

  • Baker’s Sons, flour mill.
  • Carson A L, general store.
  • Clark David H, blacksmith.
  • Claspill R C, blacksmith.
  • Craig T E, physician.
  • Crocker W F, general store.
  • Emerson Thomas, general store.
  • Horbaugh L, tinner.
  • Kelly D D, carpenter.
  • Kennedy James M, carpenter.
  • Kyle T M, physician.
  • McMullen J L, meat market.
  • McMullin Samuel, General Store.
  • Platt Seth, brick mason.
  • Pummill Wm, wagonmkr.
  • Purlee David, blacksmith.
  • Rebarger Frank, cooper.
  • Riddle John V, agrl implements.
  • Ross Jasper, cooper.
  • Ruble Alexander, shoemkr.
  • Ruble John, justice of the peace.
  • Sinens J C, blacksmith.
  • Steinmetz George W, agrl implements.
  • True R S, wagonmkr.

MOORE’S HILL. Located on the O & M Ry, in Sparta township, Dearborn county, 16 miles west of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Aurora, 12 miles distant, is the nearest banking town. Population 600. Ex, O & M. J W Hayman, postmaster.

  • Adkins W S, meat market.
  • Adkinson L G Rev, pres Moore’s Hill College.
  • Bowers & Son, druggists and physicians.
  • Canfield J V, wagonmkr and justice.
  • Clark W A, hotel.
  • Darby Thomas, blacksmith.
  • Daughters A P, Physician.
  • Ferritor Thomas, agt O & M Ry and Ex Co.
  • French John S, undertaker and livery.
  • Gault H B, general store.
  • Hancock E, boots and shoes.
  • Hayman J W, General Store.
  • Holcomb S D, milliner.
  • Jennings & Noble, general store.
  • Johnson C W, harness and saddlemkr.
  • Jones T C, cooper.
  • Lambertson J W, general store and justice.
  • Loyd O M, live stock.
  • Moore G W, general store.
  • Moore H D, General Store.
  • Noble J H, carpenter and undertaker.
  • Palmer H J, jeweler.
  • Pennington J C, lumber.
  • Rosser David, druggist and physician.
  • Schabel George, stoves and tinware.
  • Spencer J F, physician.

NEW ALSACE. A prosperous German settlement of about 500 inhabitants, in Kelso township, Dearborn county, 15 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and nearest banking town. Weisburgh station, on the C I St L & C R R, 3 miles southwest, is the shipping point. Andrew Gaffga, postmaster.

  • Benz Michael, meat market.
  • Blattner Anton, general store and saloon.
  • Burgermeister A, shoemkr.
  • Evan John, wagonmkr.
  • Fette Gerhardt, Flour Mill.
  • Gaffga A, Cigar Mnfr.
  • Gaffga Jacob, saloon.
  • Gensheimer John, carpenter and undertaker.
  • Hilbert George, general store.
  • Kichler John, blacksmith.
  • Klump Cornelius, blacksmith.
  • Krass Anton, cooper.
  • Labby Wm, general store and saloon.
  • Lang Mathias, carpenter.
  • Lods Charles, lumber.
  • Meyer Martin, Brewer.
  • Morgan Frederick, shoemkr.
  • Radcliffe E M, physician.
  • Schwendemanu Frederick, stoves and tinware.
  • Siebmann P Rev, clergyman.
  • Stemler Sebastian, carpenter.
  • Stenger John A, shoemkr.
  • Vogelgesang Cilia, saloon.
  • Werst Peter & Co, General Store.
  • Wolter George, barber.
  • Zix Michael, brewer.

SAINT LEON. 5 miles south of its shipping point (New Trenton), on the W W R R, in Kelso township, Dearborn county, 18 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh court house. Brookville, 17 miles distant, is the bank location. Christ Meder, postmaster.

  • Bolach J Mrs, general store.
  • Bruder Basil, cooper.
  • Chans Charles, blacksmith.
  • Doerfline Henry, blacksmith.
  • Donolan Wm, justice.
  • Gabriel John Rev (Catholic).
  • Hilbert John, wagonmkr.
  • Hoffler Martin, shoemkr.
  • Meder Christ, General Store.
  • Raty Joseph, carpenter.
  • Schumann Joseph, general store.
  • Singer John, carpenter.
  • Stenger Charles, carpenter.
  • Stenger Christopher, shoemkr.
  • Stenger John C, Flour Mill.
  • Stenger Joseph, general store.

SPARTA. In Sparta township, county of Dearborn, 3 miles west of Moore’s Hill, on the O & M Ry, the nearest shipping point, and 14 miles west of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. The nearest bank is at Aurora. Population 100. Fred Slater, postmaster.

  • Bedunah Joseph W, carpenter.
  • Chamberlain S B, physician.
  • Heustis W P, feed mill.
  • Huston James, blacksmith.
  • Johnson John W, justice.
  • Slater F & Son, General Store.

VOGEL. A rural postoffice, on C I St L & C R R, in York township, Dearborn county, 14 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh court house, the banking town. Valentine Vogel, postmaster.

  • Smith Cunrad, General Store.

WEISBURGH. Located on the C I St L & C R R, 38 miles northwest of Cincinnati, in Jackson township, Dearborn county, is a village of 150 inhabitants. Lawrenceburgh, the county seat and nearest bank location, is 16 miles southeast. Hay and grain are shipped. Am Ex. H Chairsell, postmaster.

  • Althoff C H Rev (Lutheran).
  • Anderson Wm B, cooper.
  • Bauermeister Wm Rev (Lutheran).
  • Buchert James, hotel and saloon.
  • Cairns John, justice of the peace.
  • Chairsell H, General Store.
  • Fermier Pierre, physician.
  • Gutzwiller Philip, blacksmith.
  • Hilbert G, wagonmkr.
  • Leimkuhler Wm, blacksmith and wagonmkr.
  • Minneman F H, agrl implements.
  • Oelker C, cabinetmkr.
  • Rohlfing Fred H, notary public.
  • Schweitzer R H, General Store.
  • Stohlman Louis, harnessmkr.
  • Stumpke Frederick, boots and shoes.
  • Tiedeman Christian, wagonmkr.
  • Weis Christian, lumber.
  • Weis Philip, flour mill.

WILMINGTON. Located in Hogan township, Dearborn county, 2 ½ miles from the Ohio river, and 1 from the O & M Ry, 7 miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. Aurora, 2 ½ miles east, is the banking town and shipping depot. Population 359. Mrs. Eliza A Hilpheustine, postmaster.

  • Armstrong John, carpenter.
  • Boardman B P, general store.
  • Bradford C H, painter.
  • Brown R D, lawyer.
  • Bunyon James, carpenter.
  • Cottingham T W, dry goods and blacksmith.
  • Dunn Wm H, physician.
  • Elder John, feather renovator.
  • Goodrich M, confectioner.
  • Haynes John D, lawyer.
  • Hilphenstine Eliza A, Music Teacher.
  • Hilphenstine James Q, organs.
  • Jackson John, shoemkr.
  • Miller O P, druggist.
  • Newby Jacob, carpenter.
  • Powell T B, carpenter.
  • Truitts J M & Son, contractors.
  • Wilson John, live stock.

WRIGHT’S CORNERS. A place of about 100 inhabitants, in Manchester township, Dearborn county, 8 miles west of Lawrenceburgh court house, bank and shipping point. Grain, hay and cattle are shipped. Daily stage to Lawrenceburgh. M P House, postmaster.

  • Bennett John, shoemkr.
  • Carson A S, justice of the peace.
  • Clarks B S, blacksmith.
  • Clark D H, blacksmith.
  • Devore D G, general store.
  • Duncan D, shoemkr.
  • Hall G W, meat market.
  • House M P, Postmaster.
  • Howerton A, painter.
  • Kyle T M, physician.
  • McIlwain R, blacksmith.
  • Mandell J H, carpenter.
  • Mendell Wm, carpenter.
  • Powell & Heustis, saw mill.
  • Ruble John, painter.
  • True R S, wagonmkr.

YORKVILLE. Population 90, located in York township, Dearborn county, 12 miles northwest of Lawrenceburgh, the seat of justice and nearest banking town, and 4 ½ miles northwest of Guilford, on C I St L & C R R, the shipping point. M Reidinger, postmaster.

  • Dumont M R, blacksmith.
  • Hagar W, furniture.
  • Hornback Alias, general store.
  • Miller Frances Mrs, general store.
  • Miller John, blacksmith.
  • Nordmeier H, boots and shoes.
  • Reidinger M, Township Trustee.
  • Steinmetz M Mrs, saloon.

Lawrenceburg – 1884 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-85. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co., 1884.
Digital Copy at Internet Archive

LAWRENCEBURGH. The county seat of Dearborn county, is a thrifty manufacturing city of 5,000 inhabitants, located on the Ohio river, O & M and C I St L & C Rys, 26 miles from Cincinnati and 89 from Indianapolis. Lawrenceburgh is a well-built city, supplied with gas works, 8 churches, 3 graded schools, 1 bank, 7 hotels and 2 weekly newspapers—Register and Press. The bonded debt of the city amounts $68,000. This is a very important manufacturing center. Prominent among its mills factories, etc., are 2 flour mills, 2 carriage factories, a planing mill, 4 large distilleries, 2 saw mills, 3 cooper shops, 3 furniture factories, a stove foundry, washing machine factory, brewery, hub and spoke factory, 2 brick yards, a wheel factory, coffin works and 1 chair factory. It has excellent transportation facilities, an eligible location, and is surrounded by a fertile agricultural district. Ex, Am, Adams and O & M. Tel, W U. T J Lucas, postmaster.

  • Adamson Ralph N, cigars.
  • Adler Louis, general store.
  • Bainbridge Wm H, lawyer.
  • Baldwin E C & Co, furniture.
  • Barrott Enos, junk.
  • Bauer Cooperage Co, coopers.
  • Bechtel Joseph, general store.
  • Beckenholdt George, flour mill.
  • Beckenholt G & Co, coal.
  • Boese Henry J, cigars.
  • Bond Edwin P, physician.
  • Bostic John D, grocer.
  • Bruce Archibald W, cigars.
  • Burkam Joseph H, lumber.
  • Chapman Samuel, printer.
  • Collins S H, physician.
  • Cook August D, machinist.
  • Cook John F, clothing.
  • Cook John F, clothing.
  • Cook Wm F, hardware.
  • Creamer John M, barber.
  • Crist Israel, hardware.
  • Dickinson Samuel, undertaker.
  • Dobell Edwin B, furniture.
  • Dober Edward, tailor.
  • Dorman Frank R & Co, dry goods.
  • Dorman John S, general store.
  • Dowden Otho W, harness.
  • Dueschle John, baker.
  • Dueschle Lawrence Mrs, general store.
  • Dumont & Son, dentists.
  • Dunaway Isaac R, justice.
  • Dunn Isaac M, grocer.
  • Early & Daniel, farmers’ supplies.
  • Emeuaker Joseph, wagonmkr.
  • Emmert Phillip J, dry goods.
  • Erskine Annie J Miss, millinery.
  • Evans Oliver C, physician.
  • Fahlbush George, saloon.
  • Ferris Charles E, druggist.
  • Fichter Michael, shoes.
  • Fike Wm, carriages.
  • Fitch George B, lawyer.
  • Fitch Harris, livery.
  • Fitch Margaret Mrs, grocer.
  • Fitch & Shaw, grocers.
  • Fitterer Charles, saloon.
  • Fleischman Charles A, barber.
  • Foshag Jacob, baker.
  • Fox Charles, meat market.
  • Francis Thomas, carpenter.
  • Frederick Edward C, Sample Rooms, next to depot.
  • Freeman House, Thomas Freeman, Proprietor.
  • Garnart Kate Mrs, grocer.
  • Garner Otto F, books.
  • Garnier John B, brewer.
  • Gatch James D, physician.
  • Gatch & Miller, physicians.
  • Gleason Eli T, baker.
  • Gould R H, Livery Stable. (See adv, page 445.)
  • Green John P, physician.
  • Grill Joseph, tailor.
  • Gruber Joseph, grocer.
  • Guard Columbus, saloon.
  • Hammerle Jacob F, grocer.
  • Harding Myron H, physician.
  • Harper Jesse S, news depot.
  • Harryman Samuel, dentist.
  • Hartman Peter W, saloon.
  • Hassner Anthony J, sewing machines.
  • Hayes Charles F, lawyers.
  • Helmuth H R & Son, grocers.
  • Hess P Miss, dressmkr.
  • Heustis Benjamin, blacksmith.
  • Hibbets John C, insurance agt.
  • Hillman Edwin A, crockery.
  • Hitzfield Louis, hotel.
  • Hood Thomas M, grocer.
  • Hoog Martin, saloon.
  • Hornberger John F, jeweler.
  • Huber Wm, cigars.
  • Hunter Wm D H, insurance.
  • Hunter & O’Brien, publrs the Register.
  • Huschart George & Co, marble.
  • Isherwood John, grocer.
  • Israel Charles, grocer.
  • Jeffries John, saloon.
  • Jenkins Charles W, confectioner.
  • Jerger Joseph, shoemkr.
  • Jordon Wm H, druggist.
  • Junker Abraham, saloon.
  • Kastner Adam, baker.
  • Kaufman Simon Mrs, millinery.
  • Kidd Hugh G, stoves.
  • Kieffer Martin, books.
  • Kilthan Jacob, barber.
  • Kimmel Sisters, milliners.
  • Kirsch Robert, barber.
  • Klein Michael, saloon.
  • Klepper Herman, tailor.
  • Kleyer Clement, grocer.
  • Kohlermann Louis, livery.
  • Kreig Frederick, tailor.
  • Krieger Joseph, baker.
  • Kunkel John A, cigars.
  • Kupferschmidt Leopold, jeweler.
  • Larimer James E, publr Lawrenceburgh Press.
  • Lawrenceburgh Furniture Manufacturing Co, Furniture Mnfrs.
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co.
  • Lawrenceburgh Mill Co, flour mill.
  • Lawrenceburgh Press, J E Larimer, propr.
  • Lawrenceburgh Register, Hunter & O’Brien, proprs.
  • Lotton Hotel, Louis Lotton, Proprietor.
  • Lotton Louis, Proprietor Lotton Hotel.
  • McConnell & McAvoy, clothing.
  • McGranahan Joseph, grocer.
  • McGuffin Shannon, stoves.
  • Mathus Louis S, insurance.
  • Meyer Ernest, grocer.
  • Miami Stove Works, stove mnfrs.
  • Miami Valley Furniture Co.
  • Michael A Rev (Lutheran).
  • Miller D H, Livery Stable. (See adv, page 445.)
  • Moody Alexander, barber.
  • Murphy Alice Mrs, dressmkr.
  • Nelson Richard P, barber.
  • Oertling Herman, horseshoer.
  • Oester Nicholas, distiller.
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co.
  • Palmer House, John M Palmer, propr.
  • Petcher George, saloon.
  • Pfalzgraf Jacob, saloon.
  • Pfalzgraf Peter, saloon.
  • Rabe Charles, blacksmith.
  • Ratzen Elizabeth, saloon.
  • Renner Gideon, grain.
  • Rief Jacob, saloon.
  • Rief J & Stein, cigars.
  • Risinger Harrison, jeweler.
  • Roberts Edward, harness.
  • Roberts George A, insurance.
  • Roberts George M, mayor.
  • Rodenburg Fred & Co, distillers.
  • Roots & Co, flour.
  • Rosnog Frank, brickmkr.
  • Schaefer Jacob, wagonmkr.
  • Schingler Lapold, grocer.
  • Schlotter Melchoir, blacksmith.
  • Schnider Anton, shoes.
  • Schnider Wm, shoes.
  • Seekatz Charles F, shoes.
  • Seekatz Edward C, baker.
  • Seekatz George P, shoes.
  • Seekatz George P Jr, shoes.
  • Seekatz Wm, shoes.
  • Sicking George, confectioner.
  • Sicking John, saloon.
  • Siemandel John G, shoemkr.
  • Siemandel Mary, grocer.
  • Slater Robert E, lawyer.
  • Smith John J, notions.
  • Sonderman J F Rev (Catholic).
  • Sparks Bros, grocers.
  • Sprange Benjamin, brickmkr.
  • Squibb W P & Co, distillers.
  • Stahl John, Sample Rooms; Choice Wines and Liquors.
  • Stevenson Wm J, hotel.
  • Strasburger Samuel, dry goods.
  • Sturm George, cooper.
  • Tebbs Bros, grocers.
  • Terrill Wm M, physician.
  • Theis George, cooper.
  • Tinker W W Rev (Baptist).
  • Tinsley Charles Rev (Methodist).
  • Tittel Joseph, lumber.
  • Ulrey Joel P, dentist.
  • Vanhorn Samuel A, grain.
  • Vogel George P, grocer.
  • Voltz Frank X, hotel.
  • Walsh Nicholas J, distiller.
  • Walter Charles G, dry goods.
  • Walter Rudolph, druggist.
  • Walter & Son, blacksmiths.
  • Weikel Frank, saloon.
  • Wesler Frederick, coal.
  • Wiles Jacob C, tailor.
  • Willers August, gunsmith.
  • Willson S N Rev (Presbyterian).
  • Winegardner Thomas, news depot.
  • Winter George D, horseshoer.
  • Woehle Hermann, baker.
  • Wood Wm, confectioner.
  • Wuest Albert, shoes.
  • Zengel A, photographer.
  • Zins Peter, shoes.
  • Zix Joseph Jr, saloon.

Aurora – 1884 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana entries from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-85. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co., 1884.
Digital Copy at Internet Archive

AURORA. The city of 6,000 inhabitants in situated on the Ohio River and O & M Ry, in Dearborn county, 4 miles below Lawrenceburgh court-house, 25 from Cincinnati, and 90 from Indianapolis. It was settled in 1819, incorporated in 1848, and is now a growing manufacturing place supplied with 12 churches, 2 graded schools, an opera house with a seating capacity of 600, 2 national banks, 4 hotels, gas works and an efficient fire department. The press is represented by 2 weekly newspapers, the Independent and Spectator. The chief manufacturing establishments comprise 2 flour mills, furniture factory, distillery, 2 foundries, chair factory, 2 saw mills, nail works, machine shop, large brewery, 2 cooper shops and 3 brick yards. Ex, O & M and Adams. Tel, W. U. Harry Fisk, postmaster.

  • Aurora Distillery Company.
  • Aurora Gas Light, Coke & Coal Company; Charles W. How, pres.
  • Aurora Valley Furniture Company; Garrett Bosse, pres; Wm Williams, sec and treas.
  • Baker Walter S, insurance.
  • Bauer John H, tailor.
  • Bauer Sisters, milliners.
  • Blackmore Olive M, dressmkr.
  • Bloom Albert, grocer.
  • Bond Richard C, physician.
  • Bradford & Bond, harness.
  • Braunagel Edward, saloon.
  • Braunagel Egidius, saloon.
  • Brison Wm W, livery.
  • Brown G W, Proprietor St Charles Hotel. (See adv page 105.)
  • Busby Isaac, hotel.
  • Caldwell Samuel, blacksmith.
  • Canfield O T, dry goods.
  • Carbaugh Isaac H, justice.
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co, general store.
  • Cobb’s Iron and Nail Co.
  • Cobb John & Co, chair mnfrs.
  • Cobb Louis W, propr Independent.
  • Cobb O P & Co, hardware.
  • Cochran G & L Misses, milliners.
  • Crescent Brewing Co, James W Gaff, Pres; S D Langtree, Manager.
  • Davidson A C Rev (Baptist).
  • Day Wm T, undertaker.
  • Dobel A & Bro, shoes.
  • Downey Daniel T, lawyer.
  • Downey Erastus S, agrl implements.
  • Droge & Donselman, flour mill.
  • Eades Eliza, stoves.
  • Eades James A, hardware.
  • Ebel John P H, grocer.
  • Egan John, tailor.
  • Elliott A & Co, agrl implements.
  • Epstein Samuel, grocer.
  • Erle Phillip, grocer.
  • Erwin Wm A Rev (Presbyterian).
  • Everett & Gregory, proprs Spectator.
  • Excelsior Iron Works, Julius Severin, pres.
  • Fehlin Charles Jr, grocer.
  • Feustel Ernest, saloon.
  • First National Bank (capital $200,000), Henry W Smith, pres.
  • Fisk C & Son, carriages.
  • Fisk Harry, postmaster.
  • Fritz Hiram, carriages.
  • Gehrish Joseph, shoemkr.
  • Giegoldt George C, saloon.
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co, grocers.
  • Goerth Bros, barbers.
  • Goerth L & Son, painters.
  • Goldsmith C & Bro, clothing.
  • Graf Louis, gunsmith.
  • Grand Opera House, Leive, Parks & Stapp, proprs.
  • Haines Abraham B, physician.
  • Hannah Lydie, dressmkr.
  • Haring Emil L, dentist.
  • Haring Mathew, furniture.
  • Harwood Thomas, painter.
  • Hauck Frederick, barber.
  • Hauck Julius J, barber.
  • Hays James A, furniture.
  • Held Hattie, stoves.
  • Held J Ph H, tailor.
  • Henkel H Rev (German Lutheran).
  • Henry Wm C, physician.
  • Herdegen Charles, agt Adams Ex Co.
  • Herdegen & Kress, grocers.
  • Holman & Holman, lawyers.
  • Horr Philip, jeweler.
  • Hurlburt Lewis G, lumber.
  • Husmeyer Frank, grocer.
  • Independent (weekly), Louis W Cobb, propr.
  • Johnson Adam, baker.
  • Johnson Bros, flour mill.
  • Johnson John A, confectioner.
  • Kastner Philip, grocer.
  • Kerr Mahlon B, blacksmith.
  • Kessebaum Frederick, marble.
  • Kirsch Jacob, hotel.
  • Kleaver Frank, harness.
  • Knight Sarah, notions.
  • Koehler Peter, grocer.
  • Kriete Frederick, grocer.
  • La Mar Elizabeth, general store.
  • Lamb & Treon, physician.
  • Landsbury A B, wagonmkr.
  • Leive, Parks & Stapp, propr Grand Opera House.
  • Leive & Bro, jewelers.
  • Lostutter, Statton & Jelley, insurance.
  • McClellan Mattie E, millinery.
  • McClellan Wm, blacksmith.
  • McConnell & McAvoy, dry goods.
  • McCreary & Niebaum, dry goods.
  • McHenry Wm J, lumber.
  • McIntyre John A, furniture.
  • McIntyre J A Mrs, confectioner.
  • McMillen Hugh D, lawyer.
  • Maloney Michael, propr Valley House.
  • Marshall & McAvoy, druggists.
  • Martin Charles, saloon.
  • Mattox Charles, agt O & M Ry.
  • Mauntel Frederick, Furniture.
  • Maybin Robert, general store.
  • Mergner Henry, meat market.
  • Merkel A H, grocer.
  • Meyer Joseph, clothing.
  • Milburn John N, jeweler.
  • Mitchell George W, brick mnfr.
  • Mueller Charles C, Druggist, corner Main and Third, City Building.
  • Murdock Arch C, grocer.
  • Nees John A, saloon.
  • Notmyre Christian S, saloon.
  • Oester Nicholas, liquors.
  • Oswald George, baker.
  • Parks John A, lawyer.
  • Parks & Stapp, general store.
  • Pelgen Peter, grocer.
  • Petcher John, saloon.
  • Peters Jacob, carpenter.
  • Pickelheimer & Roberts, lawyers.
  • Rebenstein Henry, tailor.
  • Rectanus Frederick, physician.
  • Reichert Frederick, saloon and hotel.
  • Riddell J A & Co, druggists.
  • Ritter George, cigars.
  • Roach S G Mrs, dry goods.
  • Roberts John W, harness.
  • Rudolph John B, grocer.
  • Rudolph John F, confectionery.
  • St. Charles Hotel, G W Brown Proprietor (See adv page 105.)
  • Sargeant Thomas W, coal and salt.
  • Schafer George, shoes.
  • Schroeder Ernest, saloon.
  • Shoentrip J J Rev (Catholic).
  • Siemantel George, baker.
  • Simantel John H, saloon.
  • Siemantel Simon, saloon.
  • Smith Edwin, physician.
  • Smith Thomas, physician.
  • Sommerfield Lewis, tailor.
  • Sommerfield & Meyer, gents furnishers.
  • Spaeth H P & Co, hardware.
  • Spectator (weekly), Everett & Gregory proprs.
  • Stamm Julius, machinist.
  • Stapp David H, lawyer.
  • Steadman & Co, machinists.
  • Stoll L & Son, meat market.
  • Stratton Loren S, general store.
  • Strunk D Mrs, saloon.
  • Suerman Edward, saloon.
  • Sutton Edward, saw mill.
  • Sutton George, physician.
  • Sutton Harley H, physician.
  • Taylor George, physician.
  • Trester B F, carpenter.
  • Tuck Nelson H, photographer.
  • Twentyman John, shoemkr.
  • Twentyman Mary, millinery.
  • Uhly Wm, barber.
  • Ulrey & Harryman, dentists.
  • Valley House, Michael Maloney, propr.
  • Walker A D, carriages.
  • Walker A D Mrs, dressmkr.
  • Walker John, brick mnfr.
  • Walton James N, photographer.
  • Webster Sisters, milliners.
  • Winkley Richard T, grain and hay.
  • Wood E H Rev (Methodist).
  • Wood Henry, grain and feed.
  • Wright Thomas, grocer.
  • Wymond Philip, brick mnfr.
  • Wymond S & Co, coopers.
  • Wymond & Hayes, grocers.
  • York & Biddle, livery.
  • Zimmer Michael, baker.